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Dear readers,

Right after the ball drops in Times Square the ads begin as the world pushes us to keep our New Year resolutions. While clearing the clutter or sleeping more are common wishes; what we eat, when we eat, and how we eat becomes a top resolution for many. Collectively, Americans spend more than 60 billion dollars a year funding the diet industry. From books to plans and from apps to diet supplements, there are a lot of wishes to cash in on for the industrial diet complex.

Here at Outpost, we’ve been selling natural and organic foods for nearly 50 years. In our early days, when a small group of folks owned the co-op, we favored a “clean” way of eating that cut out additives and focused on primarily plant-based foods. We didn’t even sell coffee or chocolate back then because they weren’t “good for you.”  We were sure our way of eating was the right way and we shared our beliefs with anyone that would listen and believed we were telling it like it is.

But something funny happened along the way as we grew. As more people started shopping at the co-op and became owners, they began to ask their grocery store to carry the things they loved. While some wanted to eat primarily a vegetarian diet, they sometimes chose meat or seafood occasionally, and they wanted to know where those foods came from. So over time we came to understand that the act of eating is personal, cultural and social, and we found a way to stay true to our founding principles of offering wholesome, natural foods, free of additives and ideally organic. We left the “shoulds” behind to meet people where they are.

So, you won’t find big displays of the latest diet books or supplements in our stores. This magazine won’t be filled with low calorie recipes or those touting the latest diet plan, but instead, a variety of recipes that we hope will inspire. Here’s why – we trust you to make the right decisions for your health and happiness. We believe that food is first and foremost about culture and community. We believe that choosing local, natural and organic has more impact on one’s health and the health of our planet than any diet book could ever hope to achieve.

So, eat the chocolate*, or don’t – it’s all up to you.

Happy New Year!

Lisa Malmarowski

Director of brand & store development

*Check out our feature on how one of our favorite chocolates is produced on page 16.


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