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01/29/24    Fox 6 Wake Up News
Highlighting 2024 Food Trends

For more than 50 years, Outpost Natural Foods has had a commitment to quality products and honest value and today continues to carry out that mission at all four local area locations. FOX6's Brian Kramp visited the Capitol Drive location in Milwaukee to learn more.


01/29/24    Fox 6 Real Milwaukee
Highlighting more 2024 Food Trends!

For more than 50 years, Outpost Natural Foods has had a commitment to quality products and honest value and today continues to carry out that mission at all four local area locations. FOX6's Brian Kramp visited the Capitol Drive location in Milwaukee to learn more.


01/16/24    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Yeti Wonderland - Get in touch with your inner "Adorable" Snowman

Get in touch with your inner "Adorable" Snowman - From local maple syrup and waffles, to quail eggs and a Yeti cookie decorating kit, we’re chasing away the winter blues with fun indulgences for a you and your favorite Yeti. 


01/9/24    Shepherd Express
Best of Milwaukee 2023

Outpost wins Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee 2023 "Best Grocery - Organic." 



11/28/23    CBS58 - WDJT
Critical food program to stop at end of the month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Nov. 30, the Produce to the People program will end. The program has given SNAP (FoodShare) recipients a 50% discount on fresh produce from Outpost. With inflation and the end of Covid-19 allotments, SNAP recipients are feeling the heavy brunt.

"For me, food is the first line of medicine. What you put in your body determines how your body is going to function," said Sylvia London Jenkins, who has used the Produce to People program.

London Jenkins is one of many senior citizens who relies on the program to afford fresh produce. She said her health depends on her diet, which needs to consist of fruits and vegetables.


11/28/23    Shepherd Express
Michael Stevens Left Lasting Community Legacies in Milwaukee

Despite living in Milwaukee for just 13 years, Michael Stevens left significant legacies here, including what became two stalwarts of Greater Milwaukee’s food system. He founded Beans & Barley on the East Side and co-founded Outpost Natural Foods Co-op, now serving thousands of customers/owners in four locations. Stevens, 76, died on Nov. 15 in Alameda, California.


11/7/23    Urban Milwaukee
Knife Sharpening Co. adds drop box at Outpost

Heading into the winter months, [The Sharpening Company owner Cody] Berg will transition the business away from his outdoor pop-ups, focusing instead on drop-box services and a growing portfolio of restaurant clients.

The drop boxes, with two locations in Bay View, enable customers to deposit their kitchen knives, scissors, gardening tools and other dull blades, then pick them up — freshly sharpened — from the same location at a later date.



10/31/23    Fox 6 Real Milwaukee
Spanish Eggplant and Red Pepper Paté

Mike Sorensen from Outpost Natural Foods shares how to make a hauntingly good dish!


10/25/23    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Walk in Like You Own the Place at this Grocery Store

We welcome Margaret Mittelstadt from Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative to talk about national co-op month at Outpost! Join the co-op! 


10/8/23    CBS58 - WDJT
Empty Bowls fundraiser returns to help families in need

The community came together to support Milwaukee families in need by purchasing handmade bowls on Sunday, Oct. 8.

The Milwaukee Empty Bowls Fundraiser returned at the Kern Center at MSOE to support Friedens Food Pantries.

People could choose from beautiful, one-of-a-kind bowls donated by local artists. 

If you missed the event, you can purchase any remaining bowls at Cream City Clay and Outpost Natural Foods. 


10/3/23    Fox 6 Real Milwaukee
Easy Apple Chutney

Wondering what to do with all those apples you picked over the weekend? Margaret Mittelstadt from Outpost Natural Foods is here with an easy apple chutney recipe!



09/8/23    OnMilwaukee.com
Girls Who Grill: Molly grills pizza; Courtney grills steak!

This is the last installment of Girls Who Grill. This time, tag team! And thanks for the shout out.

This is the sixth and final episode of this series, and after hosting the first five episodes with Courtney Bondar behind the camera, we grilled together. We took what we already knew from years of grilling and what we learned from a summer of observing other girl grillers and made a final feast.


09/7/23    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
National Organic Month

Oh yeah! September is National Organic Month. Margaret Mittlestadt, director of community relations at Outpost is here to talk about why organic food is a great option. Outpost supports local organic and 45% of food sold at Outpost is organic. Organic agriculture has been practiced for a long time, and the National Organic Program came to life because of consumers.



08/8/23    OnMilwaukee.com
Girls Who Grill: Jenn Turner

Up top for OnMilwaukee.com "Girls Who Grill" series. This time girl griller Jenn Turner gives us a shout out. And the recipes - mmmm, MM!

"Chimichurri is a piquant sauce of fresh herbs, vinegar, and olive oil from Argentina. Parsley makes up the bulk of the herbs, with some recipes excluding cilantro, basil, or mint in favor of just parsley. The herbs, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, and often aromatics like garlic and onion are worked with a mortar and pestle to make a thick, silky paste."



07/27/23    OnMilwaukee.com
Girls Who Grill: Susie Seidelman

Aw, we got a terrific shout-out from Susie Seidelman in this fun story on grilling girls. And the recipes - mmmm, MM!

According to popular market research company NPD Group, only 19 percent of American women in heterosexual relationships assume grilling duties during a barbeque. These statistics have remained the same for at least 30 years. 

Dubbed "the one and only male-dominated appliance in America," the grill is seen by many cisgender men as a socially-acceptable place to wear an apron. 

But despite the uneven ratio, female grillers are some of the most passionate and talented when it comes to wielding tongs over an open flame.


07/26/23    Spectrum News 1
UWM's Story Cart aims to document food journeys in MKE County

On the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, you’ll find the Center for 21st Century Studies. The center’s work is focused on the times we’re living in right now. The goal of it is to build a community of experts to address some of today’s most pressing issues.

One of the center’s most dynamic projects is referred to as Story Cart. It’s described as a story experience program. 

Filmed at Outpost in Bay View.


07/6/23    The Milwaukee Business Journal
Ray Simpkins brings big-box experience to local grocer Outpost

Ray Simpkins says he has always been a salesman.

Ata a young age, Simpkins said, he would knock on doors around his neighborhood offering candy bars for purchase so he could buy remote-controlled cars.

"Retail has been in my blood," Simkpkins said.

READ MORE - Subscription required.



06/27/23    Fox 6 Real Milwaukee
Blueberry freezer jam; Preserving summer simply

Outpost Natural Foods joins us with an easy freezer jam recipe that will help you savor the flavors of summer a little longer. You can find this recipe and more in GRAZE Magazine, free with any purchase at Outpost.


06/9/23    Milwaukee Magazine
2023 Summer Dining Guide

Line 'em up and know where to shop this summer for good eats!


06/1/23    OnMilwaukee.com
Reflections on a 42 year career: Pam Mehnert

The countdown to Pam Mehnert’s retirement from her position as general manager for Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative is swiftly coming to an end. In fact, Friday, June 2 is her last day overseeing operations at the local grocery cooperative, where she has worked for 42 years. 




05/31/23    Biz Times MKE Podcast
Pam Mehnert of Outpost on listening, collaborating and inheriting culture

Longtime Outpost Natural Foods general manager Pam Mehnert joins BizTimes Media’s Maredithe Meyer and Arthur Thomas to discuss her career and retirement plans, the growth of the co-op grocer from one store to four and now nearly $50 million in sales, her approach to leadership and the advice she is passing on to her successor.


05/8/23    The Milwaukee Business Journal
Ray Simpkins named next general manager of Outpost Natural Foods

Simpkins will succeed Pam Mehnert, who is retiring in June after 42 years with the business.. Listen to a 2 min. preview. Subscription required for the entire story.


05/8/23    Supermarket News
Outpost Natural Foods names Ray Simpkins as general manager

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., announced that its board of directors has selected Ray Simpkins as its next general manager. Simpkins, 45, succeeds outgoing general manager Pam Mehnert, who retires next month following a 42-year career with the co-op. Simpkins brings more than 20 years of retail store management experience, including serving in leadership roles at several national grocery chain locations.  



05/5/23    OnMilwaukee.com
Ray Simpkins to take the helm at Outpost

Following a nearly year-long search, Ray Simpkins has been selected by the Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative board of directors to serve as the co-op’s next general manager.

Simpkins will succeed outgoing general manager, Pam Mehnert, who will retire in June following an impressive 42-year career with the local cooperative grocer.

Simpkins, who will begin his tenure at Outpost on May 22, brings over two decades of retail store management experience to the role, including leadership positions at several national grocery chain locations. 



05/5/23    Urban Milwaukee
Outpost Names New Leader

After 35 years as general manager at Outpost Natural Foods, Pam Mehnert is preparing to retire from the position next month. On Thursday, the organic-focused grocery store group announced Ray Simpkins as her successor.

“As general manager of Outpost, Simpkins will take the helm of one of the country’s leading natural foods co-ops during a time of renewed growth amidst a crowded retail food marketplace,” the co-op said in a news release.

Simpkins, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University and an MBA from Strayer University, brings more than two decades of retail experience to the new role, having most recently served as district manager for Dollar General, where he was responsible for a network of locations. He has also worked as a store manager for The Home Depot, club manager for Sam’s Club and store director for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market.



05/4/23    Biz Times Milwaukee
Outpost Natural Foods names new GM

Milwaukee-based Outpost Natural Foods has named Ray Simpkins as its next general manager.

Simpkins, who has more than 20 years of store management experience, will take over for longtime GM Pam Mehnert, who retires in June after 42 years with the co-op.

READ MORE (subscription required)


05/4/23    WisBusiness
Outpost Natural Foods: Announces Ray Simpkins as new general manager

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative announced today that its board of directors has selected Ray Simpkins as its next general manager. Simpkins, 45, succeeds outgoing general manager Pam Mehnert, who retires next month following a 42-year-career with the co-op. Simpkins brings more than 20 years of retail store management experience, including serving in leadership roles at several national grocery chain locations. 



05/4/23    Progressive Grocer
Milwaukee Co-op Names New GM

The community-owned Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative in Milwaukee has appointed Ray Simpkins as its new general manager. He succeeds the exiting Pam Mehnert, who is retiring after a 42-year career with the co-op.

Simpkins will leverage two decades of experience in his GM duties. He has served in leadership roles at several national retail chains, most recently as a district manager for Dollar General in Columbus, Ohio. His background also includes positions as a club manager for Sam’s Club, store director for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market and a store manager for The Home Depot. He earned an MBA from Strayer University and a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University.




04/26/23    Barn Raising Media
Helping Midwest Farmers Go Organic

Marbleseed, a nonprofit based in Spring Valley, Wis., works with a coalition of farmers throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois and Iowa to forge farmer-to-farmer support and mentorship programs. Marbleseed helps farmers who want to transition from “conventional” farming that uses synthetic chemicals to organic practices. Using federal funding and philanthropic grants, their programs provide access to land and capital, educational resources and more.

Through the conference, Mittelstadt says, [Outpost Natural Foods] “learn[s] about what’s happening in the organic world,” and can connect with potential produce vendors. “Marbleseed has been an extremely valuable organization to work with.”


04/17/23    Milwaukee Magazine
Working Toward a Green and Sustainable Milwaukee

Six businesses and organizations committed to a more sustainable future! "Outpost Natural Foods brings sustainability and environmental responsibility to grocery shopping..."


04/12/23    Shepherd Express
Earth Day: Eating for the Planet

As we approach the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, it’s not just coal-burning utilities and gas-guzzling vehicles heating up our planet. “All told, the food, agriculture, and land-use sector contribute 24 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” according to Project Drawdown, a leading science-based nonprofit advocating for climate solutions.

Look for locally grown food. Processing and long-haul transport of food increases its carbon footprint. More importantly, buying from local farmers and producers supports a resilient food system and economy. And the fresher the produce the longer its shelf life.

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op, a Milwaukee stalwart since 1970, stocks a high percentage of locally grown food (much of it organic) at its four locations.


04/11/23    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Waste not, want not - eco-friendly tips from Outpost

53 years ago on April 17, 1970, Outpost opened its doors for the first time – and just days before the first ever Earth Day! As we approach these two anniversaries, what better time to call attention to how much single-use plastic we use every day. We’ll touch on ways to avoid plastic bags and bottles, reacquaint your viewers with how your refrigerator works (“hey, say good-bye to those plastic produce bags”), provide examples of the latest and greatest reusable options – including those you can bring from home.



02/27/23    CBS58 - WDJT
Outpost Natural Foods hails new organic food regulations as a win for consumers

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Outpost Natural Foods, an organic food retailer that serves the Milwaukee area, is hailing a new update to USDA regulations as a huge win for consumers and retailers that support organic agriculture.

The Strengthening Organic Enforcement rule is a significant update to organic food regulations.

Community Relations Director Margaret Mittlestadt of Outpost Natural Foods spoke with CBS 58 on Monday, Feb. 27 to provide more information about what the USDA's latest action means for local shoppers.



01/23/23    Biz Times Milwaukee
Bracing for possible recession, consumers continue seeking value for essential p

The latest Consumer Price Index report is welcome sign of slowing inflation following a year marked by record-high prices. Still, with annual inflation at 6.5% in December - and fears of an impending recession on the minds of many - consumers continue to feel the pinch and are adjusting their spending habits accordingly.



01/17/23    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
The Magic of Mushrooms

Every new year the good people at Outpost identify The Great 8 Trends for the upcoming year. Mushrooms made the number ONE spot, and how they go way beyond a pizza topping!
Margaret Mittelstadt, The Director of Community relations joins us to talk about mushrooms!


01/11/23    Fox 6 Wake Up News
Outpost Natural Foods; newly remodeled location

A newly remodeled location is home to the largest selection of organic produce in Milwaukee. Amelia Jones is at Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View. 


01/11/23    Fox 6 Real Milwaukee
Outpost Natural Foods; 2023 Food Trends

Get into good habits this year! Amelia Jones is at Outpost Natural Foods learning about food trends for 2023.


01/5/23    Milwaukee Magazine
6 Eco-Friendly Spots to Shop in Milwaukee

These local businesses offer peace of mind that their products generate minimal waste and don’t harm the planet.


01/4/23    Shepherd Express
Outpost wins Shepherd Express "Best Of 2022" for Organic Grocery

Outpost was among the organic food pioneers in Milwaukee and growing numbers of Milwaukeeans have come to trust the coop’s four locations as a primary source for groceries. Like the other Outposts, the Bay View location offers produce, dairy, wine, beer, spirits, meat and supplements along with many gluten-free and vegan products. Outpost also sells sandwiches, sushi and other ready-to-heat-or-eat items. (David Luhrssen)



12/22/22    Urban Milwaukee
Outpost General Manager will retire

It’s been more than 35 years since Pam Mehnert became general manager at Outpost Natural Foods. Under her direction, the organic grocery store has grown from a $2 million single location to a $50 million multi-store operation that includes four retail stores, production kitchen, central office, warehouse and multiple wholesale accounts among the Froedtert and Advocate Aurora hospital systems.

The company has also taken steps to become more sustainable and worked to make healthy foods more accessible to low-income residents of the Greater Milwaukee area.


12/21/22    Biz Times Milwaukee
Outpost Natural Foods longtime GM to retire next year

Pam Mehnert will close the books on a 42-year career with Milwaukee-based Outpost Natural Foods when she retires from her longtime role as general manager in June 2023. Mehnert has served as GM of Outpost since 1987, having first joined the local food cooperative in 1980.

[subscription required]


12/21/22    Progressive Grocer
Outpost Natural Foods General Manager to depart

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative has revealed that Pam Mehnert will retire in June 2023 following a 42-year-career with the Milwaukee-based co-op, 35 of them as general manager.  

