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Environmental Responsibility

At Outpost, we understand the need to care for the Earth and to fulfill our responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations. It’s more than any single program or initiative, it’s part of our vision, and it’s demonstrated in numerous ways large and small.

Outpost among nation's Green Power Partners

The EPA's Top 30 Retail list represents the largest green power users among retail partners within the Green Power Partnership. The combined green power usage represents billions of kilowatt hours, avoiding annual CO2 emissions that would equal the electric use of hundreds of thousands of American homes. Read the complete list HERE.

56 kW in solar panels now soaking it up

On Friday, December 11, 2015 our 56kW solar panel array officially came to life! We Energies 'threw the switch' so-to-speak and commissioned the system. While you can't see the panels from the street due to city zoning requirements, we did have a drone's eye view. Come fly with us HERE!

MMSD recognizes Outpost as "Green Luminary" 

Clean Energy

Outpost offsets our energy with clean energy credits sourced in Wisconsin by RePowerNOW.

We now offset our energy with RePowerNow, a Wisconsin Green Energy program which sources energy credits from Wisconsin independently-owned generators of clean energy.

In 2014, our customers filled their own containers with 99,157 gallons of fresh, filtered water. That’s 793,256 16-ounce bottles of water and over 33,000 cases! That’s a lot of plastic waste diverted!

Conserve Resources

Water is a necessity for life, but plastic bottles are a scourge of modern life. Using our in-store water machines has saved a lot of plastic bottles.

Go Organic

We always have! Clean, unadulterated, wholesome foods; you may be surprised at how much we offer.

Our commitment to organics means providing shoppers with a variety of organically grown products. In 2014, organic growers and producers supplied nearly 90% of produce, 83% of bulk foods, and almost half of dairy and packaged grocery items.

Even though there are no requirements to recycle cardboard or compost, we think it’s the right thing to do. In 2014 we recycled 297 TONS of cardboard and composted over 141 TONS of food waste. Keeping all that organic material out of the landfill and putting it to a higher use.

Reduce Waste

As a grocer we get a LOT of cardboard in and we produce food waste. Thankfully we RECYCLE all that cardboard in bales and compost our pre-consumer food waste, keeping these things out of the landfill.

Green Design

We are committed to using "green" design and environmentally safe materials in our stores whenever possible.

Our State Street and Mequon stores we designed for efficiency, sustainability and to be comfortable for employees and shoppers. Both stores use natural light; CFL & LED lights; recycled rubber flooring; and reclaimed heating from our refrigeration systems. Our Mequon store goes a step further by having rain gardens, porous pavement and rainwater catchment!

In 2014, 83% of our local vendors come from within 100 miles of our four locations. Of all the food we sold, 29% of it came from local and regional vendors.

Buy Local

We believe food tastes better when it's grown close to home!

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Our Pledge!
We've pledged to eliminate single-use petroleum-based plastics by 2022. Read about it!
Sustainability Report
We belong to the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Read our annual report here.
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