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Welcome to Our Neighborhood

At Outpost, we define our community through the eyes of our owners, community partners, local producers and suppliers, as well as in how we give back to help strengthen our community. Through the vital connections, Outpost hopes to engender the trust of our patrons and build lasting healthy, diverse, and sustainable for future for all. 

Local vendors and suppliers

That’s right, our buyers are on a first name basis with many of the folks who produce our food. We’ve been building these local relationships for decades and we treasure them. Come meet some of our local heroes.

Local Partnerships

They say you can tell a lot about a person, or business, by the company they keep. That's why we strive to hang with only those organizations that we think feel the same way we do about the world.

Charitable Giving

Outpost works to help build our community through sponsorships, food donations and grass-root partnerships. It’s simple really, when you help. You get back a lot more than you give.


It is part of our cooperative spirit to support our community in many different ways. In addition to our community partnerships and initiatives, Outpost contributes to a host of local non-profit organizations throughout the year.

Sustainability Report
We belong to the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Read our annual report here.
co-op stronger together
Outpost is part of an international movement. Learn all about cooperatives now.