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Outpost's Board of Directors will use this blog to discuss issues the board is exploring as it envisions Outpost's future. Can't make it to a meeting? Check here frequently to read what the Board is up to. Your current Outpost Board of...
Your Board

Join the Journey: Become a Steward of Your Community as an Outpost Natural Foods Co-op Board Member

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By Your Board on December 13, 2023

Are you an Outpost owner who has a passion for community, sustainability, and cooperative values? Are you eager to play an active role in shaping the future of a beloved local institution? If so, consider stepping up to the plate and applying to become a member of the Outpost Natural Foods Co-op Board of Directors! 

Outpost's Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in steering the co-op's direction. Composed of dedicated individuals from our community, the board works to ensure that our co-op remains true to its values, responsive to member needs, and financially resilient.

Why Consider Joining the Board:

Community Impact: Board members have a direct impact on the community they serve. Through strategic decision-making, you'll help shape Outpost's role in promoting local businesses, sustainable practices, and community well-being.

Learn and Grow: Serving on the board is a continuous learning experience. Engage with diverse perspectives, gain insights into cooperative governance, and develop leadership skills that extend beyond the boardroom.

Contribute Your Skills: Your unique skills and experiences are valuable assets to the co-op. Whether you bring financial expertise, marketing savvy, or a passion for sustainable practices, your contributions will help support our cooperative’s vision.

Foster Connection: As a board member, you'll build connections with fellow community members, co-op staff, and local partners. It's an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that make Outpost a true community hub.

How to Apply:

Review Board Responsibilities: Familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of a board member. Understand the commitment involved and the positive impact you can make.

Reflect on Your Values: Consider how your values align with those of Outpost Natural Foods Co-op. Reflect on what you can bring to the table and how your unique perspective can enhance the cooperative community.

Submit Your Application: When you're ready, submit your application to become a board member. Showcase your passion for community, your commitment to cooperative principles, and the skills you bring to the table.

Becoming a member of the Outpost Natural Foods Co-op Board of Directors is a chance to contribute to a community-driven organization that values sustainability, inclusivity, and shared prosperity. If you're ready to be a positive force in shaping the cooperative future, don't hesitate—apply today! www.outpost.coop/nominations

Jenny Keefe

Outpost Board Director


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