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Outpost's Board of Directors will use this blog to discuss issues the board is exploring as it envisions Outpost's future. Can't make it to a meeting? Check here frequently to read what the Board is up to. Your current Outpost Board of...
Your Board

Step Up for Your Co-Op: Running for the Board of Directors

Board Beet
By Your Board on November 9, 2017

The next few years will prove to be an important time for Outpost. Our local grocery dynamic is changing and the whole industry is in a moment of rapid change and increased competition. In order for Outpost to continue to provide great local food, community building, financial stability and environmental stewardship we need the next generation of leaders to step up.

If you are an Outpost Owner who loves everything that Outpost stands for you should consider taking part in this year’s board member election -- by running for the Outpost board yourself and/or being pro-active in electing new board members.

The Board of Directors provides oversight of the organization's management. They accomplish this through a series of methods including writing and reviewing policies, approving reports and assisting with goal setting. Most importantly, since the board is elected by Outpost owners, it is the voice of all owners and their interest in Outpost's success.

Board candidates must be at least 18 years of age, be an Outpost Owner in good standing and attend at least one board meeting before the end of January 2018 (to give candidates an understanding on board meeting dynamics). Once elected, expectations include a commitment of three years, about fifteen hours of time per month, attendance at monthly meetings and a willingness to learn about financial statements, the co-op business model and personal growth.

Current board members have a wide variety of backgrounds which include everything from law to public relations. They are a diverse group and if you think your skills and background would benefit Outpost now is the time to fill out an application. Applications can be found on the website. Click here for more info.

If the boardroom is not for you please vote in the upcoming election. The cooperative business model is strongest when owners vote for their favorite board candidates. Voting ensures that your interests are represented during board discussions and keeps our democracy in check.

- Outpost Nominations Committee


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