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Our Partners in Quality - Health, Beauty & Household

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Looking for the path to health or just a little personal pampering? Local products that will delight your senses or sooth your soul can be found right here at the co-op, made by some of the craftiest folks we know!

Look for the local-regional signs in our aisles to find more local treasures just like these!

Alive & Vibrant

Miles to Market - 3

“In the beginning, when I got the diagnoses, I think I did what everybody else does. I sat down and had a good cry.” It was the news Pat Molter and her husband, Elden, never wanted to hear.

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Alquimia Holistica

Miles to Market - 3

While most people caught up on their favorite TV shows during the height of the pandemic Yaneth Cerda-Rios was turning her passion for plants into a new line of holistic body care products.

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American Provenance

Miles to Market - 108

Why do body care products have to contain so many chemicals? That’s what former high school science teacher Kyle LaFond asked when he couldn’t help but notice the overpowering scent of personal care products in the hallways of his school. 

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Burmeister Ginseng

Miles to Market - 186

Michael Burmeister’s family has been growing ginseng in Wisconsin for over 100 years. In fact, Michael’s great-grandfather, Julius, learned how to take wild seeds and cultivate them in the shade from his neighbors, the Fromm brothers, who were the first successful ginseng growers in the U.S. 

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Cream City Soaps and Candles

Miles to Market - 10

fresher since 1997 when soap-maker Anita Hero discovered she had a knack for combining scents into soapsfresher since 1997 when soap-maker Anita Hero discovered she had a knack for combining scents into soaps.

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Europharma, Inc.

Miles to Market - 111

Terry Lemerond’s interest in nutrition began many years ago. He was overweight, unpopular and out of shape. A teenager with a serious junk food addiction, he started learning about nutrition. It completely changed his life ...

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Four Elements Organic Herbals

Miles to Market - 124

Jane Hawley Stevens’ dream is to connect people to the healing power of herbs. She owns Four Elements Organic Herbals, a 130-acre herb farm surrounded by 9,000 acres of preserved land in Baraboo, Wis. 

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Frontier Natural Products Coop

Miles to Market - 264

It all started in a cabin along the Cedar River in Eastern Iowa. Frontier started as a two-person operation, but has grown steadily to become a major supplier in the natural products industry

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Halo Soaps

Miles to Market - 2

We have Brad Pitt to thank for Halo Soap. 

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Meliora K

Miles to Market - 92
Meliora K

Cleaning products are notorious for hidden ingredients, but husband and wife team Kate Jakubas and Mike Mayer thought they could make them differently. 

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Rebel Green

Miles to Market - 19

It’s a dirty little secret that most of us would rather not think about.

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Rishi Tea

Miles to Market - 3

In 1997, Joshua Kaiser realized that the traditional, handcrafted teas he grew so fond of while traveling through Asia were rarely available elsewhere. Joshua believed North American consumers would embrace artisan tea as they did single origin coffee and fine varietal wine, if they could get it at reasonable prices.

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Sunrise Showers Soaps

Miles to Market - 26

Sonia and Glenn Culbertson have been selling soap and body care products since 1999.  Sonia grew up in Brazil watching her mother make soap and initially took up soap making as a hobby. Encouraged by friends and relatives who liked their products, the couple started Sunrise Showers Soap Co. and sold their products at farmers’ markets, craft fairs, and festivals. 

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Tera's Whey

Miles to Market - 132

Whey has come a long … way, since that spider came along and scared poor Miss Moffett. Most Wisconsinites know curds, but they might not be as familiar with their overlooked cousin, whey. Well, it’s a byproduct that, in the hands of someone like Tera Johnson, becomes a valuable nutritional supplement. 

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*Our Miles to Market distances are calculated to our Administrative offices downtown, which are central to our four store locations.
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