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Your Board

Confessions of a Board Member

Board Beet
By Your Board May 13, 2013


I have been an Outpost Board Member since November of 2012 and would like to share some insights since walking into that board room six months ago.
But first let me step back a little. Last year when I was mulling over sending in nomination papers it occurred to me that perhaps being a board member was something I may not be qualified for. Looking back I was right to feel hesitant but wrong in my qualification assumption. It all comes down to a few things I have either learned or verified over the past half year.
Your Board

Should Nutrition be taught right alongside math and science?

Board Beet
By Your Board May 28, 2013
“They should be teaching this in high school,” commented one owner at a recent class I took by Outpost nutritionist Judy Mayer on gluten-free options held at the State Street store. Her question got me thinking, should nutritional eating be a part of the curriculum right alongside math and science?  Should it just be at the high school level, or sooner than that, grade school perhaps or even earlier? 
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