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As a society, we are addicted to convenience. According to Plastic Soup Foundation, in 2021 more than 583 billion single-use plastic water bottles were consumed. The Container Recycling Institute states that 86% of all disposable plastic water bottles consumed in the U.S. become garbage or litter, adding 38 billion disposable plastic water bottles annually into landfills or discarded as pollution.  Plastic bottles can remain in landfills for more than one-thousand years, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. As pollution, disposable plastic water bottles end up contaminating our urban and rural land, water ways and marine environments, leaching harmful chemicals as they decompose, and turning into smaller plastic bits often mistaken as food by millions of animals, birds, fish, amphibians, and other marine creatures, causing their death.

With a garbage truck worth of plastic ending up in the ocean every minute, and with only 10-13% of all plastics actually recycled, it’s time each of us get serious about our usage. After all, we only have one planet to call home.

"Go Co-op!" Reusable Water Bottles

Buy an Outpost "Go Co-op" reusable water bottle and get $.15 cent refills at the water island, or refill it for free at the drinking fountain filling stations, soon to be at all Outpost store locations. Or, better yet, fill up at home before you start your day!

Go Co-op! Water Bottles are:

  • Affordable - only $1.49
  • Made fro 50% post-consumer plastic
  • BPA-free
  • Reusable 1,000's of times
  • Super lightweight

(Say "bye-eeee" to single-use petroleum based 16 oz. plastic bottles of plain water...you won't find them anymore at Outpost.)

Plastic Free Produce

Simple tips for eliminating plastic when you shop for produce:

  • Skip using a bag for produce – there is no requirement to use bags
  • Purchase sturdy reusable produce bags at Outpost and keep them handy
  • Choose paper bags that can be reused, recycled or composted
  • Choose a bio-plastic produce bag – they are 100% home-compostable certified*!

*Remember not all bio-plastics are home-compostable, but the produce bags we offer are!

Click here to download the following food storage information in brochure form

B.Y.O.C. Bulk Containers

It's easy to be eco-friendly when shopping the bulk aisle by bringing your own containers or bulk bags for refills. Outpost sells a number of different types of reusable bulk bags.

  • Make sure the jar or bag is clean
  • Have the bag weighed at customer service BEFORE you fill it - you don't want you pay for the weight of your bag, right? And, the cashier may need to empty your container to weigh it if you don't do this. 
  • Be sure to write the Bin # on a twist tie or indicate it on your container

It's that easy!

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