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Meet Your Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors steers the path of Outpost toward the future. The board is made up of nine owners just like you, chosen by annual election. This is where the true power of co-op ownership comes into play. Unlike corporations, co-op board elections are democratically run — owners all have an equal vote. Board members serve staggered 3-year terms. 

Your current Outpost Board of Directors, pictured above from left to right:  Lora Hyler, Jenny Keefe, Jan Pierce (treasurer), Young Kim (president), David Lee, Stephanie Calloway (secretary), Swati Agterberg (vice president), Patricia McFarland, Douglas Spencer


Nancy Ettenheim Appointed to Fill Board Vacancy

In a vote during its April meeting, the Outpost Board appointed owner and past board member, Nancy Ettenheim, to fill the board seat vacated by Lora Hyler, who indicated that the April meeting would be her last as a director. Ettenheim will fill the seat for one year until April 2020. The appointment was conducted in accordance with Outpost Bylaws Section 4.10, which states that “any vacancy among directors occurring between annual elections may be filled by the Board until the next election...”

Nancy Ettenheim served on the Outpost Board from October 2009 to April 2016, serving multiple terms as Board Treasurer (2010 to 2015) and Nominations Committee Chair (2015 to 2016). She also served on the Bylaws Committee in 2013 and has been an Outpost owner since April 2008.

Please join Outpost’s Board of Directors in welcoming Nancy Ettenheim and expressing gratitude to Lora Hyler for her service.


What does the Outpost board do?

The board’s primary role is to oversee the direction of the co-op through Outpost’s general manager, which it does through the creation of board policies. Outpost employees, as directed by Outpost’s General Manager, manage day-to-day operations, like stocking, cooking, ordering, marketing, product selecting and administrative duties.

The board conducts its ongoing work at monthly board meetings. At these meetings the board monitors policy compliance, understands the co-op’s finances, plans activities to engage owners, discusses the future and evaluates their work. The board also approves all borrowing of money and pledging of any of the co-ops assets as security for the money borrowed.

The best way to understand what the board does at the co-op is to attend a board meeting and see for yourself. For the board's meeting schedule and a list of previous meeting minutes, CLICK HERE and scroll to bottom of the page.


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