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Our High Five!

We have a vision for the future of the Co-op that we think is pretty exciting. Our world will look quite different as we approach 2025 because we accomplished some amazing work along the way. We identified five areas of co-op accomplishment - we call this our High Five, because when we’re successful, there will be high five’s all around!


Lively Co-op Markets

Our co-op is a place where everyone feels welcome and included. Our stores are rich and vibrant marketplaces, abundantly fresh, inspiring our shoppers with an array of great choices. We are known for our personalized approach, strong customer relationships, and innovative solutions. Our co-op roots draw on the values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others – which is evident in the way we do business. Our owners are proud to be part of a business that strengthens our community.


Dynamic Regional Food Systems

In an industry that is becoming more and more centralized, homogenized and exclusionary on a global scale we are proud to be on a first name basis with our local and regional growers and producers. We hold space to support new entrepreneurs, specifically those in our community of Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This relationship building allows us to create our own foodshed, the opportunity to network and collaborate, and to offer fair prices for our shoppers. Product sales from these vendors recirculates that money to create jobs, renew our economy, and secure our regional food systems in times of change.


Sustainable & Principled Solutions

Climate change is real and is an imminent threat to our existence. We actively work to reverse the course of climate change and impact on the planet by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, producing our own energy, and offsetting our energy use with green sustainable power. Because regenerative agriculture can sequester carbon, we will support our farmers and prioritize organic in all departments.


Strong Community Relationships

A healthy community makes us all resilient. As a values-driven business we share our prosperity, fellowship with our neighbors, and live by our values, causing a ripple effect in our community. We will support each other through volunteer work and giving efforts that are shared by the co-op and our owners.


Amazing Workplaces

We foster an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion in order to be a workplace of choice in our community. The direct result of our approach is that our employees have a meaningful connection to their co-workers and the co-op. Full-time hours are prioritized so the majority of employees make a livable wage with benefits. Our employees help shape and strongly support the progressive co-op work culture they enjoy.

co-op stronger together
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