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We're your headquarters for local & organic produce! 

Visit our 'year-round farmers market' with its selection of abundant, gorgeously displayed organic, natural and local items that are hard to find elsewhere! Simply put, our produce will blow you away! Our buyers scour the Midwest seeking the freshest fruits and vegetables available and are on a first name basis with many of the farmers who grow the foods we sell. Download a copy of our handy Seasonal Produce Chart.

Evergreen Lane Organic Farm

Miles to Market - 30
Evergreen Lane Organic Farm

Matt Gall’s family has been growing potatoes since they got off the boat from Germany and staked out a piece of land for themselves. Matt and his family still farm that land, just outside of Saukville, Wis.

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Olden Organics

Miles to Market - 85

Ten years ago if you’d heard the word “spiralizer” you’d have thought it was a dizzying new roller-coaster at Six Flags. Today, you know it as that kitchen contraption that turns your zucchini into “zoodles” and your squashes into, well, noodles (only zucchini gets the cool name I guess). Basically it turns just about any vegetable into a raw, super healthy, delicious veggie “noodle” if you’ve got the time, patience and inclination. If you don’t have these things—Olden Organics in Ripon has you covered.

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LotFotL Community Farm

Miles to Market - 53

LotFotL is an acronym, standing for Living off the Fat of the Land. On the farm, as in life, everything depends on something else. To live off the fat of the land is to live harmoniously as a member of a greater community,

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