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Our Partners in Quality - Meat & Seafood

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From Wisconsin grass-grazed beef to happy mid-western chickens, our local know-how is nothing to cluck at! If you want the freshest all natural local meat and seafood available, our departments are a convenient one-stop shop for the quality products you’re looking for. Unlike other area grocers, we keep the health of our customers, the health of the habitat and the well being of livestock in mind when choosing and selling our products. Don't forget to try the tastiest sausage in town, hand-made by Outpost's butchers!

Look for the local-regional signs in our aisles to find more local treasures just like these!

Beeler's Pork

Miles to Market - 481

Not all pork is created equal.

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Ferndale Market Turkeys

Miles to Market - 318

Nearly 70 years ago, Dale Peterson started raising turkeys on his farm in Cannon Falls. Minn. His wife, Fern, was an avid environmentalist and believed we all have a role to play in preserving our earth.

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Kellner Back Acre Garden

Miles to Market - 100
Kellner Back Acre Garden

The henhouse at Kellner Back Acre Garden in Denmark, Wisconsin is a cacophony of noises, smells and sights. If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with a couple thousand prancing, clucking, pecking chickens the constant buzz veers between the enjoyable and the ridiculous so much that you can’t help but smile. It’s a fowl harmony that farmer Nancy Kellner has heard since she was a child and has come to love. “We’ve always had chickens, but small, maybe like fifty to a hundred and then we’d just sell eggs off the farm and then it just grew from there.”

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Larry Schultz Organic Farm

Miles to Market - 321

Larry Schultz comes from a long line of organic farmers. Before there was an organic label, Larry’s parents, Alvin and Helen Schultz, chose not to use chemicals on the family farm outside of Owatonna, MN. 

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Ma Baensch

Miles to Market - 8

We’ve reeled in a Midwest classic! 

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Niman Ranch

Miles to Market -

Until a few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to raise livestock in crowded factory settings. Unfortunately, this has become a common practice. In the early 1970s, as the agricultural landscape started changing, Niman Ranch’s family ranchers started raising cattle using traditional, humane husbandry methods and giving them wholesome, all-natural feeds.

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Northstar Bison

Miles to Market - 306

At Northstar Bison in Rice Lake, Wis., Lee and Mary Graese are good stewards. Their bison live as they would in the wild, grazing on native grasses. But Northstar sells more than bison meat. 

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Miles to Market - 159

Nowadays, the word Nueske’s means one thing: bacon. At least, that’s the way it seems around Wisconsin. Sure, the family company sells more than bacon, a lot more. But if you mention the name, a lot of people will think you’re talking about what could be Nueske’s most popular product. 

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Outpost's Own Meat Department

Miles to Market - 0
Outpost's Own Meat Department

What do you expect to find at a meat counter at the grocery store? Well, at Outpost, you’ll find nothing less than the freshest and highest quality meat and seafood. 

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Rushing Waters Trout

Miles to Market - 40

Rushing Waters, an 80-acre fish farm, located in Palmyra, in Jefferson County, is about an hour’s drive from Milwaukee ideally located, surrounded on three sides by Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest. Aside from the area’s geological significance, it provides Rushing Waters with an abundance of natural spring water, creating ideal conditions for fish farming.

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Wisconsin Meadows Beef

Miles to Market - 47

Want all natural beef that’s locally raised on a 100-percent grass diet, then Wisconsin Meadows is what you’re looking for. It’s the trade name of beef produced by members of the Wisconsin Grass-fed Beef Cooperative.

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*Our Miles to Market distances are calculated to our Administrative offices downtown, which are central to our four store locations.
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