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Alaskan Mariners

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Alaskan Mariners

It would be pretty tough to convince someone that Alaskan salmon is local, but Outpost carries the next closest thing: a local family whose relatives fish Alaskan waters to provide our stores with the freshest sockeye salmon your likely to find in Wisconsin.

Each summer, when Alaska’s salmon runs arrive, Steve and Jenny Roth and their children fish the waters on the west side of Kodiak Island. They work together on their seine boat to bring in the highest quality sockeye.

Alaskan Mariners salmon are caught in the ocean, not in rivers where the fish begin to deteriorate. Each salmon is handled gently to prevent bruising and are completely bled in the water while swimming, which provides less stress on the fish. This results in a super premium quality salmon.

The fish are then chilled immediately down to 33 degrees in refrigerated seawater and custom processed within a short time. The Roths also work with other family fishing operations that freeze at sea. It just doesn't get any fresher than this. In the year 2000, low prices for salmon started forcing fishermen out of business. That’s when the Roths started Alaskan Mariners Wild Salmon.

In 2009, Steve turned the sales and marketing over to his late brother Greg Roth and Greg’s wife, Debra. Debra and Greg own Uncured Natural Meats in Juneau … Wisconsin, not Alaska. You’ll find Alaskan Mariners Direct salmon at your favorite Outpost location.

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