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Our Partners in Quality - Fruits & Vegetables

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Our produce department is a year round farmers market! With an abundant selection of gorgeous organic and local produce that's grown right down the road, you can be sure our produce is the freshest in town. Our talented and helpful produce staff talk to our growers year-round to be sure we have the selection you crave. Look for the local-regional signs in our aisles to find more local treasures just like these!

Better Way Farms

Miles to Market - 226

In 2019, Outpost was fortunate enough to start a new relationship with Better Way Farms out of South Haven, Michigan.

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Blue Fortune Farm

Miles to Market - 53

Mike Colella knows garlic. He loves garlic and we're fortunate to work with a farmer who has mastered his craft. That's why Mike is able to supply us with fresh, Wisconsin grown garlic anywhere from 8 to 10 months of the year. That's pretty awesome.

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Emerald Meadows Family Farm

Miles to Market - 76

Tim and Becky Zander grow green and yellow beans, along with other produce, at Emerald Meadows Family Farm, their certified 220-acre organic farm in Columbus, Wisconsin. The farm’s first field was certified organic in 1998, and organic farming is an integral part of the Zander’s philosophy.  

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JenEhr Family Farm

Miles to Market - 74

When they bought their Sun Prairie farm 15 years ago, the first thing Kay Jensen and Paul Ehrhardt did was plant a small garden. Now in their 13th season of farming, Jensen and Ehrhardt are getting the hang of things and looking toward the future of JenEhr Family Farm.

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Kettle Rock Farm

Miles to Market - 41

Kettle Rock Farm is owned and managed by Adam Waters and Sara Gillman, with plenty of help from their excellent farm crew, their family and friends, and pretty much anyone who can be begged, bribed, or bamboozled into pulling some weeds or picking some tomatoes! 

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Maggie's Herbs & Heirlooms

Miles to Market - 53

Maggie Queisser’s season usually starts in February. While others are counting the days until the final snow falls, Maggie is busy in her greenhouse in Elkhorn counting her seeds as she carefully plants them, thousands of them. Right now, she’s in the middle of her season.

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Miles to Market - 22

What began as a small hobby greenhouse in the backyard of Dan and Joan Milaeger’s home more than 50 years ago has since grown into a sprawling family run garden center full of just about everything.

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Mushroom Mike

Miles to Market - 5

Mushroom Mike LLC has devoted itself to foraging and sourcing the finest ingredients nature offers.   Our product quality and dedication to customer service is second to none.  From the woods and waters...from the farm to the table...come taste the difference of food picked with passion.

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Olden Organics

Miles to Market - 85

Ten years ago if you’d heard the word “spiralizer” you’d have thought it was a dizzying new roller-coaster at Six Flags. Today, you know it as that kitchen contraption that turns your zucchini into “zoodles” and your squashes into, well, noodles (only zucchini gets the cool name I guess). Basically it turns just about any vegetable into a raw, super healthy, delicious veggie “noodle” if you’ve got the time, patience and inclination. If you don’t have these things—Olden Organics in Ripon has you covered.

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Springdale Farm

Miles to Market - 53

Peter and Bernadette Seely began farming at Springdale Farm in 1988 with a few tools, a few hundred dollars, 75 subscribers, an 8 month old baby, and a tremendous amount of energy and passion for growing beautiful, chemical- and pesticide-free produce. 

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Tipi Produce

Miles to Market - 89

It was the early 1970s and Steve Pincus was in his early 20s and looking for something to do. He’d had enough of city life and he wanted to do something completely different. He started farming. More precisely, he moved out to the country with the idea that he wanted to start farming. 

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*Our Miles to Market distances are calculated to our Administrative offices downtown, which are central to our four store locations.
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