During her time at Outpost, Mehnert led the business from a $2 million-dollar single location to a $50 million-dollar multistore operation encompassing four retail stores, a central production kitchen, a central office and warehouse, and various wholesale accounts among the Froedtert and Aurora hospital systems. 


12/21/22    JNews
Outpost Natural Foods general manager is stepping down

The Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative announced that Pam Mehnert will retire in June 2023 after a 42-year career with the Milwaukee-based co-operative, including 35 years as General Manager.

During her time at Outpost, Mehnert led the company from a $2 million single location to a $50 million multi-store operation that included four retail stores, a central production kitchen, a central office and warehouse, and various wholesale accounts at Froedtert and Aurora Hospital Systems.

“Working for Outpost has created a light within me that will never go out,” she remarked. “This was an experience of a lifetime that continues to fill me with joy and purpose. I will forever be grateful to the people who believed in me along the way.”

Mehnert and her team have implemented many important initiatives, including overseeing the construction of Wisconsin’s first green-built grocery store, which opened in Wauwatosa in 1998, followed by USGBC LEED Silver certification of the co-op’s Mequon, Wisconsin location in 2014. Outpost is since 2013 also EPA Top Retail Partner.



11/14/22    CBS58 - WDJT
New look for BV's Outpost satisfies customers' hunger for a different kind

Big changes have been completed inside and out for the Outpost Natural Food's Bay View location. The store just completed a $2.5 million renovation project, including a remodeled café and produce area. In addition, this particular location was one of three co-ops selected nationally for a large-scale outdoor mural. The theme of it is fair trade. It features an organic India tea farmer whose product can be found in Outpost stores.



10/13/22    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
What is Fair Trade?

What is fair trade? Margaret Mittelstadt with Outpost Natural Foods Co-op talks about how it is a movement to support farmers and laborers in achieving better trade conditions around the world. This ensures farmers, laborers and artisans receive fair wages, market prices and fair-trade conditions for the goods they produce features a growing range of products, including some of what we have here today and celebrates fair, ethical global trade.



10/11/22    Spectrum News 1
Painting a picture of where our food comes from

October marks Fair Trade Month and a local Wisconsin grocery store is one of three locations nationwide honoring a female farmer through Fairtrade America.

A new mural is going up outside the Outpost Co-Op in Bay View, Wis.

The mural shows a female organic farmer from India named Ranjana Maurya.

“I really love painting. I love everything about it,” Nova Czarnecki, the artist on the project, said.



10/5/22    Shepherd Express
Outpost Celebrates Fair Trade Month With New Mural

October is National Fair Trade Month, and co-ops around the country are raising awareness as to the importance of purchasing fair trade products. Locally, that includes Bay View’s Outpost Natural Foods (2826 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.) who will receive a commissioned large-scale mural for their Milwaukee location.



10/3/22    Fox 6 News
Outpost fair trade mural in Bay View

It's easy to skip over fair trade marks on food products at the grocery store. 

Artist Nova Czarnecki is painting a fair trade mural outside Outpost Natural Foods in Bay View to change that.

When you buy products from the store, you don't think about who produced them.

"There’s a real person that produces those products that they’re buying,"  Nova Czarnecki said.

Fair Trade Month's goal is to raise awareness on why you should purchase a fair trade certified product.



08/1/22    TMJ 4
Outpost grocery stores offer 50% discount on produce for SNAP recipients

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force and Outpost Natural Foods teamed up to take on one of their biggest challenges yet. To encourage low-income families in Milwaukee to put more fruits and vegetables in their carts and onto their dinner plates.

"Everyone deserves to eat well," said Margaret Mittelstadt, the director of community relations at Outpost Natural Foods.




07/28/22    Milwaukee Neighborhood News
FoodShare members receive 50% discount on fresh produce at Outpost through 2023

FoodShare members can get a 50% discount on fresh fruits and vegetables at Outpost Natural Foods thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture secured by Outpost and the Hunger Task Force.

The program is called “Produce to the People.” To receive the discount on produce, ask for the discount before paying, show your Quest EBT Card and sign the discount scan voucher. The discount will apply to fresh fruits and vegetables.



07/6/22    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Outpost...aims to reduce single-use plastic starting with water bottles

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative is urging shoppers, “Don’t Buy this Water Bottle. Buy this Bottle Instead” as part of a new instore and online education program aimed at reducing the purchase and use of single-use plastic.


07/2/22    Urban Milwaukee
Outpost Offers 50% Produce Discount for FoodShare Recipients

Outpost Natural Foods is partnering with Hunger Task Force to offer a 50% discount on fresh produce for Wisconsin FoodShare recipients.

All of Outpost’s stores, including its two Milwaukee locations at 2826 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. and 100-202 E. Capitol Dr., will offer the discount, dubbed Produce to the People. The discount covers all organic fruits and vegetables, which make up the bulk of Outpost’s offerings.



06/20/22    Spectrum News 1
Produce to the People: Food discount program helps low-income shoppers

MILWAUKEE—  A partnership in the Milwaukee area is making sure people with low-incomes can afford fresh fruit and veggies.

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative and its long-time community partner, Hunger Task Force, are providing a 50% discount for FoodShare participants. People just have to ask for the discount at checkout and show their Quest card. The offer is good at Outpost's four Milwaukee-area locations.


06/6/22    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
How to eat without spending a fortune on groceries

If your recent trip to the grocery store seems like it cost more than it used to, it’s not in your head. 

Grocery costs are 7.9% higher than they were a year ago, according to the Consumer Price Index. And with the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicting prices will rise another 3% to 4% by the end of the year, this problem doesn’t show signs of going away anytime soon. 

But local shoppers are finding strategies to cope, watching their costs with such tactics as "shopping" their own freezer and buying less-traveled local produce.



05/20/22    Urban Milwaukee
Outpost Natural Foods and Hunger Task Force Launch Produce to the People Discoun

In just a little more than a month, FoodShare Wisconsin participants have purchased more than $20,000 in fresh produce at a 50% savings as part of a new program launched by Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative and long-time community partner Hunger Task Force.

Funded by a USDA GusNIP (Nutrition Incentive Program) grant, Produce to the People provides a 50% discount to FoodShare participants on a wide variety of fresh and mostly organic fruits and vegetables, including sale items, at Outpost’s four Milwaukee-area locations. FoodShare helps people with low incomes buy the food they need for good health. The program has nearly 700,000 members statewide with more than 240,000 participating in Milwaukee County.



04/19/22    WUWM Lake Effect
How Outpost Foods is working to become more sustainable

WUWM's Susan Bence interviews Kurt Baehmann on how Outpost is working to tackle the issue of plastic packaging. 

The interview is at the 13:00 mark.


04/18/22    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Everything we eat comes in layers of plastic. How do you cut that waste?

Picture this scenario: You head to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner — let’s say you’re going to make tacos.

You head to produce first to pick up cilantro that’s in a plastic clamshell container. Next, you grab grape tomatoes that are in a plastic container with a plastic film window on top. Since you love raw onions on your tacos, you grab an onion and place it in a plastic bag that you pull from one of those giant rolls in the produce department.



04/13/22    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Simple Ways to Green Up Your Life for Earth Day

Earth Week is coming up and Outpost Natural Foods will show eco-alternatives for most folks usual cleaning and storage needs and sharing tips on how to be more eco-conscious every day.



03/23/22    Spectrum News 1
Milwaukee woman relaunches business to build son's college fund

A woman-owned business in Milwaukee is seeing success after relaunching during the pandemic.

There are dozens of women-owned businesses on the shelves of Outpost grocery stores. For one woman, it’s been a goal of hers to see her product on the shelves.

Walking into the doors of an Oupost grocery store is always something fun for Wendi Horcos because she gets to see her product on the shelves.

“It’s surreal,” Horcos, owner of Mama Fuerte, said.


03/20/22    Fox 6 News
Outpost Makers Market highlights women in business

March is Women's History Month, and Outpost hosted a Makers Market at all four locations over the weekend to help showcase women-owned businesses in the area.

Interested in purchasing the Makers Market items shown in this story? Visit the Kujichagulia Producers Cooperative at the Sherman Phoenix. 

03/17/22    OnMilwaukee.com
Support woman-owned businesses at Outpost Makers' Market this weekend

According to 2021 U.S. Census Bureau statistics, 19.9% (1.1 million) of all businesses are owned by women.

But, despite the fact that there are 114% more female entrepreneurs in the U.S. today than there were 20 years ago – and woman-owned businesses historically invest up to 40% more in their communities than those owned by white males – there are still large disparities in the funding and support available for women workers and business owners.

That means that there is no better time than now to support the female entrepreneurs in our city. Fortunately, Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative is making it easy to do so!


03/9/22    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Black food vendors and creatives find a home at Outpost Natural Foods Co-op

When Angela Moragne and her daughter’s homemade salsa business took off, the first store they knew they wanted to be in was Outpost Natural Foods. 

“We definitely went after them,” said Moragne, founder of That Salsa Lady.

She started making salsa with her daughter, Stevey, after Moragne lost her job working at a nonprofit housing development organization in 2011. The idea for the business came from outside Moragne’s apartment window, which overlooked a “salsa garden” growing jalapenos, tomatoes, and cilantro — ingredients needed to make salsa. She noticed the vegetables would wither on the vine because few used them. Not wanting the food to go to waste, she started That Salsa Lady. 

They first sold their salsa, made from sweet peppers blended with flavors from their homeland of Nigeria, at farmers markets.  



02/12/22    Fox 6
Outpost Makers Markets highlight Black-owned businesses

Outpost Natural Foods co-op is celebrating Black History Month by highlighting Black-owned businesses in its stores.

Inside the co-op's Bay View location Saturday, its Makers Market made a difference for entrepreneurs.

"I make about 200 different products, but I brought the crowd favorites," said vendor Venice Williams. "I brought our power spice tea and our heart healthy tea and Venice's Virus Rub – that was a play on Vicks VapoRub."



01/12/22    Fox 6 Wake Up!
Outpost Natural Foods: Healthy Food Trends for 2022

From nostalgic noshes and flexitarian foods to immunity and brain boosters, the team at Outpost Natural Foods is ready to reveal some tasty and healthy ideas for the new year. Brian Kramp is at their Mequon location learning why comfort cooking could be the key to winning in 2022.


01/12/22    Real MKE
Outpost Natural Foods: Wholesome Snacks

Looking for a few new snack for the new year? Outpost Natural Foods can help. Brian Kramp is in Mequon checking out the new, exciting and wholesome snacks inspired by foods from other countries.


01/10/22    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Nutritious Meals with Beans

There are many ways to incorporate versatile and healthy beans into your diet and to make it taste delicious. We had a fun morning sharing our love of beans with our friend Tiffany Ogle at The Morning Blend!


11/23/21    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Simple Instructions for Cooking Wild Rice

Prized for its appealing nutty flavor and harvested using traditional methods (with a little help from modern machinery like airplanes), North Bay Trading Canadian Lake Wild Rice, is harvested at the height of maturity and harvested on deep, cold Canadian lakes by indigenous, local farmers where it is cured naturally, then roasted to give it the best possible flavor. Margaret Mittelstadt, Director of Community Relations joins us to share some wild rice recipes.


Outpost plans $2.5 Million Bay View store expansion

On Friday, October 1, Outpost put out the word about our exciting planned $2.5 million expansion of our Bay View store location. See what others are saying about it!

Bay View Compass 

Business Journal (subscription required)

Milwaukee Biz Times


09/17/21    TMJ 4
6th generation Wisconsin farm goes back to its roots...

A sixth generation farm is going back to its roots. We went to visit the Evansville, Wisconsin family’s nearly 120-year history, and why they changed to a certified organic farm. The farm is called Doudlah Farms Organics.

Doudlah Farms Organics sells seeds, beans, honey, flour and more to Outpost Natural Foods.


09/16/21    Milwaukee Independent
Outpost and Walnut Way Partner on a Sustainable Urban Ag Program for MKE Youth

“Showcasing the efforts of Walnut Way and their Growing Youth Leadership program, and past partners Teens Grow Greens and the Fondy Farm Project, helps recognize the innovation happening here in our community to positively solve our most pressing problems and grow our green leaders of tomorrow,” said Kurt Baehmann, Sustainability Manager for Outpost. “After all, as a food retailer, it’s in our best interest to ensure a steady supply of good food for our owners and shoppers. Sustainable agriculture helps to secure that future.”


09/5/21    Spectrum News 1
Wisconsin grocery store loses 2,000 pounds of food, turns it into compost

MILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin-based grocery store is getting creative when it comes to food waste.

When strong storms came through Wisconsin a few weeks ago, an Outpost Natural Foods grocery store lost power for over 36 hours. This meant they had to get creative to make sure food didn’t go to complete waste.

We all know that fruits, veggies, really any type of fresh produce won’t last long without being kept cold. For Outpost, that happened to be the case after they lost power due to storms.



08/31/21    Fox 6 Wake Up!
Outpost easy back to school, healthy snacks and meals

In a rush to get the kids off to school? Don’t forget to feed them before they get out of the house. Brian is at Outpost Natural Foods with a quick fix to fight morning hunger.


08/18/21    Shepherd Express
Power Outage at Wauwatosa Outpost Highlights Importance of Sustainability

Downed trees and power outages cause headaches for people and businesses alike, especially grocery stores specializing in fresh, organic food. Outpost Natural Foods on State Street in Wauwatosa lost power for over 24 hours after the storms last week. Luckily, they were able to get a refrigerated trailer on site save as much fresh produce as possible.



08/14/21    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
MKE area grocers see losses...because of power outages

Some Milwaukee area grocers are reeling after storms swept through the area, forcing them to throw away thousands of dollars worth of food after they were left without power for several hours. 

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07/23/21    Shepherd Express
Cheesemaker Opens Her ‘Dreamery’ Crafting Goat’s Milk Cheese

Blakesville Creamery, based in Port Washington, has now been up and running for about a year, producing quality goat’s milk cheese such as chèvre, the classic soft, slightly tangy French cheese. It’s versatile and can be used in recipes that call for cream cheese. The Lake Breeze, Lake Effect and Afterglow goat cheese lines have delicate flavors that pair well with many different foods and condiments.




06/9/21    OnMilwaukee.com
Your best MKE picnic: Easy meals that taste even better outdoors

...So pack up your blanket and peruse this list of picnic ideas (plus locally owned spots throughout the city where you can pick up the goods).  It's just the tip of the delicious iceberg in terms of easy picnic options that also support small home-grown businesses.



05/28/21    OnMilwaukee.com
Blue Ribbon Organics transforms waste into robust soil

James Jutrzonka (pronounced “U-trunk-a”) is the sixth generation of his family to work on the land of their Caledonia-based farm. Originally a dairy and vegetable farm – as well as a tree and shrub nursery – Jutrzonka and his father converted the business to Blue Rubbon Organics, a composting site, 12 years ago. They also have a second facility in Wauwatosa.

[pssst - you can purchase Blue Ribbon Compost at Outpost]

05/4/21    Black Enterprise
Outpost Natural Foods in Wisconsin sells a Growing Number of Black-owned Product

When an entrepreneur’s product can be purchased from a brick and mortar store, increased brand recognition is often an accomplishment that leads to more open doors and a manifestation of hard work. This is why Outpost Natural Foods’s effort to be inclusive in its product offerings is particularly significant for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) business owners.



