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Niman Ranch

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Niman Ranch


Until a few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to raise livestock in crowded factory settings.

Unfortunately, this has become a common practice. In the early 1970s, as the agricultural landscape started changing, Niman Ranch’s family ranchers started raising cattle using traditional, humane husbandry methods and giving them wholesome, all-natural feeds.

Beginning on an 11-acre ranch in a small coastal town just north of San Francisco, Niman Ranch Angus beef became a favorite in local grocery stores and at San Francisco Bay area restaurants. Niman Ranch has since grown to support the largest network of independent U.S. family farmers and ranchers — 700 and growing — that raise beef, pork and lamb.

Niman Ranch believes that family-owned operations have a greater stake in their livestock and their land. All Niman Ranch livestock are humanely raised according to the strictest animal handling protocols.

All Niman Angus cattle are born and raised on family-owned U.S. ranches located primarily in the upper Midwest. Cattle are provided with ample grazing room, where they are raised on pasture and then finished on grain.

Their superior breeding, low stress environment and high-quality, 100-percent vegetarian diet, contribute to the rich marbling and delicate flavor that is characteristic of Niman Ranch beef. At Outpost, we’re excited and proud to offer Niman Ranch beef to our shoppers.

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