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Owned by People of Color

With so many local vendors to choose from, our purchasers have identified all of the suppliers to Outpost that are owned by People of Color. Let's go shopping!


Location: Olympia, WA

Alaffia is on a mission to invest in a more equitable future by cultivating beauty, equality and empowerment. Since 2003, founders Olowo-n’djo Tchala and Prairie Rose Hyde have helped redefine the natural products industry with ethically sourced and traditionally crafted beauty products. Percentages of each sale from Alaffia’s fair trade products goes back to the people and villages who create them through building schools, environmental sustainability projects and more.


Chase My Creations

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Chloe Longmire's graphic designs are in your face and she's OK with that. "It gets the conversation started, and it gets people talking. Even if they're not talking to me, I'm sure they're going to go talk to someone else and be like 'guess what shirt I just saw,' and that's exactly what I want to happen," Find the design you want people to talk about at your local Outpost.

Dang Foods

Location: Berkeley, CA

As brothers living between NYC and Bangkok, Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn created Dang (named after their mother) to share uniquely Asian-American snacks with flavors and ingredients not commonly seen in the snack aisle. Try their famous original Coconut Chips or their Thai street snack-inspired Rice Chips all at your local Outpost.

DeLand Bakery

Location: DeLand, FL

Deland Bakery began as a small cafe-bakery run by Don Pablo and his wife in Florida. One of his clients gave him a small mill that could be used to prepare millet bread, and the result was met with so much enthusiasm that Don Pablo was quickly distributing to health food stores in the area.  In 1989 the business was sold to Alfredo Avila who expanded it into one of the best all-natural, gluten free breads around.

Divine Chocolate

Location: London, UK

Lovingly made with skillfully harvested cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of vibrant farmers in Ghana, Divine Chocolate is fair-trade chocolate and hot cocoa with a heart. The company is 20% owned by the cocoa farmers themselves so that the farmers receive a share of the profits as well as a stronger voice in the cocoa industry worldwide.

El Rey

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Family owned and operated El Rey has been supplying the city with foods from the south of the border since 1978. For their corn tortillas and tostadas, the corn is steeped in large cooking tanks and then ground with large stones. The recipe used is from Mexico, but the corn used comes from Wisconsin and Iowa. For a true taste of this Milwaukee mainstay try their authentic tortillas and tostadas found at Outpost.


Location: Geneva, IL

Daniel and Antonio Caballero started their company because some of the beloved Latin American foods from their childhood weren’t readily available.  Their goal was to introduce a bold new product line that would offer something authentic to people in the states.  In 2016 they launched with Fillo’s, the first name in premium sofrito beans. Valuing authenticity and convenience their beans are shelf-stable and ready-to-serve, and use only fresh vegetables, olive oil, beans, water and spices. 

Garden of Eden Kingdom Living

Location: Wauwatosa, WI

“Think bigger” is Karen Long’s motto. The driving force behind her Garden of Eden Kingdom Living products Karen does it all in her Wauwatosa kitchen. Stirring the pots and measuring the spices in her all-natural hot sauces, marinades and jams. She believes that the path to success is about letting mother nature’s natural flavors shine through in everything she creates.

Herbivorous Butcher

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Sister and brother duo Aubry and Kale Walch have spent the last several years perfecting The Herbivorous Butcher’s deliciously deceiving meat-free meats. Herbivorous Butcher brings you small-batch plant-based meats that are always fresh, flavorful, and protein-rich so you never feel like you’re sacrificing anything for healthy and ethical eating.

Kalyana Organics

Location: Dousman, WI

When Susie Roberts learned that her grandson couldn’t eat certain things, she focused on learning how to bake gluten-free organic treats he could eat. Kalyana, Sanskrit for "well-being" creates ready-baked goods and packaged mixes crafted from organic, gluten-free ingredients and only uses ingredients of integrity: organic coconut flour, organic sprouted grains, non-fumigated almond flour, organic arrowroot, Himalayan pink salt, gluten free baking powder, and unrefined sweeteners (if any), in all of their packaged mixes.


Location: Minneapolis, MN

KC Kye, Founder and CEO of K-Mama grew up eating his mother's homemade Korean cooking but realized how hard it was to find that same high-quality Korean food and sauces after he moved to Minnesota. After a lot of trial are error, KC was able to perfect his K-Mama Sauce. Initially sweet with a rich and buttery middle and a spicy burn at the end, K-Mama Sauce adds an authentic, delicious kick to appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees of any style.

La Perla

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Two generations have made the La Perla products the authentic way they are today. Made daily in their Minneapolis factory, La Perla uses only quality ingredients and traditional craftsmanship to bring you rich, authentic flavors. The La Perla family has never wavered from their process of producing products in small batches allowing them to create everything by hand sealing in the tradition and dedication along with the flavor.  

