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At Outpost, Compost Happens

Outpost has been composting since 2013. Food scraps from our store produce departments and cafés as well as our central kitchen processing facility are collected and and stored outdoors. We partner with local companies to haul and compost it for us. Keeping it local allows us to better monitor what goes in and what comes out and forms lasting partnerships that makes sustainability a benefit of doing business.

Our composting program is a closed-loop system. Our food scraps are composted and returned back to us as a finished product for sale to our customers. Compost starts at Outpost and returns back to Outpost. Nothing ends up as waste! 

Compost is one of the BEST amendments for gardens and soil. It helps to strengthen root systems, improve water retention and create organic systems for beneficial organisms. Use for all plants - indoors or outdoors. Compost also helps to mitigate the affects of climate change by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions at landfill sites. 

IMPORTANT: Outpost composts food scraps ONLY!

Blue Ribbon Organics is SE Wisconsin's only commercial composting facility. Until a broad, integrated market network and infrastructure to utilize the finished compost on a large scale is established, BRO can only accept a limited amount of compostable materials from its customers, like Outpost. This means ONLY food scraps are allowed. Compostable containers, bags or other packaging are NOT allowed in our compost stream. 

When you are at Outpost, place ALL compostable containers in with waste bins marked "Landfill." These containers will decompose over time much more quickly than other biodegradable materials. 

GET ACTIVE! Let your voice be heard!

If you would like to see Wisconsin be more active in building a compost infrastructure friendly to business, sourcing finished compost for state government projects or leading the way with green initiatives like compost to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, CONTACT YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE. Click here for contact information. 

Our composting partners

Blue Ribbon Organics


  • Located in Calendonia, WI
  • Family owned and operated
  • Only commercial composting facility in SE WI
  • Got a big project? Order large quantities of compost and have it delivered!


Compost Crusader


  • A locally owned hauler that’s goal is to divert 50 – 75 % from the landfill waste stream by creating a organics recycling channel to certified compost sites.​
  • Their community commitment is return the compost to the community so it can be utilized to its highest purpose. Through their “Dumpster to Dirt” program, Compost Crusaders donates 1 yard of compost to the community for every 20,000 pounds of raw material diverted.
  • ​Picks up compost at all our locations.


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