04/28/21    WUWM
Outpost...Focuses On Bringing In More Businesses Owned By People Of Color

Minority-owned small businesses have struggled to stay afloat throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than half of Black-owned business owners say the pandemic has had a negative effect on their business. Fifty-seven percent of Latino and 63% of Asian American & Pacific Islander business owners say the same. This is according to Small Business Majority, a national small business organization that empowers diverse entrepreneurs to build a thriving and equitable economy.

COVID-19 exposed many disparities in non-white ethnic groups. But the pandemic’s disparate impact on Black folks did not stop them from leading social justice movements nationwide in the wake of police killings of Black and brown people.


04/26/21    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Outpost fires up some healthier grilling ideas as part of its 51st birthday

It's been a long winter and Outpost Natural Foods is ready to party in the great outdoors as part of its "Camp Outpost Co-Op" 51st birthday celebration this month. Whether for the camp site or the back yard, Outpost’s Camp Chow for the Great Outdoors offers easy to make, easy to tote meal ideas that go beyond the usual warm weather foods.


04/23/21    Carvd N Stone
BIPOC Businesses Partner with Outpost Natural Foods

The pandemic has encouraged and pushed companies to fully understand that #supportBlackbusinesses isn’t just an accessory you add to a caption. According to the Small Business Recovery Series study, headed by Block Advisors: a team within H&R Block, Black-owned small businesses experienced at least a 50% decrease in revenue during the pandemic compared to white businesses who only experienced a 37% decrease.

TrueMan McGee, founder of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, combated the statistics and flipped the script by going frozen. McGee’s business is hosted inside of the Sherman Phoenix located in Milwaukee and when it came down to the numbers, it only made sense for his spring rolls to be sold frozen so they could be made at home. This new move for McGee sparked an old idea back to life.

McGee always wanted his product to be inside of grocery stores but wasn’t ready for the cost of manufacturing. Fast forward a few years later and Funky Fresh Spring Rolls is being sold in several Outpost Natural Foods stores across Wisconsin.



04/23/21    Milwaukee Neighborhood News
Seeking 5,000 plastic bottle caps for youth community art project

ArtWorks for Milwaukee and Northwest Side Community Development Corporation (NWSCDC) are collecting 5,000 plastic bottle caps for a youth-led art project at Green Tech Station (4101 N. 31st St), and we need your help!

Green Tech Station is a partnership of NWSCDC and the City of Milwaukee to transform a vacant brownfield site at 4101 N. 31st Street into a green infrastructure demonstration and environmental education destination. This summer, youth interns will create a bottle cap mosaic at Green Tech Station using plastic bottle caps and other types of hard plastic lids (e.g., peanut butter, mayonnaise, milk, soda, nuts, vitamins, etc.) that will be screwed onto wood panels and mounted on the fence.

Outpost Bay View is a drop-off location.

04/20/21    Spectrum 1 News
Outpost adds lineup of WI Black-owned businesses to shelves

A Wisconsin-based grocery store is working to continue its mission of diversity amongst its shelves.

Throughout the shelves of Outpost Natural Foods Co-op stores across Wisconsin, you can find around 40 different products from businesses of color. Over this past year, Outpost has added around 10 new Black businesses to its line of products.

One of those businesses is Blossom Candle Co. out of Milwaukee. Since 2016, Shiquita Mann, owner of Blossom Candle Co. has been operating her candle business out of her basement. It’s a passion of hers to create candles with meaning.


04/4/21    WISN News - Channel 12 Milwaukee
Healthy Easter Basket Swaps

Leave the cavities to the Easter Bunny! Lifestyle expert Nekia Nichelle has some yummy and healthy swaps for the kiddies this year (even the adults can enjoy them too)…shhh they’ll never know the difference.


04/1/21    Whole Foods Magazine
Palm Done Right Welcomes Six New Partners

Palm Done Right announced the addition of six new brand, retail, and business partners to its community of retail and brand partners  committed to clean ingredients and supply chain transparency. 



03/8/21    WISN News - Channel 12 Milwaukee
Essential work: Grocery store employees get COVID-19 vaccines

Grocery store employees are among the essential workers now receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in Wisconsin.

"Certainly if the grocery stores close up none of us are going to eat," one customer said.

Grocery store workers are public-facing essential employees who haven't stopped working since the pandemic began last year.




01/27/21    Riverworks BID
Made in the Riverworks BID - Celebrating BID Biz

Welcome to our first business spotlight of 2021! We are so excited to showcase these amazing local businesses that have continued to create and manufacture outstanding products right in our own community. Each of the following businesses is a part of the Made in the Riverworks BID marketing campaign that highlights businesses in the BID from the following categories:

  • Art/  Performance / Fashion
  • Construction / Wood & Metalworking
  • Food & Beverage
  • Makers / Manufacturing
  • Plus a Grab Bag of Other Creatives


01/21/21    FER Magazine
Fein Brothers Finds New Ways to Reach Customers

Milwaukee-based foodservice equipment and supplies dealer Fein Brothers has rolled out a new partnership to sell its kitchen supplies to home cooks as well as restaurateurs.

Under the deal, Fein Brothers will sell some utensils and tools—such as pizza-making items and baking and bar supplies—out of two locations of coop-owned, natural- and organic-food grocery store Outpost Natural Foods.


01/14/21    OnMilwaukee.com
You can now buy kitchen items from Fein Brothers at two Outpost locations

A partnership between Fein Brothers, the restaurant supply dealer at 2023 N. Doctor M.L.K. Jr. Dr., and Outpost Natural Foods means easy access to a variety of kitchen supplies at two of Outpost’s four locations.

Customers at both the Bay View and Mequon Outpost locations will now have access to a variety of everyday kitchen items, pizza accessories, baking and bar supplies. Outpost has been a long-time Fein Brothers commercial customer using the firm’s kitchen design services and purchasing smallwares for its own food prep operations.


01/13/21    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Food and Drink News: Outpost foresees a healthy 2021

It looks like we can expect vegetables and citrus to continue to be in demand for 2021.

Outpost Natural Foods, the local co-op with four grocery stores in the Milwaukee area, suggests foods that promote health, flavor and convenience will be the top consumer choices at the market.


01/7/21    Fox 6 Wake Up!
We may not realize it, but most of us probably don’t eat enough fiber

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has led to healthier grocery lists, but what will actually help maintain a healthy diet? Fox 6 reporter Brian Kramp visited Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon to find out ways to boost immunity naturally by using foods that are rich in vitamin C, adding more fiber and looking to other sources of food for increased nutrients.

[Four video segments]


01/7/21    Shepherd Express
Best of Milwaukee 2020 Winners: Locally-Owned Retail Food & Drink

Winner: Grocery—Organic

Outpost Natural Foods 

Founded at the start of the ’70s, Milwaukee's longest-running natural food co-op helped introduce the city to the concept of healthy eating! Not surprisingly, they responded proactively to the onset of COVID-19. Outpost is a good place to look for organic, seasonable produce, as well as a fantastic array of wholesome packaged goods hard to find elsewhere. You don’t have to be a member to shop at Outpost. (David Luhrssen)



12/14/20    BizTimes Milwaukee
The essentials: The people who got us through 2020

One of the biggest takeaways of 2020 is just how essential our economy's essential workers are.

Tony Myers, assistant store manager, Outpost Natural Foods. Years at Outpost: 4

How did the pandemic initially impact your work? "In March, right before the governor issued the mandatory stay-at-home order, all of our stores were crushed with customers. ... Esentially, we were being exposed as everyone just rushed into the stores. We were doing record sales - higher sales than holiday season sales in that week before the mandatory shut down." 

[Paid subscription required to read the entire story.]



11/25/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
"Fowl" talking at Outpost Natural Foods

This year’s Thanksgiving promises to be scaled down for so many of us on so many levels because of the current pandemic.  From the number of people at the table to perhaps the number of items we’re actually serving for dinner itself.  But this doesn’t mean we don’t have to be any less creative.  If you’re only having four to five people, one expert at Outpost Natural Foods in Wauwatosa suggests skipping the giant turkey and choose different fowl at a fraction of the size.


11/24/20    Fox 6 News
Looking for a tasty side dish for this Thanksgiving?

With fewer guests at the dinner table this Thanksgiving you may end up with more leftovers than normal. So, what are you going to do with all that turkey? Brian Kramp is at Outpost Natural Foods where he learns a trick for using leftovers that will keep meal planning easy as pie.


11/22/20    WTMJ Radio 620AM
Talking Turkey on WI Weekend Morning News

We're talking holiday tips with Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News host Libby Collins.


11/18/20    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
There is plenty ... you would need for Thanksgiving, grocers say

This time, they're ready.

Grocers, who saw their shelves emptied of everything from flour to canned soup when the COVID pandemic first took hold in the U.S. in spring, say they learned that experience and are prepared to handle a rush of Thanksgiving shopping as virus cases spike.

Whether the current spike in COVID cases will again lead to hoarding is unknown.

"We keep seeing the predictions from trade publications that there is going to be stockpiling," said Lisa Malmarowski, director of brand and store development at Outpost Natural Foods in Milwaukee. "Unless there is a true nationwide or statewide shutdown, I don't think we are seeing that happening."



10/26/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Voter info kiosks installed at all four Outpost locations

Voter information kiosks are now installed at the four Outpost Natural Foods through a partnership with the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County.

The kiosks help shoppers learn more about how to register to vote and how to create a plan for Election Day.


10/19/20    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
MKE chefs and teens pair up for virtual 'Chopped'-like cooking competition

For the past few years, teenagers have partnered with Milwaukee restaurant chefs to do a "Chopped"- like cooking competition — mystery ingredient boxes and all.

The competition serves as a fundraiser for the organization to provide more internships for Milwaukee's teenagers. The organization didn't want to cancel this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. So they went virtual.


10/9/20    Milwaukee Neighborhood News
Outpost installs voter information kiosks, call to action

In partnership with the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County, Outpost Natural Foods has installed voter information kiosks at each of its four co-op locations to help shoppers learn more about how to register to vote, how to request an absentee ballot if needed and how to create an election day plan.

“As a co-op we are a democratic organization – one owner, one vote – and believe in the spirit of democracy,” said Outpost’s Margaret Mittelstadt, director of Community Relations. “We believe everyone should participate in the democratic process and want to help inform and prepare our shoppers to vote.  Especially this year when the information has been so confusing.”


10/6/20    OnMilwaukee.com
Outpost installs voter information kiosks, launches Call To Action campaign

Outpost has partnered with the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County to help provide accurate information to voters, while launching a Call To Action encouraging the public to take action against climate change.


10/6/20    Carvd N Stone
Join Teens Grow Greens for Their Chef's Dinner: Chopped Edition

Knowing how to cook is one thing, but growing your own food is an entirely different flex. According to  the National Gardening Association (NGA)’s Five-Year Look at Food Gardening in America report, the interest in food gardening has gone up. This information is based on the year 2013, but with the COVID pandemic, these numbers may have increased.

People are scared that there will be a lack of food, so they’re teaching themselves how to be self-efficient through growing food. Although there’s a current interest in growing one’s own food, the Non-profit Teens Grow Greens has been dedicated to teaching the youth of Milwaukee how to grow their own food for years. Now, they’re taking that same model and bringing it virtual.

10/5/20    Milwaukee Magazine
Buy a Handmade Bowl and Soup to Help Fight Against Local Food Insecurity

Food scarcity is an issue near and dear to many people in the Milwaukee community with one out of every four kids going to bed hungry, according to the Hunger Task Force. One of the local traditions to combat this issue is the Milwaukee Empty Bowls fundraiser.

Milwaukee Empty Bowls is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that raises funds and awareness of the limited food resources in the Metro Milwaukee area. Since 1999, a total of $889,105 has been distributed by Milwaukee Empty Bowls to help provide food to those in need across the greater Milwaukee area. While that number is quite large, they hope to push their limits even further by setting a goal to raise $50,000 this year.

One of the primary ways Milwaukee Empty Bowls accomplishes their mission is by selling handmade bowls at their main event that normally takes place in October. However, with COVID-19, things had to be adjusted.


09/25/20    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Empty Bowls will fight hunger with different format in this pandemic year

Milwaukee Empty Bowls, a popular fundraising event that feeds both participants and the hungry, has shifted to a less social, more individualized plan during this pandemic year. 

Empty Bowls @ Home will take place Oct. 1-14, with an online Facebook event on Oct. 11.  

Here's how Empty Bowls will work in 2020:

Participants can purchase bowls for $20 at various metro locations, including Outpost Natural Foods stores in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and Mequon; Cream City Clay, 7105 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis; Good Harvest Market, 2205 Silvernail Road, Pewaukee; and The Potter's Shop, 1314 S. West Ave., Waukesha. 


09/25/20    Milwaukee Community Journal
Non-Profit Teens Grow Greens Chef’s Dinner: Chopped Edition Offers Chance to Coo

The slicing and dicing has begun as the nonprofit Teens Grow Greens preps for its Chef’s Dinner: Chopped Edition virtual cooking competition between the Teens, Milwaukee’s top chefs and viewers at home.

Streaming Thursday, October 22 at 6:00 pm, three Teen/Celebrity Chef teams will create and cook a meal each with the same secret ingredients while viewers at home watch and then vote on winners based on plating and presentation by donating to their favorite team. Viewers can cook at home alongside the teams by registering, pre-ordering and picking up a Mystery Ingredient Box from the Outpost Natural Foods of their choice.



08/18/20    Shepherd Express
Outpost Boosts Community, Local Businesses and Vendors

It’s been one heck of a year for the 50th anniversary of Outpost Natural Foods Coop. What started with big plans to celebrate, turned into … well, you know what happened. That hasn’t stopped them from continuing to serve the community they love and the suppliers and farmers that help make them who they’ve been for the last half-century.



07/14/20    Spectrum News
Wisconsin Grocery Chain Goes Plastic-Free This July

Outpost Natural Foods has a goal to become a leading sustainable grocer in the next two years.

July marks a plastic-free month and a Wisconsin based grocer is working to be one of the most sustainable grocery stores in the state. Bringing home delicious foods and necessities from the grocery store may look a little different at Outpost Natural Foods stores in Wisconsin. The grocery store is making a goal to eliminate petroleum-based plastic packaging and consumables by 2022.



07/1/20    Bay View Compass
Outpost Moves Offices to Third and Oklahoma

Outpost Natural Foods moved into its new offices March 16 just as COVID-19 safety measures were being put in place in Milwaukee.

The move follows a 15 year stint in downtown Milwaukee at 205 W. Highland Avenue.

The new headquarters, 3200 S. Third St., provide 8,700 square feet of office space and a 4,000-square-foot warehouse.

The new office space houses the co-op’s central functions including operational managers, human resources, finance, marketing, and food service.




05/27/20    Milwaukee Magazine
Your Official Wauwatosa Village Community Guide

"A welcoming and ideal environment in which to live, work and play,” is how Michelle Haider describes Wauwatosa. Haider, who is director of the Wauwatosa Village Business Improvement District says, “this neighborhood is an urban, walkable community of unique local shops, restaurants and beautiful parks.” New shops and business expansions – from a famed French restaurant’s cooking school to an artisan soap company – give new reasons to check out the Village if you haven’t been in a while. And if you’re worried about parking, don’t be. There are quite a few places – including a lot across from The Ruby Tap on Wauwatosa Avenue – offering free, convenient parking.


05/14/20    Climate Collaborative
Businesses Join Call on Congress to Ensure Post-COVID Recovery Protections

More than 120 natural products companies joined the first major call for a climate- inclusive path forward from COVID-19, including KeHE, Numi Tea, Clif Bar, INFRA, UNFI, Amy’s Kitchen, Gaia Herbs, Grove Collaborative, Ben & Jerry’s, and Dr. Bronner’s, among others.

