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Marieke Gouda

Miles to Market - 241 Located N13851 Gorman Avenue. Thorp, WI 54771

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Marieke Gouda

If the closest you’ll get to Holland is a slice of Gouda on a cracker, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more authentic cheese than Marieke Gouda. Take a bite of one of Marieke Penterman’s award-winning Goudas and find yourself transported to the Dutch countryside.

It’s that good. Marieke wasn’t born into a family of cheese makers. Her passion for making Gouda grew out of necessity.

Living in Wisconsin, far from her native Holland, Marieke and her family missed their favorite cheese so much they decided to make their own. Marieke returned to Holland to learn the cheese maker’s craft.

Now she makes her flavored Goudas at the family farm in Thorp, WI. Marieke’s cheese is based on an authentic Old World Gouda recipe and the milk she uses couldn’t be any fresher.

Her husband, Rolf, and his brother, Sander, run Holland’s Family Farm, the dairy that supplies the rBGH-free milk used to make the cheese. It’s a little bit of Holland, right here in Wisconsin.

Look for foenegreek (a seed native to Holland with a nutty, maple-like flavor), raw milk and aged raw milk Gouda at your favorite Outpost.

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