La Reyna

Location: Vinton, IA

A little taste of Mexico from Iowa. La Reyna is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Vinton, Iowa that has been serving up delicious dishes since 1991. It’s a family business supported by love. When the owners, Carlos and Carmen Legaspi, realized their tortilla chips were such big crowd pleasers they decided that getting them into as many mouths as possible would be a boon for business. You can now find their addictive tortilla chips at your favorite Outpost store. They’re a chip off the regional vendor block!

La Tortilla Factory

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Founders, Jose and Mary Tamayo, set out to bring authentic Mexican flavors to California in 1977. They discovered a forward thinking, culinary community of farmers and foodies that supported and fostered their mission; bringing better food to your table. They developed the first low carb tortilla, a flexible, gluten free tortilla, and an organic tortilla (way before organic was cool). Today they continue to find new ways to clean up their ingredients to make their products even tastier.

Lotus Foods

Location: Richmond, CA

Way back in 1995 Lotus Foods began importing heirloom rice varieties into the U.S. By promoting the production of traditional rice varieties, many of which may otherwise have become extinct, Lotus Foods enabled the small family rice farmer to earn a living. Lotus Foods is the only US-based company that seeks out small family rice farmers in developing countries and provides them a means of economic support by giving them access to a global and sustainable marketplace.

Maya Kaimal Indian Foods

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Maya Kaimal transforms the vibrancy of traditional Indian flavors into modern culinary experiences. Inspired by heirloom family recipes, every meal, sauce and rice is thoughtfully crafted for flavorful gatherings around any table. Maya personally oversees the creation and curation of her collection, using only the highest quality ingredients to perfectly shape each and every one of their offerings.

MKEing Coffee

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Bringing decades of coffee roasting expertise to every bag MKEing Coffee can offer responsibly sourced beans and uniquely crafted flavorful roasts. A large portion of their profits fund employment opportunities for high school students, the ex-incarcerated, or otherwise job-inhibited people who live in the Milwaukee area.

Mother In Law’s

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Mother-in-Law’s Gochujang is a funky, fermented chile paste which captures the authentic flavors of the Korean pantry. The unique taste of gochujang’s flavor profile comes from fermentation that brings out the taste of umami and moderate heat from the chili spice that many can enjoy. It can be used in a multitude of ways from cooking, dipping and as a marinade. 

Nubian Heritage

Location: Harlem, NY

Nubian Heritage got its start on the streets of Harlem. Richelieu Dennis and Nyema Tubman set out to bring the healing traditions of African Black Soap and Shea Butter to the community they loved. Short on experience but full of passion and determination, they mined their knowledge of authentic healing traditions to create natural skin and body treatments to share with the community. That was back in 1992, and they've held fast to that commitment every day since.

Tucson Tamales

Location: Tucson, AZ

Inspired by family recipes Sherry and Todd Martin transformed this ancient Latin tradition of homemade tamales with an eye on healthier and cleaner ingredients. Today, this husband and wife team continue to make award-winning tamales, spreading the joy one handmade tamale at a time. At Tucson Tamale’s, every single tamale is Certified Gluten-Free.

Siete Foods

Location: Austin, TX

When Siete Family co-founder Veronica Garza was younger she adopted a low-inflammation, grain-free diet, and her whole family chose to join her. But to enjoy the Tex-Mex traditions she loved she started making grain-free tortillas that were an immediate hit. Today you can try a wide variety of gran free, gluten free, dairy free, paleo products from Siete Foods at your favorite Outpost.

Singing Rooster Coffee

Location: Haiti

When you buy Singing Rooster Haitian coffee, you're directly supporting small producers in Haiti.  As a member of the Fair-Trade Federation Singing Rooster has built inroads to first world markets on behalf of farmers for over a decade while re-investing proceeds into building better businesses in Haiti.

Star Anise Foods

Location: San Francisco, CA

Star Anise Foods is a San Francisco-based, women-owned company that produces easy to make and eat Vietnamese meals by adhering to the industry’s “cleanest” ingredient list. All products are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified. Star Anise Foods focus on innovating authentic and popular Vietnamese dishes using whole ingredients.

That Salsa Lady

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Angela Moragne knows her veggies. She grows most of them in the garden behind her home on Milwaukee’s northside (she calls it the “hood ranch”) and then transforms them into some of the freshest salsas in Milwaukee. Try her addictive tortilla chips too!

Tia Paquita

Location: Port Washington, WI

Authentic Spanish chorizo from…Port Washington? Yes! When Juan Helmstedt emigrated to Wisconsin, he brought his aunt’s recipes with him so he could have a taste of home. His pork comes from Wisconsin but the paprika and spices all come from Spain to make one of the most authentic chorizos this side of the Atlantic.


Location: Yarmouth, ME

Born in Bangkok, Watcharee Limanon learned to cook traditional Thai meals at her mother’s side. After she moved to the states, she missed that taste of home so, in 2014, Watcharee began bottling her favorite Thai sauces made from traditional, all-natural ingredients and shared them with friends and family. They were an immediate hit which led her to selling her ready-to-go sauces with authentic flavors across the country.


