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Slide Potato Chips

Miles to Market - 80 Located Madison, WI

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Slide Potato Chips

Madison made potato chips are here! Christine Ameigh, owner of Slide Food Cart and Beyond Catering, in Madison started making homemade potato chips to serve with her sandwiches back in 2012 and they quickly became such a hit with customers that she started making batches of them in the food cart’s wintery off-season. Each chip comes from Badger-state grown potatoes from Heartland Farms in Hancock, Wisconsin. Every chip is also still being cut by hand. “We tried a machine that slices. We found that wasn’t as effective as just having a person use a mandoline. It’s more work, but we think it’s worth it,” says Ameigh. “I also feel like there is an appeal to it. I’m still using people. I’m creating jobs. I like that.” In the past you could only find Slide’s formidable, hand-cut and deeply addictive chips with a trip to Wisconsin’s capital but now they’ve arrived in the big city at your local Outpost. Pick some up today!

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