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Better Living Without Clutter?

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By Your Board on March 19, 2014

Recently, we did some much needed household cleaning. It wasn’t the dirt or grime that we were after; we do pretty well in that category. It was the seemingly endless presence of household clutter that made our lives a mess!


Let me explain. Our two daughters (ages five and three) have received countless toys from meaningful relatives. Okay, I admit that Santa Claus and loving parents are in on this conspiracy too but that is another blog. Anyway, there must be some sort of statute that demands each of these toys comes with no less than ten accessories. In addition, each toy has many friends and they too have their own versions of a full wardrobe, pony to ride, or other add-on that is a must have to enjoy any given toy.

We initially tried better organization. It worked well until they were all played with or dumped on the ground for no reason other than to hear a noise. We were losing the battle. Not because we didn’t try. It’s just that even though kids pick up their toys when done (reluctantly), and parents pick up toys when kids aren’t done (reluctantly), clutter will always be clutter. It can’t be hidden or dressed up nicely. It’s always there and seemingly so unnecessary.
So back to cleaning. We rounded up many a toy and put them in the donation box. Accessories were parted from their owners and since the overhaul our house is a much happier place. Everyone seems to have an easier time playing with toys and theoretically, picking them up.

This liberated household got me thinking, we feel equally good about clutter free food! If you are a foodie like me the ingredient list on the back of food packaging always looks better when it’s on the short side. As with toy clutter, anything with more than ten items seems so unnecessary. I had not made the correlation before but perhaps I enjoy every aspect of Outpost because it is so refreshingly clutter free.

Shopping at Outpost is simple. They have just enough variety to keep things interesting without having too many choices to cloud the isle. I know my shopping dollars go back to the community at a higher percentage rate when compared with other grocery stores. I know they pay their employees better, recycler more materials, and promote products from companies who do the same.

Clutter is more than things to pick up off the floor. It encompasses our carbon footprint, stress level, negative emotions, and personal health. By removing clutter from our lives we can and will be healthier individuals; both emotionally and physically. Can you think of anything else in our lives that feels better when it is clutter free? I would love to hear your comments. Reply to this post and let’s start a dialog!


– Doug Spencer


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