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Ed's Crock Pickles
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To make crock pickles you need a pickle crock! You can find pickle crocks at your neighborhood hardware store. Call first to make sure they are in stock.
makes 4 - 6 quarts


25 - 30 pickle-sized cucumbers

3 whole cloves garlic

10 - 15 dill heads and stems

10 - 15 red chile peppers, whole

1 gallon water

1 quart white vinegar

1 cup sugar

1 cup canning salt*

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  • I'm a dairy free recipe!
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  1. Layer the pickles, dill and garlic in a five-gallon pickle crock.
  2. Combine water, vinegar, sugar and salt in a large stock pot, heating over medium-high heat just long enough to dissolve sugar and salt. Add to the crock, covering the pickles, dill and garlic. It is important to keep pickls completely submerged. To ensure this, place a weighted plate inside the crock on top of the pickles. Cover crock opening with a lid or plastic wrap to keep out dust. Store out of the way at room temperature.
  3. After 3 days, taste a pickle. Don't over process. When ready, transfer to clean quart jars with some of the dill and garlic. Fill jars with brine up to 1/2 inch from top of jar. Keep in refrigerator. They will crisp in the fridge. Pickles can be kept for 2 months.

One pickle: 16 calories, og fat, 3.5g carbohydrates, .81g protein, 118mg sodium, 1.5g fiber

*Also known as pickling salt. It contains no anti-caking agents or iodine that can turn pickles dark. In fact, any pure salt that does nnot contain magnesium or iodine will work. Try Himalayan Pink Salt!

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