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Doctor in the Kitchen

Miles to Market - 347 Located 6872 Washington Ave S Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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Doctor in the Kitchen


Dr. Alison Levitt, MD and Donn Kelly started their company, Doctor in the Kitchen, after bumping into each other at a Twin Cities dog park.

Alison had experience developing healthy foods for a small company, and had a few product ideas of her own. Donn had worked as a consultant with food companies. Alison got her start making raw, dehydrated flax seed crackers for herself and her clients because many of them were on a gluten free diet and craved something tasty, crunchy, high in protein, nutrition and also low in carbohydrates. 

She also believed that flax seeds were nature’s nutritional powerhouse — high in Omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Her clients loved them and encouraged her to try to sell them in stores. Alison and Donn formed the company in 2007 and started selling their Flackers crackers in about five Twin Cities co-ops in 2008.

There are several things that make Flackers unique, Donn said: they’re almost entirely made of sprouted flax seeds (no other grains are used) and the crackers are dehydrated, not baked.

“By getting Flackers (and hopefully other products) in people’s hands it may also help them discover that so much of your long-term health and well being is a function of what you eat,” Alison said. You can find Flackers crackers at your favorite Outpost location.

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