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Tapuat Kombucha

Miles to Market - 184 Located Sister Bay, WI 54234

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Tapuat Kombucha


It’s been a few years since Mary Deviley first started drinking kombucha. It got to be expensive drinking it daily, so she decided to start brewing her own. Around that time, she and her husband, Nick, were running their juice bar in Egg Harbor, called The Getaway Car.

It wasn’t long before Mary’s kombucha became a popular menu item. “It’s good when it’s made locally. It’s even better when it’s made close by.” She kept brewing more and people kept asking for it. Eventually, they started bottling the kombucha and selling it out of the juice bar.

With three kids, running the juice bar got to be a bit much. Mary and Nick decided to close it. They found a place in nearby Sister Bay, where Mary brews and bottles her kombucha. She just started selling it through a distributor. She’s brewing nine different varieties of kombucha. Mary enjoys everything about fermentation, whether it’s beer, wine or kombucha.

She decided to call her kombucha Tapuat, the Hopi symbol for Mother Earth.

Their symbol, similar to a labyrinth, reminded her of the SCOBY, the yeast starter used to brew kombucha, which is often called “the mother.” You’ll find Tapuat kombucha at your favorite Outpost.

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