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In the “before times”, my wife and I liked to throw dinner parties in our garage. We dubbed our pop-up events Garage 54 and would invite a mash up of friends and acquaintances to join us. We loved to plan a menu and try out new recipes, usually around a theme. We explored Indian cuisine with the first one, and for another made homemade tortillas to complement a taco food truck theme. Sometimes we’d get real fancy and print up a menu. We always cleaned up the garage and yard and planned out décor and linens to match the menu.

Here’s the funny thing is, despite my love of cooking and parties, I’ve never really wanted to own a restaurant. Instead, I find joy in creating experiences for people. It took me years to realize that this is what motivated me in life and at work.

We’ve worked hard to impart a similar kind of joy in this summer issue. From a garden party to Summer Two Ways, we’ve worked to share simple recipes that move you quickly out of the kitchen and smack dab into the party.

Summer is sweet, delicious, and fleeting. I’m going to remember to slow down and enjoy the experience of it all and I hope you do as well. I may not be planning elaborate parties this year, but I guarantee you’ll find me on our porch sharing cold drinks, and snacks with the neighbors and friends who stop by. Who knows, they might even talk me into cleaning out the garage and firing up the grill for old times sake.   

Lisa Malmarowski

Director of brand & store development


In this issue:

GARDEN PARTY Cool recipes for hot temps

THE CO-OP DIFFERENCE Helping the hungry in our community

SCRATCH ICE CREAM From struggle to success

RECIPES ON A BUDGET Making the most of our co-op basics

and more!





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