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Outpost Capitol Drive

Thom J. Ertl

Thom J. Ertl was born and raised on a multigenerational vegetable farm and orchard located in southeastern Wisconsin. His family has owned and operated the farm and orchard for more than 100 years. Along with the expectations of being “a farm kid,” he always made time to be inspired by the 

“I continue to put into practice what my childhood brought to me. Grandma’s love, support and influence have been invaluable in the thought process I employ today.”

Thom J. Ertl Designs is a hybrid of wall art and furniture. It incorporates and recycles common, everyday items—bottle caps, beads, fabric, bric-a-brac, just to name a few—into modern, artistic, practical, original home furnishings and interior design. It is a reflection of over 35 years of artistic experience, combining visual merchandising, graphic design and contemporary urban assemblage with a strong sense of whimsy and color and a thought-provoking element of surprise.



Outpost Bay View

Domo Geshe Rinpoche

This Wisconsin artist, author and spiritual teacher has produced an exciting and varied body of art dedicated to evoking positive and uplifting energy through her contemporary impressionist and abstract paintings, her mosaics in ceramic and stained glass, as well as her work in sterling silver and semi precious jewelry for the past 18 years. More of her art can be seen at Lotus Lake Gallery, located within the Lotus Lake Buddhist Monastery and Retreat Center in the countryside near Neillsville, Wisconsin.

Many have said that Rinpoche’s paintings are deeply engaging opportunities for the viewer, posing wordless questions and stimulating the imagination. Like cloud gazing, the viewer can experience their own creativity by looking with the heart. Her paintings are lush and mysterious, expressing the movement of things unknown.


Outpost Mequon

Rebekah Nicholas 

Rebekah Nicholas is a watercolor painter and ceramicist interested in making art that is "quietly happy," Her objects make the viewer contemplate the beauty in the mundane and see things in a new light. Her works are often colorful and involve patterns, taking notes from arabesque tile work and architecture. She graduated from UW- Milwaukee with a bachelors in Visual Art and Design in 2011. Her studios are at home and at the Art House in Saukville, WI.  



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