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Amy’s Kitchen Consumer Boycott

As per our Boycott Policy, Outpost has been notified of an organized boycott of Amy’s Kitchen products citing the company’s failure to protect its workers from what they claim are unsafe working conditions in their production facility located in Petaluma, CA. Amy’s Kitchen has denied all such claims that are being cited.

As guided by our Boycott Policy when a well-defined boycott has been established with clear achievable goals, Outpost’s response is to post information about the boycott at the product point of sale. Owners and shoppers have the right to participate in the boycott by not purchasing the products until the boycott has ended. Outpost’s obligation is to stay informed about any changes related to the boycott and keep information current for owners and shoppers throughout the boycott period.

What to know

  • Outpost will post information about product boycotts
  • Boycott information is posted at the product point of sale
  • Outpost owners and shoppers may participate in a product boycott making informed decisions and supporting actions that reflect their values
  • Outpost Product Policy Advisory Team will monitor the situation until the boycott is called off or resolved


Additional Information

Statement from Amy's Kitchen owner Andy Berliner. 




FoodDive story | April 26, 2023

Amy's Kitchen agreed to National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) conditions in December of 2022. Amy's has since hired new leadership to facilitate change. 


Eater San Francisco story | March 14, 2022


Vegetarian Times story | March 4, 2022



Outpost’s Boycott Policy


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