These companies, most of whom have set their own climate goals through the Climate Collaborative, collectively stated that the COVID-19 crisis has been a wake-up call for the looming threat of climate change, making it clear that we must be prepared as the impacts of climate change on human health and the economy could be even greater.

"With the numerous challenges created by this pandemic, we call on Congress to help us not just bounce back, but to leap forward. Now is the time to act on climate and sustainability and do the hard work to build a beautiful future for our children and grandchildren,” said Kristen Morelli, Co-Founder of Perfect Supplements, a participating company.


05/5/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Stores begin requiring masks to gain entry

While a handful of states have required customers to wear masks inside businesses, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers stopped short of saying Wisconsin would.

“If Costco and others want to implement that, that’s a good business decision on their part,” Evers said.

Area grocery stores, like Roundy’s and Outpost Natural Foods, are requiring employees to wear masks.

“To protect our staff, and to protect our customers as well,” Outpost Assistant Store Manager Tony Myers said.

But Outpost and Roundy's are only asking customers to do so.


05/5/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Area grocery stores setting limits on how much meat people can buy

The CDC reports nearly 5,000 COVID-19 cases among meat processing facilities in the U.S. with nearly two dozen deaths. Those cases are now affecting how much meat can be bought in the Milwaukee area.

Roundy’s Foods, with 106 stores in Wisconsin, tells CBS 58 each customer is only allowed to buy two pork products, two beef products and two poultry products each visit. They say it’s because processors are facing challenges, but it’s not just the large grocery store chains that are affected.

Outpost Natural Foods, with just four stores in the Milwaukee area, are also limiting their customer meat purchases.

“It’s two per product, per person,” said Lisa Malmarowski, Director of Brand and Store Development for Outpost Natural Foods. “We’re limiting chicken, beef and pork products.”


05/3/20    Biz Times
Welcoming to all…not just words on paper

Since 1987, Pam Mehnert has been general manager of Milwaukee-based Outpost Natural Foods, one of the larger multi-store retail food cooperatives in the U.S. Outpost has four store locations across southeastern Wisconsin. 

“Outpost Natural Foods exists to serve the community rather than maximize profits. Since 1970 we’ve run our co-op through the lens of our deeply-rooted values, which today is focused on the health and sustainability of communities that reflect the diversity of our ownership."



04/21/20    Shepherd Express
Outpost Celebrates Milestone Birthday with Virtual Concert Series

To thank its loyal customers for 50 years in business, Outpost Natural Foods is hosting a free virtual concert series Thursday April 23 through Sunday April 25. Concerts will be live at Outpost’s Facebook page at 7 p.m., except for Sunday’s concert, which will be pre-recorded and streamed at 2 p.m. The concert series is co-hosted by 88Nine Radio Milwaukee and Wisconsin Music Ventures, who lined up the musicians for each performance.


04/18/20    Spectrum 1 News
Wisconsin Governor Asked to Help Protect Frontline Workers in Food Industry

They are keeping shelves stocked and food in supply. Food industry workers are essential frontline workers in this pandemic, but that title doesn't come with any additional benefits from the state.

Something Outpost Natural Foods is hoping will change.  The co-op, which just celebrated 50 years in the Milwaukee area, has safeguards in place to protect its employees and customers.  From plexiglass screens at the register, to social distancing reminders and markers.  But Manager Jodi Krafcheck said employees are still worried about their safety.  "There is a little bit of fear.  People are wondering if people coming in here are abiding by some of the guidelines."


04/18/20    WMSN Fox 47 Madison
Grocery stores demand first responder status for their workers

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (WDJT) — A local grocery store chain asked the governor to designate their workers temporarily as ‘first responder’ status on Friday.

It’s part of a bigger movement started by the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

The UFCW says this temporary ‘first responder’ status would unlock additional state benefits, which would help them secure free coronavirus testing, treatment, personal protective equipment and more.

“I don’t think there’s disagreement about the fact that grocery workers are on the front lines,” said Melanie Bartholf, Political and Retail Director for UFCW Local 1473.


04/18/20    Spectrum News 1
WI Governor Asked to Help Protect Frontline Workers in Food Industry

They are keeping shelves stocked and food in supply. Food industry workers are essential frontline workers in this pandemic, but that title doesn't come with any additional benefits from the state.

Something Outpost Natural Foods is hoping will change.  The co-op, which just celebrated 50 years in the Milwaukee area, has safeguards in place to protect its employees and customers.  From plexiglass screens at the register, to social distancing reminders and markers.  But Manager Jodi Krafcheck said employees are still worried about their safety.  "There is a little bit of fear.  People are wondering if people coming in here are abiding by some of the guidelines."


04/17/20    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Outpost Natural Foods asks for 'extended first responder' status

Outpost Natural Foods and the local union that represents grocery store workers asked Gov. Tony Evers for the Milwaukee-area chain's employees to received "extended first responder" status in a letter Friday. 

[Scroll within the page to 11:14 a.m. to read the story]


04/17/20    OnMilwaukee.com
Outpost & UFCW request extended first responder status

Today the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1473 and Outpost Natural Foods submitted a letter requesting "Extended First Responders" status from Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers for Outpost's employees.

"We believe that Gov. Evers has the authority to make this decision, and we are asking him to take action," says Melanie Bartholf, Political Director and Retail Service Director for UFCW Local 1473.


04/17/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Local grocery stores demand first responder status for their workers

A local grocery store chain asked the governor to designate their workers temporarily as ‘first responder’ status on Friday. It’s part of a bigger movement started by the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

The UFCW says this temporary ‘first responder’ status would unlock additional state benefits, which would help them secure free coronavirus testing, treatment, personal protective equipment and more.

“I don’t think there’s disagreement about the fact that grocery workers are on the front lines,” said Melanie Bartholf, Political and Retail Director for UFCW Local 1473.

Outpost Natural Foods with four stores in the Milwaukee area and nearly 400 workers, sent the letter dated Friday to the governor.

04/14/20    Shepherd Express
Outpost Given 2020 Outstanding Company Award by Climate Collaborative

Outpost Natural Foods opened 50 years ago as part of the first Earth Day celebration. Every April 22 since 1970, Earth Day marks the birth of the modern environmental movement. The Climate Collaborative honored the cooperative grocery chain with a 2020 Outstanding Company Award, which identifies and celebrates trailblazers in the natural products industry demonstrating strong, inspiring climate leadership.


04/2/20    Milwaukee Business Journal
Outpost asks grocery customers to help stop spread of COVID-19

(Subscription required for reading)

Local grocery chain Outpost Natural Foods is calling on customers to do their part to protect the public’s health during the novel coronavirus crisis. 

The Milwaukee-based cooperative has four stores throughout the region. Like traditional supermarkets, Outpost saw a spike in demand early in the pandemic as panicked shoppers flooded stores in pursuit of paper goods, cleaning supplies, non-perishables and frozen foods. 

04/1/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Grocery shopping doesn't mean you have to stock up on fear & anxiety

Bay View (CBS 58)--A run to the grocery store really doesn’t have the same meaning in these days of COVID-19.  So many markets, like Outpost Natural Foods, are now taking precautions, like plexiglass between the cashier and shopper, actual lines to indicate where to stand with 6-foot distances in mind, and the removal of anything self-serve.  Community Relations Director, Margaret Mittelstadt, highly recommends coming to the store better prepared than ever. A grocery lists always helps to keep you focused, she says.



03/31/20    Biz Times
Local grocery stores adjust to new normal under COVID-19

Milwaukee-based Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative has seen its average sale per shopper double, which means people are buying more items and shopping less frequently.

The guidelines also include leaving reusable bags at home, bringing sanitizing wipes to use on carts and baskets, and keeping distance from other shoppers. Margaret Mittelstadt, director of community relations, said shoppers have done a good job so far. As extra reminders, Outpost’s four locations now have six-foot distancing markers and Plexiglass partitions at each checkout line as well as signage posted throughout.


03/30/20    Spectrum 1 News
WI stores issue warning to shoppers across the state

Margaret Mittelstadt from Outpost in Wauwatosa says, “when people come to the grocery store it's a normal thing to do right? So we’re just encouraging people don’t leave their guard down when they come to store, be aware there is a pandemic and we need to continue social distancing.”


03/27/20    Shepherd Express
Outpost Urges Customers to Adopt Safe Shopping Behaviors

It’s official: COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the mix for every business and person. Outpost Natural Foods is staying open to provide organic, local, fair trade food to those in the community, but they can’t do that if they are putting their employees and customers at risk.

“People yearn to be normal and do things they’re comfortable with during this time,” says Margaret Mittelstadt, Director of Community Relations for Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative. “People feel familiar with grocery stores, but they need to remember to keep their guard up. Most people get it, but there are a few that don’t understand or forget.


03/27/20    Fox 6 News - WITI Milwaukee
"Try and plan it out:' CDC offers tips to be safe from COVID-19 when you shop

The CDC recommends going grocery shopping no more than twice a week amid the coronavirus pandemic -- and not at peak times. Stores are already implementing their own safety policies. But there are things you can do once you get home.

"When people come into the store, we're asking them to maintain social distancing -- six feet at the registers and in the aisles -- and we're instructing our staff to do the same as well," said Margaret Mittelstadt, Outpost Director of Community Relations.


03/27/20    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee-area grocery stores install plastic shields at checkouts

Grocery stores across Wisconsin and the U.S. this week have been installing protective plastic shields at checkouts to help prevent cashiers and shoppers from possibly spreading COVID-19.


03/26/20    WISN News - Channel 12 Milwaukee
Grocery store chain warns people to be safe or it may close

Outpost Natural Foods said it is worried about the health of employees and customers.

"When you're coming shopping, practice social distancing. We all are playing our part in this," said Margaret Mittelstadt of Outpost Natural Foods.

Stores are taking drastic steps to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Mittelstadt said the crux of the issue was keeping staff members and customers safe.


03/26/20    WUWM
WI Grocery Stores Remain Open, But Economists Warn Of Pain For Economy

The biggest financial help from the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic passed the U.S. Senate Wednesday night. A House vote on the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package may come Friday. President Trump is promising to sign the measure that his administration helped craft.

But Wisconsin and national economists say the financial and unemployment crunch will still likely get worse before it gets better. 


03/25/20    OnMilwaukee.com
Stop touching that: Guidelines for safer grocery shopping

Our world has changed. And, with the "Safer at Home" order in effect, they are likely to change even more. We are being forced to rethink, reevaluate and reconsider practices that we've grown to take for granted. That includes grocery shopping.

Area grocers are doing everything they can to keep you safe, including suspending self-service food bars, bulk bins and bakery areas and increasing the frequency of cleaning in high touch areas throughout the stores.


03/25/20    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Coronavirus updates from around WI on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Updates on coronavirus and how it's affecting life in Wisconsin from reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the USA Today Network-Wisconsin.



02/18/20    Shepherd Express
Outpost Celebrates Half a Century

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of what evolved into Outpost Natural Foods, a member-based cooperative that has proven instrumental in helping Milwaukee develop into a true “foodie” town. Well before the city came to host a myriad of “farm-to-table” restaurants, Outpost Natural Foods was introducing Milwaukeeans to the tastes of fresh, organic produce. After 50 years, it is hard to imagine the city’s food culture without them.



02/5/20    WUWM Lake Effect
Top 2020 Food Trends: Brussels Sprouts, Pea Protein And Oats

As we embark on this next decade, let's reflect the major events of the last 10 years. One topic that's always on people’s minds is food — and food trends. Whether you're reevaluating your relationship with food or are determined to try the latest diets, one thing we can count on is a grocery store to fill our changing food needs.

Audrey Nowakowski talks with Outpost GM, Pam Mehnert, and Director of Brand and Store Development, Lisa Malmarowski, on food trends, sustainability and the road forward for the co-op.



01/30/20    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Don't stuff yourself with chips n dip on Super Bowl Sunday, go deep with veggies

It’ll be a super party for many of us on Sunday, Feb. 2 as we watch the big game. It’s even estimated some 20 million people will attend a gathering with friends and family to see the sports spectacle on TV. Of course plenty of us will consume chips and dip, and cold beers but there are other healthier options. The folks at Outpost Natural Foods concocted recipes for healthy game-day appetizers and beverages. 

01/14/20    Fox 6 Wake Up!
Move over kale, there's a new green in town!

Move over kale -- there's a new green in town! Fox 6 reporter Brian Kramp spent the morning at Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon with some food trends for 2020.


01/14/20    Fox 6 Real MKE
Food trends: They include flexitarian diets, meat alternatives, magic mushrooms

Fox 6 reporter Brian Kramp spends the morning at Outpost in Mequon learning about new food trends for 2020. 


01/13/20    Spectrum 1 News
Outpost Natural Foods Shares 2020 Grocery Trends

For those who take frequent trips to the grocery store, you may see some new things popping up on the shelves.

A new year, calls for a fresh start, which is why Margaret Mittelstadt, director of community relations for Outpost Natural Foods is sharing what you may see trending this year.


01/7/20    Shepherd Express
Hippie Wayne Fosters Future Foodie Entrepreneurs

Wojciechowski started selling pickles and jams at farmers markets in the northeast Wisconsin region in 2010. Soon, he was on the shelves at small local businesses such as Planeview Travel Plaza and Market Boutique on Main, in Oshkosh, and Eaton’s Fresh Pizza, in Fond du Lac, Wis. Through Trust Local Food Distribution, his products found their way to the shelves at Outpost Natural Foods. But don’t look anywhere else. “When you get really big, it becomes a job. I’m retired!” he says. “I want to enjoy what I’m doing and not have to get up at 2 a.m. to get 20 tasks done.”



12/18/19    CBS58 - WDJT Milwaukee
Serving up some healthier foods for your holiday feast with Outpost

The big holiday is a week away, and it's said Americans will eat more than seven thousand calories on Christmas Day.  This is more than triple the daily intake, according to the Department of Agriculture. The experts say there are ways to fight this, especially by portion control.


Outpost Natural Foods to Relocate HQ, Warehouse

We're on the move! Read about it in

Urban Milwaukee

Milwaukee BizTimes

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


11/19/19    Hoodline
Feast your eyes on the best MKE businesses to prep your Thanksgiving

As friends and family prepare to gather, head to one of Milwaukee's best grocery stores to stock up on supplies before it's too late.

1. Outpost Natural Foods



09/17/19    Shepherd Express
Drewry Farms Maple Products Taps Into Generations of Knowledge

For years, maple sugar farmers had typically harvested sap for personal use or to exchange or sell with other nearby farmers. Drewry-Zimmerman says her generation has taken it to the commercial level because she’s observed a renewed interest in local and artisan foods. “I saw the trend coming 10 years ago, so I thought we needed to take it to the next level,” she explains. “We got away from buckets and implemented new technology, and we’ve extended pipelines. We did it gradually over a four-year period. Modernizing gave us the ability to expand without taking on a lot of debt.”

Find Drewry Farms Maple Syrup at Outpost.



07/29/19    Bay View Compass
Outpost to eliminate store's single-use plastic packaging

Outpost Natural Food Cooperative announced that it is committed to eliminating petroleum-based plastic co-op packaging and consumables by 2022. That commitment applies to a broad range of single-use packaging used in its meat department, deli, salad bar, grab and go, and plastic bags dispensed in its produce and bulk departments.

“We are actively looking at all of our single-use petroleum-based co-op packaging options,” said Margaret Mittelstadt, Outpost’s community relations director.

The co-op banned single-use plastic shopping bags a number of years ago, and while it still provides paper bags at check-out, Outpost encourages customers to bring their own cloth shopping bags and also sells cloth bags printed with the co-op name.


