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kalyANa Organics

Miles to Market - 32 Located Dousman, Wisconsin 53118

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kalyANa Organics

Robyn Wright started kalyANa Organics with a burning desire to create a healthy,
 alternative comfort food for her family without using white flour or white sugar.

“I did some research and settled on almond and coconut flours as main staples. 
I also began experimenting with sprouted corn, oat, and quinoa flours. All of
these are naturally gluten-free.”

Now Robyn makes organic, gluten-free baking 
mixes for people who enjoy decadent treats, but want to keep them healthy. The 
Dousman Wis.-based company takes its name from the Sanskrit word for well-

That’s Robyn’s mission: to create well-being by transforming “mediocre and 
unhealthy baking mixes and bakery products into nutrient-dense, gluten-free goodness.”

a tasty, decadent treat try the Deep Chocolate Almond Flour Cake Mix, or for an adventurous breakfast try the Sweet Potato Chai Pancake Mix. Robyn wants to make eating all kinds of bakery a healthy choice.

“We can make a difference in our own nutrition and the overall health of our planet by choosing clean, authentic food,” Robyn said. So, if you’re going to eat bakery, especially sweet bakery, why not make it as healthy as possible? Visit your favorite Outpost and try kalyANa Organics’ baking mixes to make a difference in the way you eat.


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