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Outpost's Own Meat Department

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Outpost's Own Meat Department

What do you expect to find at a meat counter at the grocery store? Well, at Outpost, you’ll find nothing less than the freshest and highest quality meat and seafood.

Our staff brings in an excellent selection of local and regional meat daily as well as a daily seafood selection that is always fresh.

From Wisconsin grass-grazed beef to happy Midwestern chickens, our local know-how is nothing to cluck at. If you want the freshest all-natural, local meat and seafood available, our meat departments are a convenient one-stop shop for the quality products you’re looking for.

Unlike other area grocers, we keep the health of our customers, the health of the habitat and the well being of livestock in mind when choosing and selling our products. But we don’t stop there. At Outpost, the staff in our meat departments work with each and ever customer to give them the best shopping experience possible.

Southeastern Wisconsin's BEST Sausage!

A friend once said, “It ain’t bragging if it it’s true!" We make our sausages from scratch in small batches, by hand, at each of our store locations. We use our best all-natural meat; grind it in house; add all-natural seasonings; then hand fill each natural casing. We never add fillers, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, preservatives, or nitrates. This ensures a truly special, delicious Old World-flavored wurst that’s simply better than the rest.

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