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Campaign extended through December 31, 2021


Here we grow again!

Invest locally at your co-op with Class 2 Stock


Outpost is offering preferred shares of stock, called Class 2 Stock, to raise additional capital to use in the remodel and expansion of our Bay View store. Our goal is to raise $800,000!

This is a limited offer available only to Outpost owners who have fully paid their $200 Full Fair Share Voting Stock and are residents of the state of Wisconsin.


If you are interested in Class 2 stock and want complete information on the Offering, including requirements, risks and tax implications, first you need to be: 

Everything checks out? Then, contact us directly at: 


What's so cool about Class 2 Stock?

Class 2 Stock is a way for owners to make an additional investment of equity in Outpost to be used for planned capital needs. It keeps local money invested in local projects.

  • Has a par value of $100 per share
  • Pays up to 3.5% annual dividend
  • Minimum purchase is $200 (2 shares)

A key difference with Class Two Stock is that is does NOT carry any additional rights (voting or other) of ownership. Participating in Class 2 Stock is also voluntary, which means it isn’t a requirement of ownership. It is simply a way for owners to put more working funds into Outpost outside of their grocery purchases and initial Fair Share stock.

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