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Milo's Poultry Farms

Miles to Market - 136 Located N3873 Valley Road Bonduel, WI 54107

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Milo's Poultry Farms

As Milo Bontrager sees it, chickens are a lot like people: every one is unique. Milo keeps a watchful eye over his flocks as they roam around outside on his organic farms in northeast Wisconsin. Some chickens are full of energy. Some are lazy. Some are bold and bossy, while others are shy.

The chickens aren’t the only ones that are unique. The eggs they lay are, too. Milo knows that the hen that throws her weight around and eats more feed tends to lay an egg with a richer colored yolk.

The timid ones lay eggs with yolks that are a tad paler. Milo lets his hens spend as much time outside as possible. Fresh air and sunshine also help to produce richer eggs, he said.

At Milo’s Poultry Farms, you can’t judge an egg by the color of its shell. It’s what’s inside that counts. The quality, size, color and taste of the egg will vary with the seasons, the weather, the personality and age of the chickens. “All of my hens are fed the same, so the color of the shell has nothing to do with the quality inside,” Milo said.

You’ll find eggs from Milo’s Poultry Farms at your favorite Outpost.

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