07/23/19    Neighborhood News Service
Program teaches Milwaukee's next generation of gardeners

Teens Grow Greens is a nonprofit organization that grows plants, herbs, vegetables and the futures of Milwaukee teens. High school students learn leaderships skills, financial responsibility and the importance of growing their own healthy food during a nine-month paid internship.

A partnership with Outpost Natural Foods, the MyPlant program opened June 22 and hopes to reach younger kids to connect them with gardening and healthy food.

Teens Grow Greens is seeing a generational gap in those who garden and grow their own food, Claire Muza, growing director, said. Many of the customers that come through are grandparents, while interns often don’t have prior gardening experience. She said through the MyPlant program, Teens Grow Greens wants to rebuild the connection between kids and the ease of growing food.

07/10/19    Milwaukee Independent
Teens Grow Greens Partners With Outpost to Launch MyPlant For Kids

On Saturday mornings until mid-July, parents can bring their children to Weber’s Greenhouse at 4215 N. Green Bay Avenue where they pot a plant of their own to take home. Outpost Natural Foods is supporting the MyPlant program with a grant, operational support, and supplies.

Interns from Teens Grow Greens will lead children through the production process, first decorating a terra cotta pot, planting a seedling with soil and compost, watering their new plant, then enjoying a healthy vegetable-based snack to show the full life cycle of how food gets to their plate. The activity is free and open to the public.



Outpost Tosa Undergoes 1.2 Million Dollar Remodel & Expansion

"Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative in Wauwatosa is getting a big deal refresh"



"Outpost Natural Foods Co-op to remodel Wauwatosa store"

Business Journal Milwaukee


"Outpost Natural Foods in Wauwatosa Undergoes 1.2 Million Dollar Remodel & Expansion"

Urban Milwaukee


"Outpost Natural Foods in Wauwatosa begins work on $1.2M expansion & remodel"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


05/24/19    TMJ4 The Morning Blend
Webers Greenhouse - Growing More Than Plants

Teens Grow Greens is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit where teens “learn, grow, and go.” During a nine-month paid internship, teens develop life skills through hands-on experience. Joining us to discuss this unique experience are Executive Director Charlie Uihlein and Agriculture Apprentice Abdull Musa. Learn about all they are doing to grow the leaders of tomorrow.

Outpost is proud to be supporting Teens Grow Greens in 2019 through their new My Plant program! 

05/14/19    Shepherd Express
Sharing a Home to Foster Community, Environmental Responsibility

Cohousing was a European idea that has reached the U.S. By sharing a living space with other, similar-minded people, an increasing number of Americans (often seniors) find a renewed enjoyment in their daily routine. Milwaukee Area Cohousing is a group dedicated to spreading this trend to the Milwaukee community. Allyn Steffen—member of Milwaukee Area Cohousing and outspoken supporter of the practice—spoke to Off the Cuff.

[Introductory presentations at 3 Outpost locations Fall 2019]


05/4/19    Shepherd Express
MyPlant by Teens Grow Greens

Bring the kids down to Weber's Greenhouse, powered by Teens Grow Greens! The MyPlant program runs every Saturday morning from 9am-Noon through mid-July.

MyPlant provides a hands-on experience for kids that shows the full life cycle of how food gets to their plate, while giving them their own seedling to take home and grow. Kids follow a variety of stations, mentored by interns from Teens Grow Greens, where they get a seedling, plant it in their own terra cotta pot with a mixture of soil and compost, water it, and give it a name! Kids will also receive a healthy snack courtesy of Outpost Natural Foods.


04/23/19    Urban Milwaukee
Thank You Outpost Foods and Milwaukee Brewers

A statement from MKE Alderman Cavalier Johnson: Yesterday, April 22 was Earth Day 2019, and I issued a statement declaring that our care for and conservation of our physical environment must be a top priority and goal. I pledged to do all I can to make lasting changes in my life and my community to help ensure that the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land that sustains us will be better for our children and the generations that follow us.

I was happy to learn that other local organizations are also stepping up to the plate with their commitment to ending the use of certain plastics in their business plans.


04/22/19    Milwaukee Independent

Outpost Natural Foods recently announced its commitment to eliminate petroleum-based plastic co-op packaging and consumables by 2022, and has organized a comprehensive internal committee to tackle the wide-ranging issue.

The co-op has tasked itself with this challenging goal as the environmental problems associated with single-use plastic continue to ratchet up, both locally and globally. Outpost has already taken the first steps to reducing single-use plastic.


04/19/19    OnMilwaukee.com
Beyond grocery bags: Outpost blazes trails, pledging to purge plastic by 2022

In anticipation of Earth Day, which takes place on Monday, April 22, Outpost Natural Foods has announced a bold commitment: to eliminate petroleum-based plastic co-op packaging and consumables by 2022.

In recent years, consumers have looked to grocers to lead the way in solving the issues related to single-use plastics. And their requests have been fueled by ever-increasing images of petroleum-based plastic waste run amok in both urban and natural environments. These items litter oceans and beaches, fowl waterways and cause injuries to wildlife.



03/12/19    Shepherd Express
Outpost Natural Foods Adds Minty Cannabidiol Cookie to Hemp Offerings

As a pioneer of natural foods and holistic living in the Milwaukee area, it makes sense that Outpost Natural Foods co-op would take cannabidiol (CBD) offerings to the next level and produce their own house-made, CBD-infused cookies. Extracted from the hemp plant and free from the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD has—mostly through word-of-mouth—grown to become a popular natural alternative to traditional medicine for anxiety, sleep issues, as well as muscle and joint pain.




02/20/19    OnMilwaukee.com
FoodCrush Podcast: Are food co-ops still relevant in 2019?

"Food co-ops were at the helm of the organic food revolution. They've been leaders in local and sustainable sourcing, transparent labeling and bringing healthful food to the fore. And yet, some people still don't understand what a co-op really is, or why they're increasingly relevant in an age when grocery stores are in an ever-evolving state of change.

"So we took the plunge and consulted with a cooperative veteran, General Manager Pam Mehnert of Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative, to chat co-ops: what they are, why they're relevant ... and, most importantly, why they're cool."



01/23/19    Shepherd Express
Best of Milwaukee 2018 Winners: Retail Food & Drink

Let's give it up for Outpost - winner of two categories:

- Grocery - Natural Foods

- Organic Produce


And runner up for

- Fish Market

- Grocery - All purpose

- Produce


11/16/18    Fox 6 Now
Volunteers help organize donations to Hunger Task Force

It's not wrapped in paper, and you won't find it under the tree. But one Thanksgiving meal will make a lasting impact on Milwaukee area families.

"It's a wonderful gift," said Margaret Mittlestadt of Outpost Natural Foods.

On Friday, Hunger Task Force volunteers filled 800 boxes filled with turkey, stuffing and other Thanksgiving treats.



10/10/18    Urban Milwaukee
Gluten-Free Bakery Moving to City

Susie Roberts’ passion for baking organic and gluten-free foods began when her grandson Aiden was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2. “I started experimenting with gluten-free foods and it really did make a difference in his learning,” Roberts said.

Today, Roberts’ grandson is 9 years old, and attends a mainstream school.

Roberts bought KalyANa Organics in February 2016 to bring baked goods to others whose lives may be improved by the healthy treats.

Roberts was the winner of the third annual Rev-Up MKE, a “Shark Tank”-style competition recently held at the Eagles Club. Finalists competed for a $10,000 prize from WaterStone Bank and mentorship through the 707 Hub at Marquette University, as well as $25,000 in in-kind services, including small business consulting and architectural help. Near West Side Partners also will help her search for a storefront in the neighborhood.


10/9/18    OnMilwaukee.com
Fein Bros partners with restaurants to raise money for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico made headlines last September when Hurricane Irma swept through the island, closely followed by Hurricane Maria, leaving death and devastation in their wake. Despite myriad efforts, the recovery process for many areas has been slow and laborious.

But a number of local businesses are coming together to raise money to assist those efforts.


10/5/18    WI Jewish Chronicle
Zymbiotics takes local products kosher

First Fox Point resident Jeff Ziebelman started up a health-conscious condiments business, then he got his Jeff’s Zauerkraut and Jeffs’s Vegan Zimchi into some major supermarkets. Now, he’s taking it kosher.

He’s chosen to take most of his line kosher for two reasons. The first came to him as he was out promoting his product in stores. “Part of it is, as a Jew, it was a bit of a shame to me that people came up and walked by a product that I feel is good for them and they can’t have it,” he said. He reports he’s heard multiple times, “I wish it was kosher.”

Find Zymbiotics at your neighborhood Outpost.


09/26/18    Urban Milwaukee
Rev Up MKE Picks Winning Entrepreneurs

For the third year, the local non-profit Near West Side Partners held its annual Rev Up MKE event, bringing together a group of entrepreneurs and business innovators to pitch their ideas for the chance to win a grant to help develop their idea. It was held at The Rave/Eagles club, where finalists in the competition each took their turn on stage, presented their business ideas to a panel of judges and audience, and answered questions about how their respective businesses could succeed and benefit the community.

Susie Roberts . . .  enthusiastically presented her ideas of moving her baking company, KalyANa Organics, to Milwaukee from Dousmen. Her gluten-free baked goods and mixes are currently sold in Woodman’s stores as well as at Outpost Natural Foods in town, but her goal is to bring the operation itself into the city. She noted a significant increase in company profits — 34 percent — in the past year and anticipates a continued increase in revenue through social media advertising and by expanding sales through Amazon and ultimately Whole Foods.

09/13/18    BizTimes Milwaukee
Grand Avenue Club plans to open resale boutique

Milwaukee nonprofit organization Grand Avenue Club plans to open a resale boutique in downtown Milwaukee.

Called Water Street Boutique, the store is planned for a 1,500-square-foot space at 610 N. Water St., located next to Grand Avenue Club’s downtown headquarters, according to plans submitted to the city.

The store would sell upscale donated items, including clothing, jewelry, housewares and original art, while also providing pre-employment training opportunities for people living with mental illness. The organization plans to open the store later this year, pending approval from the city.

Currently, members work in various administrative, sales, grocery store and daycare positions at businesses in the Milwaukee area, including Troubadour Bakery, Outpost Natural Foods, Foley & Lardner, Pick ‘N Save, Renaissance Child Development Center, colour palate, CVS, Milwaukee County Department of Housing and Lutheran Social Services, among others.



08/4/18    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
World Peace celebration brings hope, help to Milwaukee

Nearly two years after violence erupted in the aftermath of a police shooting in the Sherman Park neighborhood, community leaders continued their work for peace Saturday in the park. 

The Milwaukee Police Department, civic groups, social service agencies and churches at the “World Peace Celebration” helped people with everything from finding jobs to getting free school supplies and backpacks.

The weekend celebration featured employers and agencies such as Walgreen’s, Stainless Foundry, Outpost Natural Foods, The Joseph Project, Ross Innovative Employment Solutions and Reconnect Staffing.



07/10/18    Shepherd Express
East Troy Honey's Locally Sourced Sweet Stuff

When Susan and William Palmer of East Troy Honey researched why their fruit trees failed to produce much fruit, they found there was a lack of bees—nature’s best pollinators. They started with one hive, and the Palmers soon noticed a difference as the bees did their jobs pollinating the trees, which yielded an abundance of apples.

Since many farmers have switched to soybean and corn crops—plants that Susan said do nothing to encourage bee populations—there’s now a lack of floral pollinators. Genetically modified crops, and crops sprayed with pesticides, are also leading to bee deaths.

The Palmers attend the annual Harvest Fair at Wisconsin State Fair Park to talk to people about bees and honey. Their honey can be found at Outpost Natural Foods...


07/2/18    Bay View Compass
She's Unpaved Parking Lots, Planted a Paradise

How would Mother Nature do it? That is a question that Outpost Natural Foods employee and gardener Christine Goldsworthy often asks herself when considering garden design for three of Outpost’s four locations.

Goldsworthy, an employee at Outpost’s State Street location for 25 years, has been designing, planting, and maintaining the gardens at the stores, beginning with the State Street store in Wauwatosa, for close to 18 years. After her garden design was completed there, Outpost asked her to come up with a plan for the Capitol Drive location, and then for the Bay View store after it opened in 2005. She occasionally gardens at Outpost’s Mequon store, but due to its large rain garden and edible landscape, a landscape architect is primarily in charge of garden design and maintenance there.

Shoppers heading into the Bay View Outpost, 2826 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., see eye-catching yellow and purple irises and milkweed standing tall near hostas, purple Veronica, columbine, and dainty yellow creeping buttercup. Prairie fire and white crabapple trees shade lady’s mantle, salvia, and primrose.



06/19/18    Shepherd Express
ZYN Harnesses Wellness Properties of Curcumin

Curcumin, a substance in the turmeric root, is becoming popular in the United States as more research becomes available about its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. But brothers Qasim and Asim Khan, who grew up consuming turmeric, are familiar with this gift from nature’s medicine cabinet and want to make it accessible to today’s consumers. Through SUR Natural Health Brands, LLC, Qasim’s and Asim’s Milwaukee-based business, they launched ZYN curcumin-infused beverages.

Qasim said ZYN has been well received at Outpost Natural Foods, where they first launched the product this past November. It’s now available at more than 150 locations ... Although ZYN is doing well on the market, Qasim said it’s just the first of their products. “Our vision is more than just a curcumin beverage,” he said. “Our mission as a company is to bring ancient wisdom from around the world to the modern consumer.”


06/18/18    New Hope Network
Local retailers focus on diversity, inclusion

Diversity has become an increasingly important issue in natural and organic retailing, as operators seek to create inclusive environments that are welcoming both to workers and to customers.

Rob Metzinger, director of human resources at Outpost Natural Foods Co-op in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, takes a rigorous approach to diversity and inclusion that involves ongoing training for workers and the evaluation of metrics to gauge the company’s performance around diversity. He said co-ops have come a long way in their efforts around diversity and inclusion, but also still have work to do.

Having a diverse workforce helps attract a diverse customer base and also helps fulfill the company’s mission around support of the local community, said Metzinger, who belongs to a professional diversity and inclusion group through the local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. It also helps create an enriching environment for staff and reduces turnover, he said.


06/14/18    Milwaukee Business Journal
Growing design and fabrication firm 360 Degrees supports top Milwaukee biz

The workshop is a feast of old-fashioned craftsmanship: the smell of sawdust, the lightshow of sparks showering off metal and the sound of blades biting through wood.

The nondescript building on Milwaukee’s northwest side is where wooden boards and steel beams become the tables and bar tops on which Milwaukee’s celebrated restaurants serve their food and cocktails. It also is where 360 Degrees, founded by Brian Polster and Rob Binter, design and create the spaces where Milwaukee’s cultural scene continues to grow. 

“It obviously means more business for us, but it means what we’re doing for the community is successful,” Polster said of Milwaukee’s expanding cultural scene.



05/29/18    Shepherd Express
Gitto Farm 'n Kitchen's Tortillas

Gitto has been making tortillas since 2011. They introduced them at Madison farmers markets, but Gitto also sought exposure in Milwaukee. He approached Anne Vedder, a buyer for Outpost Natural Foods, with his idea to get the tortillas into the store. Having a reputation as a launch pad for local artisan food entrepreneurs, Outpost helped Gitto with product aspects like labels and compiling nutritional information. “If Outpost is the teacher, we’re the teacher’s pet. They helped us out so much,” Gitto said of the co-op.


05/11/18    Milwaukee Community Journal
Promise Zone Bike Ride - Rain or shine!

