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Springdale Farm

Miles to Market - 53 Located W7065 Silver Spring Lane Plymouth WI 53073

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Springdale Farm

Peter and Bernadette Seely began farming at Springdale Farm in 1988 with a few tools, a few hundred dollars, 75 subscribers, an 8-month-old baby, and a tremendous amount of energy and passion for growing beautiful, chemical- and pesticide-free produce.

And now after 25 years they've expanded to 750 subscribers, 13 greenhouses, 5 children, and a sustained enthusiasm for tending the earth and producing nourishing food.

During the last half century agriculture has become ‘addicted’ to chemicals, fossil fuels, and soil-depleting practices, all of which threaten our health, our future generations, and our ecosystems.

Fortunately, there are both old-fashioned and cutting edge practices that we utilize to insure the long-term preservation, and natural fertility, of the soil, allow-ing us to totally avoid the use of chemical inputs that most farms have come to rely on. Such practices include cover cropping, interseeding, mulching, crop rotating and adding compost, minerals and microbial inoculants. 

To learn more about how to naturally enhance the health of our soil and plants we also conduct many on-farm trials and experiments, research that conventional agribusiness and government agencies neglect in favor of research in biotechnology and chemical inputs. 

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