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Carr Valley Cheese

Miles to Market - 143 Located S3797 County G La Valle, Wisconsin 53941

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Carr Valley Cheese

Sid Cook is the Willy Wonka of cheesemakers with more than 65 cheeses on his production schedule. Carr Valley offers everything from their one-of-a-kind artisan Gran Canaria cheese to blocks of cheddar.

No matter what your cheese craving is, chances are Carr Valley makes it. 
Sid supports local agriculture by sourcing his milk from 40 dairy farms nestled within 20 miles of his factory. His sheep milk comes from a single dairy that sources its milk from the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Co-op.

His goat milk is from 8 small farms in the Green Bay area. You’ll moon over Cocoa Cardona cheese. This luscious goat milk creation is covered in cocoa powder and black pepper and is even more delicious served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. You laugh now, but wait until you try it.

And for those of you afraid of sheep’s milk cheese, Marisa is the cheese for you. It has a fresh “milky” flavor with a floral, mineral-like finish – akin to the finish of a great French wine. Which by the way would pair elegantly with this fine table cheese.

Outpost carries many varieties of Carr Valley cheese at all three stores. What are you waiting for?

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