Alderman Ashanti Hamilton is excited to partner with Alderman Khalif J. Rainey, Northwest Side Community Development Corporation (NWSCDC), Black Girls Do Bike, Red Bike & Green, the Wisconsin Bike Federation, Bublr Bikes, Uniting Garden Homes Inc., DreamBikes, the Corridor (BID #37), and Outpost Natural Foods for a neighborhood bike ride open to all residents of Milwaukee on Saturday, May 12 from 10 a.m. to noonat Garden Homes Park, 2600 W. Atkinson Ave.

05/8/18    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Jazz up family taco night with exotic jackfruit, a vegetarian option

This vegetarian recipe uses jackfruit to add heft and texture to the taco that has a similar feel to meat. It has been around for ages (and actually is the national fruit of Bangladesh) but has been gaining more popularity stateside. It is a large (sometimes up to 80 pounds) watermelon-like fruit that has a “meaty” texture and, when not quite ripe, can be shredded.

Jackfruit is rich in fiber and a B-complex group of vitamins and is a good source of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron, according to nutrition-and-you.com.


04/27/18    WISN Channel 12 News
Food Poisoning Outbreak Linked to Romaine Lettuce - Outpost offers alternatives!

Food poisoning outbreak linked to romaine lettuce originating from Yuma, AZ, spreads to Wisconsin. Outpost Natural Foods' Zach Gorman offer shoppers alternative brands from California and Minnesota!

04/27/18    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Lettuce-borne E. coli illnesses reported in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is now on the list of states hit by a romaine lettuce E. coli illness outbreak, with one case reported here, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

Outpost said in a statement on Facebook that its romaine lettuce and salad mixes containing romaine lettuce are grown in California and are not part of the recall.


04/12/18    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
14 Things to do on Milwaukee Day 2018

With April 14 falling on a Saturday this year, Milwaukee Day 2018 could be the biggest one yet.

The Milwaukee Day website has compiled a list of more than 20 events and deals marking the occasion, and more could be announced in the final hours. But here are 14 highlights for your Milwaukee Day festivities. 

7. Sample the local goods

Outpost Natural Foods has several reasons to celebrate, with Milwaukee Day, its birthday this week, and Earth Day coming Sunday, April 22....


04/10/18    Shepherd Express
Tapuat Kombucha Builds a Culture of Good Health

For ages, people have been making kombucha, a fermented, lightly carbonated black or green tea beverage. Information varies on exactly when and where kombucha originated, but today the drink is enjoying the spotlight as a refreshing probiotic health drink. Tapuat (pronounced tah-pw-aht) Brewing Co. in Sister Bay, Wis., has been making kombucha since 2008 had has enjoyed success as people seek healthy alternatives to soda and sugary drinks.


03/1/18    Natural Awakenings
Outpost Natural Foods: Healthy People, Healthy Communities

For Outpost Natural Foods, supporting local, sustainable farmers and small food producers has been a core value since the co-op’s beginning in 1970. Today, Outpost has four store locations plus the Market Café at Aurora Sinai Hospital, and the Learning and Event Center at the Wellness Commons. Now over 22,000 owners strong, Outpost is a testament to society’s shift toward healthy food awareness. Lisa Malmarowski, director of brand and store development, shares how the co-op continues to be a leader in Milwaukee’s good food renaissance while meeting today’s tastes and busy lifestyles.


02/5/18    Biz Times Milwaukee
Brothers launch health drink startup

A Shorewood-based startup established in March, SUR Natural Health Brands LLC, has released a new line of health drinks called ZYN.

The beverages contain curcumin and piperine, which founders Qasim and Asim Khan say have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Curcumin is found in turmeric and piperine helps the body absorb the ingredient, the company says.

ZYN drinks come in four flavors: lemon ginger, mango lychee, mixed berry and pomegranate cranberry. Made with all-natural ingredients, each drink has 20 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 200 milligrams of curcumin.

The beverages are sold in 16-ounce bottles on the company’s website and at...Outpost Natural Foods... The company also has plans to sell the drinks in corporate cafeterias and elsewhere in the Midwest.


01/22/18    Biz Times Milwaukee
Gorilly Goods to expand production with addition of Supernola

Organic snack manufacturer Gorilly Goods is set to expand production at its headquarters in Jackson, in Washington County.

A Gorilly Goods fruit and nut cluster.

The company has agreed to be acquired by newly formed health-focused snack holding company Evolve Brands LLC. As part of the deal, expected to close in February for an undisclosed price, Evolve would also acquire Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based Supernola and consolidate both companies’ operations in Jackson.

Gorilly Goods, launched by Stephen and Chris McDiarmid in 2012, makes a line of raw, on-the-go snacks that come in both savory and sweet flavors. Among the non-GMO ingredients are fruits, nuts, seeds and greens. The products are distributed in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, and in a few other stores nationally. Locally, they’re sold at Outpost Natural Foods, Sendik’s and Woodman’s stores.

01/17/18    Shepherd Express
Best of Milwaukee 2017 Winners: Retail Food & Drink

Outpost Natural Foods wins GROCERY—NATURAL FOODS / ORGANIC PRODUCE SECTION and is a runner up in multiple categories.

01/15/18    Milwaukee Record
Milwaukee Record Presents Local Coverage

After months of planning, the night is almost upon us! Friday night, historic Turner Hall Ballroom will play host to Milwaukee Record’s fourth annual Local Coverage benefit concert. Over the course of the event’s short history, the show has grown into a larger venue with more acts taking their material to increasingly interesting places. We’ve written about the our favorite show of the year before, but if you’re still in the dark about it, here’s everything you need to know about Local Coverage 2018.


01/8/18    GM Today
A different kind of cold brew

Waukesha native Johnny Ferrell was about to start a new venture – a coconut-based non-dairy creamer – when he decided to see what kind of preservation effect coconut oil might have on coffee beans.

He made a bit of a mess in his kitchen, but right away he knew he had landed on something incredible.

“The smell was just amazing,” he recalled Friday. “It had this underlying savory flavor, but with reduced bitterness.”

Flash forward a year and half later to today, and Ferrell is busily building a growing retail coffee business focused on a “paleo” cold brew coffee that uses a flavorless coconut oil to preserve the richness and freshness of the brew, and a growing line of cold brew coffees infused with the flavors of whiskey, cognac and tequila.


12/27/17    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Better Angels: With a joke and a song - Tosa's singing cashier

Business gets busy just before lunchtime at the Outpost Natural Foods store in Wauwatosa, where, in checkout lane two, the register is manned by the incomparable Les Ambrosh, former courier to Madonna, Carol Channing, Teri Garr, Weird Al Yankovic and Milli Vanilli.


12/7/17    Biz Times Milwaukee
Green Vets WI plans to take over Growing Power’s closed headquarters

Growing Power, an urban agriculture nonprofit organization that has operated on Milwaukee’s north side for more than 20 years, has shuttered its doors amid financial issues, but a new organization plans to retain its mission and move into its headquarters on Silver Spring Drive. Plans are underway for Green Veterans, a nonprofit organization that recently launched a Wisconsin chapter, to purchase Growing Power’s facility at 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., where it would open an urban farm school, co-op for small farmers and trauma resolution center.


12/7/17    Fox 6 Real Milwaukee
Outpost Makers Market - A look at the natural items you can find

Real Milwaukee's Brian Kramp spent the morning at Outpost Natural Foods -- Wellness Commons for their weekly Outpost Makers Market. Buy direct from the vendor, stock up on locally made, artisan products from these great community businesses.


11/21/17    Climate Collaborative
Case Study Series: Plugging Into Renewables

Outpost has focused a large portion of their climate change efforts on boosting access to and use of renewable power, including 1) supporting regional renewable energy infrastructure, 2) installing solar panel arrays, and 3) establishing Solar Solutions—a group buy program offered to Outpost customers which secures bulk-rate solar panel installations for their homes. Check out the summary of Outpost’s efforts to date below and read on to learn how they did it!


09/26/17    CBS58
Outpost Natural Foods owners issuing call to action

In the wake of catastrophic hurricanes, one of the worst forest fire seasons in US history, and local concern about drought, Outpost Natural Foods is getting the word out about its commitment to the community and sustaining the food supply.

As it has for years, Outpost continues to find ways to reduce the co-op's carbon footprint and work with co-op owners and the community to do the same.

CBS58 news anchor Michele McCormack interviews Outpost sustainability manager, Jessy Servi Ortiz and Outpost director of community relations, Margaret Mittelstadt.


08/14/17    mkeinfocus.com
Milwaukee Talks Green

“The partnership works perfectly because we get to engage the community and broaden our reach by working together.”  That’s Jessy Ortiz, Outpost’s Sustainability Manager talking about how she and Anastasia Kraft created Milwaukee Talks Green. Jessy and Ana started this group this past January because they wanted to inform our community about sustainability.  The group meets roughly once a month to host events with guest speakers, tour local facilities, clean up rivers and more.  “The whole idea of MKE Talks Green is to educate our community so people will know more and can make better decisions in their everyday life,” explains Ana Kraft.




07/20/17    OnMilwaukee.com
A local love story: Afro Fusion Cuisine partnerships beget growth

It's been five years since Afro Fusion Cuisine launched its first products, a line of African and Jamaican seasoning blends. Since that time, the Wauwatosa-based company has expanded its offerings to include a variety of ready-to-use sauces (including South African Tropical Mango Chutney, Mama Deacon Jamaican Jerk Sauce, West African Peanut Sauce, Piri Piri Pepper Sauce and Yassa Caramelized Onion Sauce), as well as fresh sausages in flavors like Ethiopian Berbere, Jamaican Jerk, Nigerian Suya and Tunisian Merguez.

But owner Yollande Deacon doesn't take the credit for her success. In fact, she says the foundations for her growth have been built on loyal customers and solid local partnerships, including particularly successful collaborations with Hometown Sausage Kitchen and Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative.


07/13/17    Shepherd Express
Milwaukee Farmers Union Nurtures Urban Growers

With urban farming growing in popularity in Milwaukee, about a dozen commercial urban farmers have joined together to form the Milwaukee Farmers Union. Founded in 2014, the group is seeking ways to make urban farming more efficient, sustainable and profitable. This year, Groundwork Milwaukee became the lead stakeholder, with Outpost Natural Foods hosting and sponsoring the group.

“The purpose of the Milwaukee Farmers Union is to remove barriers for urban farmers and any small local farmer that wants support to help grow their business,” says Nick DeMarsh, food system developer at Groundwork Milwaukee.

07/11/17    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - You Asked For It
Outpost Natural Foods Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Dianna C., Wauwatosa, requested the recipe for an orange-flavored cupcake at Outpost Natural Foods Co-op.

She wrote: “Outpost has some of the best bakery around. Any chance I can get the recipe for their orange-flavored cupcakes? They are topped with orange-flavored buttercream.”

Leslie Peterson, director of food services for Outpost, sent the recipe, which is called Orange Creamsicle cupcakes. She wrote: “We rotate the cupcake flavors in and out. Any cupcake flavor (and we also do vegan and gluten-free cupcakes) can be ordered at any time, if a customer needs a dozen or more. We do rotate in flavors when customers ask for them.


05/13/17    Milwaukee Independent
Outpost Natural Foods Wins Sustainability Award

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op was named a Sustainability Star by National Co+op Grocers (NCG) for excellence in sustainability efforts. The award recognizes food co-ops that demonstrate outstanding leadership by making a positive impact on social, environmental and local economic issues.

Outpost Sustainability Manager Jessy Servi Ortiz heads up the co-op’s green initiatives. “Outpost exists so co-op owners have a healthy, diverse and sustainability community; doing the right thing for the environment and our community has been a part of our DNA since the 1970s.” In 2012 Outpost deepened the commitment by tracking metrics in 11 key areas across the business and just published a “highlight” report noting their key impacts since this reporting began.



04/14/17    spoonuniversity.co
50 Thinks to Eat in Milwaukee Before You Die

Celebrate 414 MKE Day with some of these local faves. And, by golly, see where Outpost is mentioned! Hurrah!



03/14/17    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - You Asked For It
Outpost Natural Foods Garlic Soup

Shirley Hoerig, Mequon, requested the recipe for a creamy spinach and garlic soup she had at Outpost Natural Foods, 7590 W. Mequon Road, Mequon.

Leslie Peterson, director of food services at Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative, which is headquartered at 205 W. Highland Ave., sent the recipe.



12/12/16    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Wisconsin companies honored as "Green Masters"

The greenest companies in Wisconsin this year are a varied mix, from large manufacturers and multinationals to small consulting firms and even a laser tag and game center on Milwaukee's south side.

Thirty-five companies have been honored as "Green Masters" by scoring in the top tier among Wisconsin companies participating in a green certification program.

12/8/16    USA Today
Wisconsin companies honored as "Green Masters"

The greenest companies in Wisconsin this year are a varied mix, from large manufacturers and multinationals to small consulting firms and even a laser tag and game center on Milwaukee's south side.

Thirty-five companies have been honored as "Green Masters" by scoring in the top tier among Wisconsin companies participating in a green certification program.

The companies represent those scoring in the top 20% among the more than more than 160 companies that applied to the program, coordinated by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.




10/5/16    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Learning center to replace Outpost North Ave. store

Outpost Natural Foods is closing its small pilot grocery store on Milwaukee's north side and replacing it with a learning center that will provide healthy food demonstrations and other activities.

The store, part of the Innovations and Wellness Commons development, 1615-1617 W. North Ave., will close at the end of business on Saturday, Outpost announced.

That space will become The Outpost Natural Foods Learning Center, which will open in November. The learning center will host health and wellness activities such as food demonstrations, yoga and tai chi.


07/19/16    OnMilwaukee.com
Outpost Natural Foods launches "Milk Money" program

Outpost Natural Foods has launched Milk Money, a pay-it-forward program providing nutritious and wholesome milk to local families. Outpost shoppers can purchase a voucher for a gallon of milk at the check-out register at any local Outpost location. These vouchers are delivered to Hunger Task Force and distributed to local food pantries nearest to each Outpost store location.

07/1/16    Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel
Fork. Spoon. Life.: The Juice Kitchen's JoAnne Sabir hopes to heal a neighborhoo

Driven by a desire to build better communities, JoAnne Sabir starts with health. For her, that begins in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood where she and her husband, Maanaan, have opened The Juice Kitchen at 1617 W. North Ave., inside the Wellness Commons development with Outpost and Walnut Way (the latter founded by her mother, Sharon Adams).


02/24/16    News Graphic/GM Today
It's good being green

The Mequon Outpost Natural Foods Co-Op store has received a LEED Silver Certification in Building Design & Construction from the U.S. Building Council. The Mequon store, 7590 W. Mequon Road, opened in May 2014.

Mequon City Administrator William Jones recognized Outpost during the Feb. 9 Common Council meeting.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is a building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building and strategies.

Outpost applied for 61 credits out of a possible 100 and received a final score of 51.

02/23/16    Mequon NOW
Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon earns 'green' certification

For Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon, a commitment to sustainability is built on a firm foundation — literally. The Lannon stone home that formerly occupied the store was repurposed in the construction of the co-op, which opened in May 2014.

Two years later, conservation efforts like those are being recognized, as the store was recently awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification in Building Design and Construction from the United States Green Building Council.

02/18/16    OnMilwaukee.com
Milwaukeeans donate $79,000 through Outpost Buy-A-Bag program

Thanks to the generosity of Milwaukeeans, a whopping $160,000 in grocery items from the Outpost Natural Foods 2015 Holiday Buy-A-Bag Program will be delivered this winter to Hunger Task Force.



