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Crapola Granola

Miles to Market - 507 Located Ely, MN

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Crapola Granola

Andrea and Brian Strom didn’t aspire to run a granola business, but they came up with a name, and it was too good to not do something with it.


Just sitting around with friends one night, talking, joking, having a good time, Brian said he thought it would be funny if they made cranberry apple granola and called it Crapola. They started their business just to bring the idea to life. That’s right, Crapola Granola is more or less an accidental business.


They started Crapola four years ago in Ely, Minn. Despite the fun and games the Stroms play with the marketing, they’re all business when it comes to their ingredients and production. Right now, Andrea and Brian make two granolas — the original Crapola, and a second flavor (“Number Two”), which is a nut-free, cranberry-orange flavored granola made with gluten free oats. A third flavor is in the works, but it’s top secret.


They challenge consumers to compare the ingredients in their granola to the national brands. They use five organic grains, lots of premium ingredients like pecans and almonds, organic cranberries and unsulphured apples, sweeten exclusively with real maple syrup and honey, and to top it all off, their granola is handmade. This is truly artisan quality granola. You can find Crapola Granola at your favorite Outpost location.

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