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Top Note Tonics

Miles to Market - 3 Located 2018 South 1st Street Milwaukee, WI 53207

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Top Note Tonics

Mary Pellettieri and her husband Noah Swanson were experimenting with European brewing techniques and herbs in their home kitchen, looking for a good way to make herb beer without using hops. While making some home brews and syrups, Mary discovered an interesting tasting Italian-style soda. Inspired by this discovery, Top Note Tonics was born.

Mary has been in the beverage business a long time — 20 years, mostly in beer, and soft drink production — so she knows how to make a good drink. Noah knows his stuff, too.

“We both were
home brewers early on, and it seemed a calling to keep going back to becoming
business owners,” Mary said.

The Bay View, Wisconsin-based company makes
 three Italian-style tonic concentrates from their incubator kitchen in Watertown, Wis. — Bitter Orange (a style of soda popular in Italy) Bitter Lemon, and 
Gentian Tonic.

“Our products are concentrates, they expand with your source of
carbonated water to make a lot of drinks!” And they’re balanced, unlike some
conventional sodas.

“It took several trials to perfect the recipes and make them
balanced. The result is a line of lower sugar Italian-style tonics that make great
aperitif soft drinks or mixers.”

These tonics contain half the sugar of regular soda, nothing artificial, and they taste great. Try a new way of making soda or mixers
with Top Note Tonics, available at your favorite Outpost store.


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