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Cedar Teeth

Miles to Market - 2 Located 2367 S Howell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Cedar Teeth

Hannah Roland likes to express herself through food. She was the family cook as an early teen growing up in North Dakota, and when she moved to Bay View, Wis. in 2007 she found the perfect job working at the award winning Three Brothers Restaurant.

Here, Hannah learned all the important skills she needed to run a restaurant. “They taught me what hard work and long hours really are when you are representing your family's legacy,” Hannah said. Her experiences have helped Hannah run her own Bay View-based business, Cedar Teeth Pizza.

At Cedar Teeth, Hannah makes vegan and vegetarian pizzas – she even makes her own crusts. “I love to bake sourdough breads, and I am naturally drawn to vegetarian cooking,” Hannah said. She makes all her pizzas from scratch (except for ingredients like the Bac‘Uns and veggie sausage), and by scratch we mean pizzas made with hand-formed dough, assembled and packaged by hand.

“There are no factories or machines coming between my customers and these pizzas!” Hannah said.

Cedar Teeth pizzas are creative, with witty names that resonate. Though the business is hers, Hannah gets help from her husband Chris and daughter Ixi. “This business is a way to share part of ourselves with our neighbors,” Hannah said.

From pizza to alterna-meat.

“I was working on meat alternative recipes at home for our family and I came up with something that I thought was really pretty great, so I wanted to give it a shot.” From these humble beginnings sprouted one of our favorite meat substitutes: Cedar Teeth’s Thunderbird.

When we first tried this delicious “alterna-meat” we were instantly impressed with its smoky flavor and pulled pork mouth feel (and this coming from some carnivores as well). Owner and creator Hannah Roland uses chickpeas and other flavorings to achieve a texture unlike other meatless products on the market. She says the trick comes from a long trip in the mixer kneading the chickpea “dough” followed by a blast in the pressure cooker that’s finished off the old-fashioned way in a smoker to give it that BBQ essence.

For Cedar Teeth it’s a family affair with her daughter, her husband and even their pooches (who get to gobble up the failed experiments) all striving for success. And you heard it here first folks…look for a new meat substitute; the Mastodon (“tender almost filet mignon-like” Hannah tells us) coming as soon as she gets her recipe “just right.” Pick up some Thunderbird or Cedar Teeth pizzas today at your favorite Outpost!

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