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Get reacquainted with organic!

Organic agriculture has been in practice for a long time, however, it wasn't until the formation of the National Organic Program in the early 1990s and implementation of organic standards in the early 2000s that 'organics' became a household word. 

Read about the benefits of organic and get the scoop on our Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 chart from our Summer 2021 edition of GRAZE!

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a movement to support farmers and laborers in achieving better trade conditions around the world. This ensures farmers, laborers and artisans receive fair wages, market prices and fair-trade conditions for the goods they produce features a growing range of products, including some of what we have here today and celebrates fair, ethical global trade.

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Simple ways to green up your life

Earth Week is coming up and Outpost Natural Foods will show eco-alternatives for most folks usual cleaning and storage needs and sharing tips on how to be more eco-conscious every day.

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We know beans and so can you!

All beans and legumes are protein and fiber rich, and full of healthy nutrients with no saturated fat. This makes them heart-healthy plus, they fill you up. They may be humble, but they are the cornerstone of so many traditional and heirloom recipes for a reason – they are so dang delicious!

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We’re Wild for Wild Rice

Prized for its appealing nutty flavor and harvested using traditional methods (with a little help from modern machinery like airplanes), North Bay Trading Canadian Lake Wild Rice, is harvested at the height of maturity and harvested on deep, cold Canadian lakes by indigenous, local farmers where it is cured naturally, then roasted to give it the best possible flavor.

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