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Blooming Lotus Gourmet Bakery

Miles to Market - 3 Located 2215 E North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Blooming Lotus Gourmet Bakery

Healthy bakery that tastes great. It’s impossible, right? Not at Blooming Lotus Gourmet Bakery in Milwaukee, Wis. At Blooming Lotus, Owners Susan Goulet and Lars Schloemer make baked goods for people with food sensitivities that taste great for all lovers of good bakery.

Blooming Lotus sells bakery that’s grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, egg-free and cane sugar-free. Susan is mindful of these ingredients because she has food sensitivities and because she used to cook for her sister, who has life threatening allergies.

Susan and her partner/boyfriend Lars, who comes from a family that includes cookbook authors and bakers, make a great team. They enjoy working together in the kitchen, Lars said.

Susan and Lars worked together for three years to develop and perfect the recipes at Blooming Lotus. Their recipes are tailored toward eliminating allergens, but Susan and Lars’ bakery will be appealing to anyone who likes to eat healthy, great tasting food.

People might be tempted to think healthy bakery doesn’t taste as good as conventional bakery, but that’s not true at Blooming Lotus. “Our scone tastes like a scone,” Susan said. Find Blooming Lotus Gourmet Bakery at your favorite Outpost store. 

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