Location: Shorewood, WI

Created by brothers Qasim and Asim Khan who recognized the healing effects of curcumin in their own family when relatives in their native Pakistan used a curcumin paste to help alleviate their father’s diabetic nerve pain, the brothers came back to the states and started experimenting with different curcumin formulas until they had their eureka moment with Zyn. Each refreshing bottle of Zyn contains 200 milligrams of curcumin and just two grams of natural sugars for a meager ten calories of thirst-quenching goodness.

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

Location: Milwaukee, WI

When TrueMan McGee started his own fitness business in 2012 he discovered that his clients needed healthier food options to help achieve their goals. Loving to cook, TrueMan started experimenting with his own unique versions of spring rolls by substituting the traditional cabbage, rice and carrots with his own unique ingredients. Soon, his handcrafted spring rolls outgrew his workout business and TrueMan began rolling his Funky Fresh Spring Rolls full time. 

Blossom Candle Co.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Creator Shiquita Mann started making candles in in her home after learning about the candle industry and toxic effects our everyday products can have in our home. The company was founded to create and share easy self-care products that sooth the mind, body, home and spirit. Each Blossom Candle Company’s clean burning, quality and eco- friendly candles are crafted by hand with love and intention, and designed (and scented) to enhance your own intentions, whether that is to clear your mind, to find your inner warrior, or to just breathe a little freer.

Soul Brew Kombucha

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Alesia Miller is a mother, vocalist, teacher, community advocate and now the Founder and CEO of Milwaukee’s first kombucha tea brewing company Soul Brew Kombucha.  She has a true passion for brewing and educating on the powerful benefits of Kombucha. As a conscientious brew mistress, using only the finest ingredients local she insists on the highest of quality.  Each brew is skillfully crafted in small batches to ensure its full bodied integrity in every sip.

A Dozen Cousins

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Ibraheem Basir grew up in a kitchen full of Caribbean, Creole and Latin American flavors. As he got older he found it difficult to find those healthy and authentic foods of his youth so he started A Dozen Cousins so that people would be able to enjoy authentic, cultural recipes made with only the best ingredients. Try some of these easy to heat and eat meals today!

Coconut Whisk

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Coconut Whisk is a mission-drive vegan and gluten-free food brand that helps busy families create healthy indulgences and positive kitchen experiences. Their baking mixes are easy-to-make, dietitian-approved, dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, non-GMO and made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. From pancakes to mug cakes to cookies, Coconut Whisk makes sure to create products that are better-for-you yet indulgent. 

At Peace Design

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Entrepreneur Pam McCreary believes that everyone should have inner peace, especially in today's time.  However, it's easier said than done. The At Peace brand wants to help you practice mindfulness and strive for inner peace by offering At Peace branded products like bright hoodies, protective masks, mugs, water bottles and more. Just remember, when times are tough, trust that everything will be okay.


Sharay's Ghana Style Brittle

Location: Appleton, WI

Yaw Asare (nickname Sharay) is the founder of Sharays Ghana Style Peanut Brittle. From a young age, he always had an intense love of peanut brittle or Nkati cake as they call it in his home country, Ghana, West Africa. Having tried enough peanut brittle to know what’s good (and what isn’t),Yaw set about bringing an authentic range of Ghana-style peanut brittle to the US.


Location: Austin, TX

When a group of three friends who grew up in Mexico eating chilaquiles, cooking tacos, and loving home cooking came to the United States they were disappointed with the options available for creating truly delicious Mexican meals at home. Together, they combined their Mexican heritage and years of experience in the food community to create ready-to-eat foods that honor Mexico’s rich culinary traditions.


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Established in 2017, Yolélé Foods is bringing fonio, an easy-to-cook, ancient African supergrain with three times the protein, fiber and iron of brown rice to the U.S. Delicate, gluten-free and nutrient-rich, fonio (pronounced phone-yo) has been grown and celebrated across West Africa for thousands of years and is recognized for its easy digestibility and low glycemic index. It is high in two essential amino acids that are deficient in most other major grains – barley, rice and wheat, to name a few.

Me & The Bees

Location: Austin, TX

Mikaila started her lemonade business at a stand out in front of her home, donating a percentage of the profits to local and international organizations fighting hard to save the honeybees. Her little idea from more than 10 years ago continues to grow and grow...by more than 500 percent since the company’s humble beginnings. Today, the award-winning, ready-to-drink Me & the Bees Lemonades are in five refreshing flavors and is buzzing off the shelves


Location: Austin, TX

As an avid snacker looking for healthier alternatives Asha Farswani decided to combine modern flavors with the superfoods from ancient India. She picked popped water lily seeds and combined it with distinct flavors ranging from Bombay Masala to Dark Chocolate creating AshaPops that tingle your taste buds while nourishing your body.



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