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Your Board

A Heartfelt Letter to Outpost Owners During The World Pandemic

Board Beet
By Your Board on May 7, 2020

Dear Outpost Owners,

These are strange times. I started working from home in March and at first, as a confirmed introvert, I enjoyed the solitude of working at my dining room table. But as I begin my fifth (or is it my sixth?) week of sheltering at home, even I am starting to miss human contact. I’ve tried substituting with social media, but that doesn’t fill the void. It’s like binging on cake when really what your body craves is a big salad. I am lonely. 

You know what’s been my saving grace in this time of isolation? Outpost. I get human-to-human connections when I go grocery shopping. I’ve been practicing mindfulness as I try to stay aware of my immediate surroundings and practice social distancing. Each time I put on my mask I feel like I am saying to my fellow Outposties, “I don’t know if I have COVID-19 but I care enough about you that I don’t want you to get sick.” And when another shopper waits at the end of an aisle for me to pass through? That’s an act of caring.

I’ve been making it a point to say to the cashiers and shelf restockers, “Thank you for feeding me.” After all, they didn’t sign up for this and yet, they’re working harder than ever disinfecting freezer handles and wiping down shopping carts. They’re the ones keeping our community nourished.

So next time you’re at Outpost, please be mindful. See the humanity in each employee and shopper. Our mouths may be covered with masks, but we can still smile with our eyes.

Be well, be safe.

In Gratitude,

Young Kim

PS: April marked my last month as your Board President and the talented Jenny Keefe will be taking my spot. I have another year remaining in my term so I will be serving as Treasurer.



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