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Your Board

Join Us for a Celebration of Community and Cooperation: Outpost Natural Foods Annual Owners Meeting!

Board Beet
By Your Board on February 23, 2024

Dear Fellow Outpost Co-op Owners,

We’re thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for our upcoming Annual Meeting, a cornerstone event where community, cooperation, and celebration intersect! Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 3rd, at 1 p.m., and join us at the Enlightened Brewing Company for an afternoon of camaraderie and connection. 

As a cherished member of our co-op family, your presence at the Annual Meeting is not just welcomed; it’s essential. This gathering isn’t merely a formality—it’s a pivotal opportunity for you to exercise your rights as a co-op owner and fulfill your responsibility to stay informed about the cooperative that you proudly call your own.

But let’s make one thing clear: this event isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill meeting. Far from it! It’s a vibrant, interactive affair brimming with excitement and engagement. Picture it as a lively get-together where you can mingle with fellow owners, swap stories, and forge new friendships.

One highlight of the Annual Meeting is the chance to connect with the visionaries behind our co-op’s success. Meet the dedicated members of our board of directors, who steer the ship with wisdom and foresight, as well as our new and esteemed chief executive, the driving force behind turning our ends and vision into a reality. This is your chance to engage with the leadership team, ask questions, and gain insights into the future direction of Outpost Natural Foods.

But wait, there’s more! As always, the Annual Meeting offers an extra-special opportunity to get to know the passionate individuals vying for positions on our board of directors. These fellow owners are stepping up to the plate, eager to serve and represent your interests. Take the time to meet them, ask about their visions for the co-op, and make an informed decision when casting your vote.

And let’s not forget the fantastic venue hosting our gathering—Enlightened Brewing Company. Nestled in Bay View's historic Louis Allis building, this local gem is not just a brewery; it’s a hub of creativity and community. Immerse yourself in the welcoming ambiance, sample some craft brews, and savor the unique charm of this beloved establishment.

So, why should you attend the Outpost Natural Foods Annual Meeting? Because it’s more than just a meeting—it’s an affirmation of our shared values, a celebration of community, and a testament to the power of cooperation. Join us on March 3rd, and let’s continue to shape the future of our co-op together.

See you there!

Warm regards,

Rick Banks, Outpost Natural Foods Co-op Owner & Board Vice President


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