10/31/15    Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
Residents, city officials celebrate Innovations and Wellness Commons opening

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. held a grand opening Friday for its Innovations and Wellness Commons, which brings four organizations to Lindsay Heights to promote healthy living. Nearly 100 residents attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which featured remarks by city officials, including Mayor Tom Barrett, and free samples. Later, Walnut Way workers led tours of the Commons, which houses Outpost Natural Foods, The Juice Kitchen, Fondy Food Center and Milwaukee Center for Independence.

10/30/15    Fox 6 - WITI
Food hub on MKE's North Ave. dedicate to healthier community

MILWAUKEE -- The opening of a new store is the final cornerstone in a project devoted to a healthier community. And it's hoped the hub spurs economic growth as well.

On a block of North Avenue, nestled between 16th and 17th Streets, a food hub is sprouting.

"A community activity that changes our odds. It's important because it brings food and work and health and wellness to our community," said Sharon Adams, co-founder of Walnut Way Conservation.

10/30/15    WUWM
Walnut Way Incubator Strives to Boost Business, Nurture Neighbors

A low-income neighborhood on Milwaukee's near north side turns a corner Friday. Residents and planners are celebrating the grand opening of the Innovation and Wellness Commons in Lindsay Heights.

Activists have implemented numerous improvements in the area in recent years. But the Commons is their first commercial venture.

10/21/15    Today's TMJ4
New organic food market is welcome change to north side community

MILWAUKEE - The store is called Outpost, but a more appropriate name could be "Oasis."

Outpost Natural Foods recently opened its newest location at the corner of 16th St. and North Avenue (across from Jake's Deli). The store features organic produce and other natural foods, as well as vitamins and mineral supplements.

It's a far cry from the surrounding options of fast food and common grocery stores that stock shelves with processed foods and produce with pesticides.

"Can't always afford Whole Foods," neighbor Francesca Dawson tells TODAY'S TMJ4. "That's just like a luxury."

Outpost managers promise the prices will remain affordable and match all other Outpost locations across the area. The store will soon be capable of accepting EBT cards and WIC certificates.

10/20/15    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Outpost store, juice bar to be part of Walnut Way's North Avenue development

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. has long worked to improve the collective health of its central city neighborhood through projects such as planting community gardens, transforming a vacant lot into a small park and offering yoga classes.

Now, the nonprofit group is completing its first venture into commercial development: a small Outpost Natural Foods store, juice bar and commercial kitchen on Milwaukee's north side.

The new Outpost store anchors a renovated and expanded 6,000-square-foot, two-story building at 1615-1617 W. North Ave. That building is the first phase of Walnut Way's project, known as Innovation and Wellness Commons.

10/14/15    BizTimes Milwaukee
Outpost opens in the Innovation & Wellness Commons

Outpost Natural Foods Co-op opened its fifth store Wednesday in the new Innovation & Wellness Commons on North Avenue in Milwaukee.

Innovation & Wellness Commons, 1617 W. North Ave. is currently in phase one of development. Outpost is the fourth tenant. The Milwaukee Center for Independence and Fondy Food Center have already opened, the Juice Kitchen will open Oct. 30.


09/28/15    Milwaukee Magazine
Innovations & Wellness Commons: Agents of Change

It’s a beautiful sunny day in July, and folks gather at the corner of North 14th Street and West North Avenue, all dressed up for the dedication of Sunshine Park, a small pocket park in the Walnut Way neighborhood. Hostas, shrubs and three plum trees have been planted, and a winding path and large rocks fit for sitting have been installed, creating a small retreat from the noisy traffic that whizzes by on North Avenue.

[NOTE - limited story access w/o subscription to MKE Magazine]


06/8/15    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Companies try to help their employees think about their health

This effort isn’t just happening at Helwig Carbon. There has been a city-wide movement of 44 local companies who added or evolved their health and wellness programs to their company culture and because of it, Milwaukee is now nationally recognized for a large number of businesses with wellness programs.

It all started three years ago, when a program called Well City Milwaukee – a campaign run by the YMCA and four other organizations - teamed up with 44 local businesses that collectively represent a workforce of 130,000 employees. Well City Milwaukee provided healthy practices guidelines for businesses. In exchange, it surveyed the employees to find out what their health needs and risks were and what activities they found interesting. Well City then set a very high bar for companies to meet a lot of expectations to be considered a top wellness program.



03/24/15    Triple Pundit
Interview: Jessy Servi, Outpost Natural Foods Co-op

Embedding sustainability into any organization is often easier said than done. But when the organization has been founded on principals that are in keeping with sustainability, it’s an easier conversation to have.  The co-op model is a business structure that by its nature supports the long-term thinking that is key to sustainability. I was curious to know more about how it works and how it’s related to the triple bottom line.

03/10/15    Small Business Times Milwaukee
State of the City address

"We are fortunate to have so many dedicated partners who believe in Milwaukee and in building strong, safe and healthy neighborhoods.

"One of these partners is Journey House. Last October, we sold Journey House a foreclosed six-unit property on S. 23rd Street. After rehabilitation, the building will provide housing for youth who are aging out of foster care. Journey House will invest more than $140,000 to make repairs. Funding for the renovation is being provided through a loan and grant from Milwaukee County.
Thank you County Executive Chris Abele and the Milwaukee County Board.

"In January, I helped Sharon and Larry Adams of Walnut Way break ground on the Innovation and Wellness Commons at 16th and North. The first phase of the project will include the Milwaukee Center for Independence, a community business cooperative and a branch of Outpost Natural Foods."

03/5/15    WUWM News
Young Shorewood entrepreneur returns to Sustainability Summit

His original model is a modest globe-shaped container. “That is just called the normal air plant Green Earth Terrarium,” Cole says.

It led to new versions, including a hanging one that has three different kinds of moss with one air plant.

Last month, he branched out into succulents – plants that don’t require much watering. The 16-year-old says he’s responding to demand.

“Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for succulents because people want more of an actual planted, rooted terrarium, instead of just an air plant sitting on moss,” Cole says.

Cole has also started selling his terrariums to the Outpost Coop on Capitol Drive. He still can’t believe it.


02/18/15    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
From rock band T-shirts, couple fashion a growing business

Orchard Street supplies screen-printed shirts and other apparel to dozens of area restaurants, bars and other businesses, as well as nonprofit groups staging festivals and fundraising events.

"Local businesses love to support other local businesses," Julie Teska said. "So we get a lot of customers that way."

It also helps that Orchard Street Press does good work.

Other customers include Beans & Barley, Comet Cafe, La Perla and Outpost Natural Foods, along with Council for the Spanish Speaking, Urban Ecology Center and other community groups, and locally based bands such as Field Report and Altos.



01/27/15    Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
The Commons improves prognosis for Lindsay Heights revitalization

“I think it’s going to bring back a sense of pride,” West said when asked what the Commons will mean to the community. Personally, she is looking forward to better access to healthy food.

The groundbreaking marks an important milestone for the Lindsay Heights community. When complete, a major catalytic project identified in the 2008 Lindsay Heights Quality of Life Plan will be realized.

01/26/15    EPA
Greenpower Partnership Top 30 Retailers

The Top 30 Retail list represents the largest green power users among retail partners within the Green Power Partnership. The combined green power usage of these organizations amounts to more than 3.6 billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of more than 346,000 average American homes each year.

01/23/15    WUWM News
A sign of commercial revitalization in Milwaukee's Walnut Way neighborhood

"When businesses and social assets close, so did opportunity, jobs vanished and the social fiber of this neighborhood unraveled," she says. "Odds of finding work, owning a business diminished. However, the odds of owning a business are changing again."

The ambitious project has attracted public and private financial partners. Construction on phase one is slated to begin soon, and to be completed late in 2015.

Sharon Adams says its will create more than 20 jobs, and the building will contain a commercial kitchen for people who want to create products from neighborhood gardens and bee hives. Outpost Foods will also occupy a small space, along with a juice bar restaurant.

01/22/15    gmtoday
State provides funds for Innovation & Wellness Commons

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation awarded a $413,750 grant to the city of Milwaukee to help finance a redevelopment project called Innovations & Wellness Commons, which is being coordinated by the Walnut Way Conservation Group.

The grant was announced Thursday at a groundbreaking attended by Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett at the future home of the Commons on West North Avenue in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood.

According to the announcement, the Innovations & Wellness Commons is a two-phased redevelopment that will serve as a hub for economic development, healthy food options, wellness services and training programs for Lindsay Heights and surrounding neighborhoods.

01/22/15    Fox 6 Now
“Full of services and opportunity” in the central city: State-of-the-art wellnes

“It will go from blighted and abandoned, to beautiful sustainable features,” said Sharon Adams, Co-founder of Walnut Way Conservation Corp.

The project’s development is being led by Sharon Adams, and the folks with the Walnut Way Conservation Corp., a Milwaukee non-profit.

“Our partnering tenants are Outpost Natural Foods, The Juice Kitchen, Milwaukee Center for Independence is placing, designing — we’ll have a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and Fondy Food Center,” said Adams.

Adams explains ultimately the different entities will rely upon each other to create a neighborhood which grows, sells and consumes its own healthy food while educating and encouraging residents to make positive moves.

“You have chosen a valuable place to live. You have chosen a place to live that is full of services and opportunity,” said Adams.

01/22/15    CBS 58 News
Big redevelopment underway on Milwaukee's north side

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch stood together in Milwaukee's central city to announce a redevelopment.  A new Innovation & Wellness Center is taking two lots, one vacant and another with a vacant building and creating a meeting spot.  It'll include a spot where people can go buy fresh food from local retailers, while also helping local producers. 

Phase one will include renovation of an existing building that's vacant. There will be an Outpost Natural Foods store, the Juice Kitchen, along with a commercial kitchen providing meals and training in food service.

01/21/15    Milwaukee Business Journal
Outpost pop-up store in Lindsay Heights to open in summer

A vacant Lindsay Heights building being renovated into a pop-up store for Outpost Natural Foods, a start-up juice bar and job training is expected to open this summer under a project led by Walnut Way Conservation Corp. and Fix Development.

The project includes two phases, the second of which includes a construction of a roughly 10,000-square-foot building at West North Avenue and North 16th Street where Outpost would run a grocery, said Juli Kaufmann, president of Fix Development LLC of Milwaukee. The first phase will renovate an existing neighboring building for multiple food-related and nonprofit uses.


01/15/15    WI DNR News
From Wisconsin waters to your plate: DNR announces fishing for dinner initiative

People who have never fished have the opportunity to learn basic fishing skills, find fishable waters near their home and prepare their catch for the dinner table, as part of the Fishing for Dinner Initiative. The Department of Natural Resources is cosponsoring a five session community education class with the Urban Ecology Center, UW-Extension, Hunger Task Force, Outpost Natural Foods and Sea Grant Institute.


12/16/14    Milwaukee Business Journal
Outpost Natural Foods Co-op to open Lindsay Heights store in 2015

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative will locate its first 'pop-up' store in Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood, a space designed to help an underserved area access healthy foods.

The store will be located between North 16th and 17th streets on West North Avenue, at the new Innovation and Wellness Commons, the Milwaukee natural and organic grocery chain said in a press release.


12/16/14    OnMilwaukee.com
Downtown Kitchen welcomes Holey Moley and a number of local partners

Downtown Kitchen, operated by The Bartolotta Restaurants, opened in the U.S. Bank Center in September. The space, which serves the 4500 tenants of the building, as well as the general public, offers a warm, urban environment to enjoy breakfast, lunch or grab-and-go snacks.

Breakfast and lunch items include a wide variety of items including sushi, salads, deli-style and artisan sandwiches and entrees, including world-inspired cuisine and pasta. A large salad bar offers customers the opportunity to build their own salads, or partake in four or five different hot soups.

Offerings from other local partners include Valentine Coffee, Hissho Sushi, Outpost Natural Foods, Rocket Baby Bakery, Indulgence Chocolate, Sprecher and Milwaukee Pretzel Company.


12/9/14    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
North side development would include Outpost store

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative would be among the tenants in a new commercial development planned for Milwaukee's north side.

The project, known as Innovation and Wellness Commons, has two planned phases, with the first stage to convert a 5,500-square-foot, two-story building, with a planned 500-square-foot addition, at 1615-1617 W. North Ave. into a juice bar, commercial kitchen and a small Outpost store, said Sharon Adams, director of programs at Walnut Way Conservation Corp., which is leading the development.


11/11/14    Co-op Stronger Together
Co-op addresses hunger for the holidays and beyond

It was 1999 and members of the Outpost Natural Market staff had been filling bags of food with holiday fare. “Buy A Bag” was a brand new program; shoppers at the Milwaukee co-op were invited to contribute $20, which the co-op would match and then use to put together bags filled with green beans, potatoes, apples, canned pumpkin and other items—the makings of holiday meals for families in need.

And then it snowed.

- See more at: http://strongertogether.coop/voices-from-the-field/co-op-addresses-hunger-for-the-holidays-and-beyond/#sthash.RMnq8ZIT.dpuf

11/4/14    Express Milwaukee
InBiz Celebrates Community Spirit

Outpost wins first InBiz Green Guru award!

"The heart and soul of a local economy can be just as valuable as growth and profits. 'There are people who go into business, for example, to improve the local environment or help to revitalize a particular neighborhood,' Fortis continued. 'There are quirky independent businesses that give our city its character. That’s what we’re here to celebrate.'"


11/3/14    Bay View Compass
Outpost donates $20,000

Outpost Natural Foods announced that it donated $20,000 to the City of Milwaukee Office of Sustainability’s “HOME GR/OWN Milwaukee” program. The money is earmarked for neighborhood initiatives that transform vacant or abandoned city lots and spark economic development and entrepreneurship that supports local, healthy food production. - See more at: http://bayviewcompass.com/outpost-donates-20000/#sthash.J53jqJEW.dpuf

11/1/14    Milwaukee Magazine
A Natural Order - Feature Story

Pam Mehnert doesn’t do things half-heartedly. In her 20s, she committed herself to meaningful work, something that “allowed me to walk my talk.” She’s been Outpost’s general manager for 27 years, helping make it one of the five largest retail food co-operatives in the U.S.
Mehnert’s office is in Outpost’s Downtown headquarters, inside an old exposed-brick-and-ductwork building overlooking the Milwaukee River, and it’s filled with food-related memorabilia: framed grocery store ads, cracker tins, colored glass bottles. Mehnert is known for maintaining a relaxed demeanor and dresses comfortably; her blonde hair is cut short at ear length, and she favors blue jeans, sneakers and T-shirts. Most days, she looks like she’s ready to pitch in on the grocery store floor, which she sometimes does.
Mehnert’s involvement with Outpost goes far back, although not to the co-op’s beginnings. Outpost began as the Kane Street Food Co-op in April 1970, founded by anti-establishment activists looking for a way to buy foods they considered wholesome.


10/15/14    Fox 6 Now
Promoting healthy eating: Outpost donates $20K to HOME GR/OWN Milwaukee program

Outpost Natural Foods, a consumer-owned co-op of over 20,500 individuals in the metro Milwaukee area, has granted the city of Milwaukee Office of Sustainability’s “HOME GR/OWN Milwaukee” with a check for $20,000 to be earmarked for neighborhood initiatives that transforms vacant or abandoned city lots and spark economic development and entrepreneurship around local, healthy food production.


08/27/14    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Eat local offers doable challenge with no ice

Not into the ice bucket challenge? There's another option.

This one comes with no potential for brain freeze, no required posting on Facebook, no rules, even. Just two weeks of consciously trying to focus your diet as close to home as possible.

