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Our Partners in Quality - Eggs & Dairy

Happy Cows Make Better Milk, Happy Chickens Make Better Eggs. Here at Outpost, the humane treatment of animals is a top priority. Our egg & dairy department offers local milk, yogurt, butter, and eggs from family farms where animals are raised in accordance with nature. Outpost offers a wide selection of antibiotic and hormone-free dairy options, and we feature a variety of local and regional products at the best prices possible. You’ll taste the difference when you try our local and organic butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and milk from some of our favorite farms in Wisconsin.

Dairy-Free Options
Outpost staff is well-informed about your food allergies and special dietary needs. Stop in and see our huge selection of lactose-free, soy, and rice products. We know that the origins of your food are important to you, and we’re proud to feature Organic Valley soy products, made from beans grown right here in the Midwest.

Look for the local-regional signs in our aisles to find more local treasures just like these!

Blakesville Creamery

Miles to Market - 33

Twelve hundred goats. A sleek new state-of-the-art dairy. Upgraded barns. New employees. A huge investment in the future and then…Covid shut down the world. 

“We got the keys to this place the last week of March 2020,” artisan cheesemaker Veronica Pedraza tells me with a chuckle. She can laugh about it now but, at the time, there was nothing funny about it. “I was set to make my first batch of cheese the first week of April when the Department of Agriculture told me they were suspending inspections and licensing while the Stay-at-Home order was in place. So, here I was ready to make cheese, but I couldn’t.”

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Clover Meadows

Miles to Market - 237

“Do unto cows as you would have others do unto you, if you were a cow.” That’s the motto at Clover Meadows Family Farm. 

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Crystal Ball Farms

Miles to Market - 331
Crystal Ball Farms

Troy DeRosier grew up on a dairy farm. Farming’s all he ever wanted to do. Troy and his wife, Barbara, run Crystal Ball Farms in Osceola, a small village on the banks of the St. Croix River in northwestern Wisconsin ... 

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Kalona SuperNatural

Miles to Market - 288

There's something special about Kalona SuperNatural dairy products. The name says it all. These dairy products are as close to their natural state as possible ...

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Milo's Poultry Farms

Miles to Market - 136

As Milo Bontrager sees it, chickens are a lot like people: every one is unique. Milo keeps a watchful eye over his flocks as they roam around outside on his organic farms in northeast Wisconsin ...

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New Century Farm

Miles to Market - 140
New Century Farm

Dean Dickel didn't set out to be an egg farmer. Years ago, he was growing conventional grains in Iowa, when something funny started to happen ...

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Organic Valley

Miles to Market - 175

It began in the late 1980s, when a small group of farmers in southwest Wisconsin came up with an idea to create a cooperative and confront that decade’s farm crisis head on.

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Sassy Cow Creamery

Miles to Market - 80

James Baerwolf and his brother, Rob, learned the dairying business growing up on the dairy farm their parents operated north of Madison. The brothers are farming land their grandfather started farming in the mid-1940s

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Yuppie Hill Poultry

Miles to Market - 42

It all started with a couple of hens. Lynn Lein’s children brought them home and the family built a fancy coop for the hens. It was finished inside and had curtains, so it would look nice. Lein’s children are now grown and Yuppie Hill Poultry, her farm in rural Walworth County, continues to grow. 

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*Our Miles to Market distances are calculated to our Administrative offices downtown, which are central to our four store locations.
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