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Outpost's Board of Directors will use this blog to discuss issues the board is exploring as it envisions Outpost's future. Can't make it to a meeting? Check here frequently to read what the Board is up to. Your current Outpost Board of...
Your Board

Outpost’s Board Revises Ends Statement to Help Grow and Heal Our Community

Board Beet
By Your Board on July 23, 2020

When I ran for the board in 2018, I was motivated by my experiences working with children and families in Milwaukee that have been exposed to complex trauma, often involving systemic racism and historical trauma. I knew that food and mealtimes are a platform for building relationships and connection with others, especially within the home, and connections to other people is how resiliency is built and communities can heal. I also knew that Outpost is a leader in providing access to healing food and connections to people that care about Milwaukee. 

When I was elected to the board, I hoped to bring a new perspective on how Outpost could expand its role within an ecosystem of care that helps heal children, families, and the community. But what I did not know is how relevant this would be to my first year as Outpost’s Board President. As we endure a global pandemic and are seeing just how much our white supremacy culture has impacted every institution that exists in this country, we can look at the cooperative way to guide us in how we can work to recreate this narrative.

To do this, the board has committed to revising the Ends statement, otherwise known as the mission and vision of the cooperative. We understand that co-ops have the power to disrupt income inequality and create vibrant economies, and we recognize it is the board’s responsibility to ensure that this impact is shared across all Outpost owners. We are asking ourselves if an Ends statement that says “Outpost Natural Foods exists so that our owners have a healthy, diverse, and sustainable community” is still appropriate. Do we need to expand on this definition? Do we need to change it entirely? We are making thoughtful decisions alongside our General Manager, Pam Mehnert, to ensure that Outpost continues to thrive while working to grow and heal the community. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of revising the Outpost Natural Foods Ends statement. And as always, if you have any feedback or questions on this process, please contact that board at board@outpost.coop.


Jenny Keefe

Board President


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