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DIY Hand Sanitizer

Makes 8 ounces

The hand sanitizer you make will never be as exact as a store bought one because chemists work to control the variables that are virtually impossible to manage in a home crafting situation. Therefore, there is no way to measure the efficacy of sanitizer made at home. That said, if you decide to make your own hand sanitizer, there are some things you can do to make it better.

  • Use high-quality, high concentration of aloe vera gel. Look for a high percentage of real aloe vera gel.
  • Use only 99% Isopropyl “rubbing” alcohol. Lower concentrations will not be effective, and neither will vodka or other clear liquor, even if 100 proof.
  • Do not use denatured alcohol
  • Mix very well using sterilized equipment, so the ingredients are well blended
  • Package in a very clean and sterilized container
  • Use care when adding essential oils as some people are sensitive to them. You don’t need to add them, but some people prefer a light scent to mask the alcohol smell.

REMEMBER: Hand washing is still BEST - Please remember that hand sanitizer is not meant as a substitute for thorough hand washing - a minimum 20 seconds with good old soap and water!


1/3 cup of high-quality aloe vera gel
2/3 cup 91% - 99% Isopropyl “rubbing” alcohol
8-10 drops of mild essential oil, optional like vanilla, lavender, grapefruit or peppermint

  • Add all ingredients to a sterilized mixing bowl.
  • Mix well with a sterilized spoon or mixer.
  • Place finished product into a sterilized bottle.
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