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Is there an item that we no longer carry? Do you need a whole case of your favorite?

A Special Order is any item that we don't normally stock, in any quantity. A Case Order is whole bunch of something we normally stock. Special orders may only be available by the case and not by any quantity.

The typical case size is 6 or 12 items. Items that don’t come by the case vary according to product, for example:

Herbs and spices: 1 pound
Bulk Coffee: 5 pounds
Bulk Grains & Beans: 25 pounds
Health & Wellness items: 3 items

Outpost owners receive 10% discount on pre-ordered bulk & case items

Owners of the Co-op receive 10% off case orders or, if it's on sale, they receive the sale price (which ever of the two prices is the best deal). You will be notified when your order arrives.

Sale item orders will receive the greater of the two discounts and must be placed before the sale ends. Co+op Basics may be ordered in bulk but will not receive an additional discount. A greater order quantity may be required for products we do not stock on our shelves.

Restocking Schedule

We encourage anyone to pick up special and case orders as soon as possible. Due to limited storage space and the perishable nature of some products, we follow a strict re-stocking schedule.

Groceries and nonperishable items will be restocked 14 days after they arrive.
Perishables (refrigerated and frozen items) will be restocked 5 days after they arrive.
Produce will be restocked 3-5 days after delivery, depending on the product.

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