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Our High Five!

We have a vision for the future of the Co-op that we think is pretty exciting. Our world will look quite different as we approach 2025 because we accomplished some amazing work along the way. We identified five areas of co-op accomplishment - we call this our High Five, because when we’re successful, there will be high five’s all around!


Lively Co-op Markets

Outpost is a place of inclusion and our stores reflect the fabric of each neighborhood. People come to shop at with us from all points as they find the shopping environment appealing and friendly, while the co-op meets their everyday needs with quality, fresh choices and carefully selected local, natural and organic products. At 75% of total sales, owner purchases reflect satisfaction with the co-op.


Dynamic Regional Food Systems

In an industry that is becoming more and more homogenized on a global scale at Outpost we are proud to be on on a first name basis with our local and regional growers and producers, telling their stories from the perspective of a friend. This relationship building gives us the opportunity to network and collaborate, offering fair prices to a diversity of shoppers, leading to our own regional food shed. In growing our sales of local and regional products we recirculate that money locally to create jobs, renew our economy, and secure our regional food systems in times of change.


Sustainable & Principled Solutions

Climate change is real and is an imminent threat to our existence. At Outpost we actively work to reverse the course of climate change and impact on the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, producing our own energy, and offsetting our energy use with green sustainable power. Because organic agriculture has the ability to sequester carbon, we continue to support organic farmers and offer a large organic selection in all departments. Our co-op will walk-the-talk across all sectors of our business because it’s the right thing to do.


Strong Community Relationships

A healthy community makes us all resilient. As a values-driven business when we share our prosperity, fellowship with our neighbors, and live by our values there is a positive ripple effect in the community. At Outpost we reach across divides to lift each other up through volunteer work and giving efforts that are shared by the co-op and it’s shoppers.


Amazing Workplaces

Shopping at the co-op is always a great experience because our staff feel a deep connection and loyalty to their co-workers and Outpost as an employer. We prioritize full-time hours in order to bring the majority of staff up to a livable wage with benefits. Both our union and non-union staff are strongly suited to help shape and uphold the diverse progressive co-op work culture they enjoy.

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