This is the 7th year for Milwaukee's Eat Local Challenge, scheduled for Sept. 1 to 15. For two weeks, diners in southeastern Wisconsin are asked, at the basic level, to practice "mindful eating." READ MORE

08/21/14    WI Clean Cities
Outpost recognized for its WI Smart Fleet initiatives

"Wisconsin Clean Cities is excited to offer fleets the opportunity to participate in the WSF program," said Lorrie Lisek, WCC Executive Director. "We look forward to continuing our partnership with fleets throughout Wisconsin and assisting them in the implementation of alternative fuels and technologies, bringing us one step closer to reducing our nation's dependence on petroleum-based fuels and cleaner air for everyone."  READ MORE


07/30/14    Green Retail Decisions
87 Retailers Make EPA Top Green Power Partnership List

The Green Power Partnership tracks companies that use electricity from clean and renewable sources. Kohl’s, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Staples and Starbucks rank highest on the Top Retailer list ranked by the most annual green power usage in terms of total kilowatt hours. However, when measuring green power as a percentage of a retailer’s total electricity use, MOM’s Organic Market in Rockville, Md., ranks the highest with its green power totaling 215 percent of its total power use, followed by Whole Foods Market and The North Face at 107 percent, Staples at 106 percent and Kohl’s Department Stores at 105 percent.

In addition to MOM’s, Whole Foods, North Face, Staples and Kohl’s, five other retailers achieved Leadership Club designation with 100 percent of green power, including Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Metcalfe’s Markets, Outpost Natural Foods, REI and Wheatsville Food Co-op.


06/4/14    Shepherd Express
Outpost Natural Foods Adds A New Store

The Outpost has always been a bastion of healthy, green living long before it was trendy. Once staffed by volunteers and lofty dreams, the Outpost has grown a lot since its humble 1970s origin as a simple food co-op. Today the Outpost brand has evolved into two cafés and a thriving chain of four stores, including a new venue in Mequon (7590 W. Mequon Road). The Outpost’s popularity has been fueled by its ability to remain true to its ideals of “wholesome living” and sustainability. This commitment, while demonstrated throughout Outpost’s growth, has never been more obvious than at the new Mequon store, which opened May 12. Click HERE for more on this story from ExpressMilwaukee.com.




05/13/14    WUWM - Lake Effect
Thought Outpost was green before? New store makes super strides in sustainabilit

In the loading dock, store receiver Ryan Miracle and manager Tom Knueppel are admiring their new, gigantic green baler. They’re too excited to be quite certain who picks up the baled cardboard boxes after their contents have been removed and displayed on the store’s shelves.

Inside the store, where everything seems to gleam, Luis Santiago is giving café tables another once over. He’s brand new to the Outpost team – and seems excited to join the kitchen staff.

“It’s a brand new job for me and I’ve never worked in a kitchen. This is my final day of training,” Santiago says.

05/12/14    Ozaukee Magazine
Marketplace Monday: Outpost in Mequon

Local, organic, community, sustainable and cooperative may seem like the latest buzz words, but Outpost has been embracing all of those concepts since their start in 1970 on East Kane Street in Milwaukee.  Now, 44 years, three stores, two cafes, and over 18,000 owners later, they’re bringing it to Oz.




04/30/14    Fox 6 | WITI
Outpost moving into new community

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative will open its fourth store on May 12th in Mequon. The store on Mequon Road will include a stone hearth pizza oven, local beer, fruit and nut orchards, gardens, a charging station for hybrid vehicles and an outdoor pavilion. The store will create about 80 jobs.

CLICK HERE for more on this story via the Milwaukee Business Journal.



03/19/14    Real Milwaukee | Fox 6 | WITI
Make a healthy burger with ingredients from Outpost

Outpost's nutritionist, Judy Mayer, helps Chip make a better burger - using ground turkey!

03/13/14    Urban Milwaukee
City Business: Outpost Natural Foods

Outpost Natural Foods will be 44 years old in April. It opened in 1970 when a small group of food lovers and idealists created the Kane Place Food Co-op, located near the corner of N. Humboldt Ave. and E .Kane Pl.. That original building is no longer there, and the co-op soon relocated to Riverwest, first in a facility on E. Clarke Street and later to Locust Street, eventually settling on the Outpost name.


01/7/14    WI Smart Fleet Press Release
Outpost one of 29 businesses in initial WI Smart Fleet

The Wisconsin State Energy Office (SEO) and Wisconsin Clean Cities (WCC) announced the official launch of the Wisconsin Smart Fleet program and website, www.wismartfleet.org, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014.

The Wisconsin Smart Fleet program provides fleets with a planning tool and outlines different options to help Wisconsin fleets meet their internal economic goals while reducing their carbon footprint. The Wisconsin Smart Fleet program is initially inducting fleets with three or more vehicles.



12/17/13    Business Journal of Milwaukee
Outpost extends stock sale after raising a quarter of its goal

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative has extended its deadline to buy private stock to April 30 after raising about a quarter of its goal, general manager Pam Mehnert said.

The Milwaukee-based cooperative is selling the stock to help finance its fourth store in Mequon. It hopes to raise $750,000, but it has only raised about $190,000 so far, she said. Read more.


11/14/13    Local First Milwaukee
LFM encourages consumers to pledge and shop local

Local First Milwaukee, an independent business alliance, is urging consumers to “Shift Your Shopping this Holiday - Pledge to Shop Local”. The pledge asks consumers to shift at least 10% more of their shopping from chains to local independent businesses. The group hopes to spread awareness of the benefits of supporting local retailers, artisans, and restaurants. "Making the shift to local is one of the fastest ways to build strong local economies, create jobs, and a build more vibrant community,” said Nancy Quinn, Managing Director of Local First MIlwaukee.

Outpost is a proud member and founding organization of Local First Milwaukee.


08/19/13    Business Journal of Milwaukee
Serving up pay raises at Outpost Natural Foods

Milwaukee-based Outpost is giving raises to its current unionized employees, about 80 percent of its staff, of 70 cents an hour on average starting Aug. 25, according to a news release issued Monday. Starting wages will increase $1 an hour.


08/19/13    Small Business Times
Outpost to boost wages for employees

Moving forward with its 2022 Vision plan, Outpost Natural Foods Co-op today released phase-one of its forward-looking strategy with a new overall increased wage structure for union employees.

The change will increase all existing union employee's wages by an average of 70 cents per hour, and new starting wages will increase $1 per hour for all classifications over the previous wage structure.



07/24/13    Huff Post: Food Informants
A Week In The Life Of Jay Gilbertson & Ken Seguine, Hay River Pumpkin Seed Oil

3:00pm: Outpost Natural Foods Capitol Drive location. We had set up a demo (sampling) for our pumpkin seed oil. It is fun to meet people, we always sell product for our retailers and get to introduce the American public to this treat. Common in Austria, where they are the world’s largest producers and consumers, we are proud to sell, “America’s first pumpkin seed oil™”. Generally it is most people’s first taste of the rich, nutty and unique flavor.


07/23/13    Wauwatosa NOW
Shopping for health foods at Tosa's Outpost store

I'm sitting down to a dinner of free-range chicken enchiladas. They taste restaurant quality and I didn't even fill up on chips and salsa first.


The Mexican dish — made by Brookfield–based Cocina DeLeon — was part of my purchase during my first time shopping at Outpost Natural Foods. Outpost has been on my list of places I've planned to check out for a long time. An effort to eat healthier finally got me through the doors of the State Street store.



05/20/13    Business Journal of Milwaukee
Outpost Natural Foods plans July start, 80 jobs for Mequon store

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative has closed on the purchase of a site in Mequon for its fourth store location, expected to create 80 jobs, and is aiming for a July start to construction.

05/20/13    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Mequon Outpost Natural Foods set to open by summer 2014

A new Outpost Natural Foods supermarket planned for Mequon is scheduled to open by summer 2014, after the Common Council this week approved city financing assistance for the project.


02/15/13    Milwaukee news media outlets
Outpost to open Market Cafe in Healthy Lifestyles Village in Brown Deer

Fox 6 Now North Side


The Milwaukee Business Journal



Small Business Times


Fox 6 Now - Business Journal Report


01/25/13    Today's TMJ4/620 WTMJ Newsradio
Hiring Our Heroes

It's not easy to get a job these days, but the task can be especially difficult for veterans. That's why we've helped in an effort called ''Hiring Our Heroes.'' Learn more about the story behind the effort.

01/16/13    Mequon Now
Outpost Wins Zoning Change from Mequon Plan Commission

Mequon - Outpost Natural Foods is one step closer to moving into Mequon.

The Planning Commission on Monday voted to recommend zoning changes to the Common Council that will allow for the proposed grocery co-op to build on a lot at the northeast corner of Mequon and Wauwatosa roads.


11/16/12    Local First Milwaukee
Local First Milwaukee launches new website

Local First Milwaukee, a membership alliance committed to supporting local, independent businesses and organizations, recently launched a new website – www.localfirstmilwaukee.com – creating a hub of local retailers, restaurants, service providers and more.

Visitors to the site can be certain that all business and organizations listed are truly local, and if they choose to support them, more of their money will stay in the local economy. [A recent study showed] if Milwaukee consumers shift 10% of their shopping and dining from national chains to local businesses, they would create $311 million in new economic activity in our local economy. A summary of the study can be read here.

The economic study and new website were supported by a $20,000 grant to the organization from founding member Outpost Natural Foods. Byte Studios, a Local First member, designed and developed the site.

11/12/12    Business Journal
Outpost plans to open Mequon store

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative plans to open its fourth store in late spring 2014, in Mequon, the company said Monday in a news release.

Outpost has secured nearly 2 acres at the northeast corner of Mequon Road and Wauwatosa Road for a 16,000-square-foot store, pending city approval, the release said.


06/19/12    Gourmet Retailer
Outpost Natural Foods Opens Cafe

Outpost Natural Foods opened a 225-square-foot Outpost Market Café last month. The kiosk is located in the main lobby at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee.

It is the first of its kind for the co-op, which has been serving the metro Milwaukee community since 1970.

Outpost’s Market Café offers a variety of signature made-from-scratch Outpost prepared food items including bakery, sandwiches, soups, salads and entrees. The kiosk also offers hot coffee and tea, juices, a limited selection of fresh and non-perishable staple grocery items like milk and dairy, eggs, produce, bread, bulk items, convenient center aisle foods and bagged coffee. As with Outpost’s three full-service grocery stores, many of these items will come from Wisconsin growers and producers.


05/22/12    BizTimes
Outpost opens cafe at Aurora Sinai

Outpost Natural Foods has opened a new Outpost Market Café at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in downtown Milwaukee.

The 225-square-foot Outpost kiosk is located in the main lobby of the hospital near patient registration. It is the first of its kind for the co-op, which has been serving the metro Milwaukee community since 1970.

05/22/12    jsonline.com
Outpost cafe-market opens in Aurora Sinai

Healthful foods in a health care setting: The Outpost Market Cafe opened Monday in the main lobby of Aurora Sinai Medical Center, 945 N. 12th St., a joint venture between the hospital and the Outpost Natural Foods grocery co-op.


01/30/12    BizTimes
Outpost to open retail kiosk at Aurora Sinai

Milwaukee-based Outpost Natural Foods, one of the largest natural foods cooperatives in the United States, announces that it will open a new 225 square foot retail space in the lobby at Aurora Sinai Medical Center at 945 N. 12th St., Milwaukee.


11/24/11    Fox Point Bayside Patch.com
Small Businesses Hope for Busy Holiday Season

In southeastern Wisconsin, 192 small businesses are members of Local First Milwaukee, a coalition that promotes shopping local for the economic, environmental and social effects on a community.

“We’re not saying it’s wrong to buy things at a chain store. It just means so much more when you buy it locally,” Local First Milwaukee President Pam Mehnert said. “That money stays in Milwaukee and creates jobs here.”

11/15/11    OnMilwaukee.com
Outpost grants $55,000 to local organizations

Outpost Natural Foods recently granted $55,000 to local organizations, including a $30K grant to Walnut Way Conservation Corp.

11/13/11    OnMilwaukee.com
Regional products redefine "local" foods

Outpost Natural Foods started carrying Ray's Polish Fire just within the last two months.

In the middle of 2010, Outpost also started carrying Crapola granola. Crapola is a cranberry apple granola blend. A second flavor, called "Number Two," will be available at Outpost soon and Crapola's next flavor, which is purportedly top secret, is due out in summer 2012.

11/4/11    The Business Journal
Group promoting local firms rolls out new name, logo

The organization formerly known as Our Milwaukee believes a new name and logo will better reflect the group’s mission of promoting local, independent businesses in the Milwaukee area.

11/1/11    Natural Awakenings
Outpost Natural Foods - Community Owned and Community Supported

A lot was happening in our country - and in Milwaukee - in 1970. Specifically, it was a time of great unrest for our farms and our food. Big business was pushing out the family farmers, and the use of agricultural chemicals was becoming more common on our fields and in our food.


02/22/11    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Outpost manager Pam Mehnert enduring full year of no convenience food

For 12 months - 365 long days - the general manager of Outpost Natural Foods Co-op vowed to make everything (or nearly everything) she ate from scratch and chronicle her experiences in a blog of the same name.

02/9/11    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Outpost's sales, profits and memberships shoot up

"People are coming home."

That's how Outpost Board of Directors Treasurer Terry Rindt sums up a report on the coop's increase in sales in an interview with the Journal Sentinel's Doris Hajewski.


01/14/11    The Business Journal
Outpost plans remodel of Wauwatosa store

Outpost is planning a major remodel of its Wauwatosa store, a company official said today.


09/7/10    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Top-notch takeout

 Outpost's café offerings get the spotlight.
09/1/10    ExpressMilwaukee.com
Milwaukee's Eat Local Challenge

With a recall of a half a billion factory produced salmonella-tainted eggs in the headlines, Milwaukee's Eat Local Challenge couldn't arrive at a better time.


08/31/10    JSOnline
Outpost magazine comes to an end

08/25/10    Fox6Now.com
Eat Local Milwaukee Challenge

08/25/10    WISN.com
Egg Recall Boosts Sales for Local Farmers

08/24/10    Natural Foods Merchandiser
Outpost Natural Foods Co-op keeps promotions fresh

08/20/10    Bay View Compass
Outpost Natural Foods says their eggs are not part of the Wright County recall


04/1/09    BayviewCompass.com
Outpost organic bulk pistachios are good to eat!


03/24/09    Fox6Now.com
Outpost featured for commitment to local products

03/24/09    Fox6Now.com
Outpost provides produce for Wisconsin Humane Society's Wildlife Di


02/16/09    JSOnline
More green fills Outpost's till


10/9/08    JSOnline
Outpost is noted for its progressive sick leave policy


05/18/08    Credit Union Magazine
Taking a closer look at the partnership between Outpost and Brewery CU.


04/28/08    Milwaukee Biz Blog
Outpost has "Influential Authenticity"... cool!


12/7/07    WUWM's Lake Effect
GM Pam Mehnert, Outpost's and WUWM's Jane Hampden discuss Our Milwaukee


11/30/07    The Business Journal
Pam Mehnert, Outpost's general manager discusses Our Milwaukee

11/1/07    Vital Source
Tug of War: Milwaukee Merchants in the Pull to Keep it Local


08/29/07    Journal Sentinel Online
Midwest co-ops join in flood recovery efforts

08/29/07    WUWM's Lake Effect
GM Pam Mehnert talks about the flood relief fund sponsored by Midwest co-ops


04/7/07    Journal Sentinel Online
Local businesses band together


03/26/07    Journal Sentinel Online
Facing super-sized competition, local food co-op predic


11/23/06    WUWM's Lake Effect
A discussion of the changing face of Milwaukee's grocery market.

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