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Get ready for a rockin' expansion and remodel for our Bay View store location, beginning January 2022! With the shift of back room bulk hub activities to our 3rd St. location, and with the vacant retail space next to our cashier lanes, we have some space to move into to offer even better service to our Bay View store owners and customers. And yes, we will be OPEN during the remodel and expansion.

Work will begin in early January 2022 and will wrap up by summer's end. We expect shoppers to have access to all departments during the construction, with a few limitations later in the project. 

Here is what we're planning

  • Improved shopping flow for the entrance and exit, and throughout the store
  • Greater shelf space for items like plant-based foods, frozen, cheese, produce, meat & seafood, personal care and more
  • Increase in our café seating to accommodate more in-house dining
  • Adding more check out lanes, including self-check out options
  • Update our curbside order work area
  • Relocate our community room to open directly to the store
  • Add upgrades to our central production kitchen including remodeling employee areas
  • Replace outdated and poorly functioning equipment

Green features include

  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Low VOC paints and finishes
  • New energy efficient coolers using low energy LED lighting
  • Energy efficient upgrades to HVAC
  • Reusing door frames, ceiling tiles, and doors
  • Eco-friendly refrigerants

FUN FACT: The Bay View remodel and expansion is 100% funded by local investments from preferred owner stock options as well as bank loans through Waterstone Bank of Wauwatosa.

What's happening this week 

Week of October 3 - 7

Café finishes are really starting to come together now. That also means we will be moving equipment back into the kitchen area. In the center store, can we say we are done? A final overall cleaning and burnishing on the floors to bring up the shine. 

Shoppers Heads Up

Look for a new cart corral outside. Aisle signs will be returning hopefully by the end of the week. We are looking at having them installed by the following week. Hooray! 

Week of September 26 - 30

We are ALMOST done! Yeah, you heard that right and we couldn't be more excited. Some of the final finish work will happen on walls including the final addition of wall coverings and tiles. Also, look for new flooring to be installed in the café seating area. Have you checked out the new community room yet? Carpeting and wall covering has really made that room pop with vibrant colors! 

Shoppers Heads Up

We don't have an opening date just yet for the café, though we should have a pretty good idea by the end of the week. 

BONUS: What is this gorgeous mural we see happening outside? We'll be dishing about this soon, so stay tuned!

Week of September 19 - 22

Those final construction tasks and design finishes are well under way which means we are getting closer to completion. Much of the work remains behind the scenes in the café. Other work is happening behind the scenes for one more new freezer for our central processing kitchen. 

Shoppers Heads Up

Most everything should be in its new space. Within the next few weeks, aisle markers will once again be installed for ease in locating your favorite Outpost products.

Week of September 12 - 16

The Work Behind the Plastic Curtain - you're all so familiar with this, but work continues. It will be fun for the big unveiling. Did you see the mural on the wall heading toward the employee break room? And it's always partly sunny behind the customer service desk. You know what we mean. :-)

Shoppers Heads Up

Pretty much more of the same. Permanent homes for center store items continue to be finalized.

Week of September 5 - 9

Work has been moving along these past two weeks! We are rapidly moving forward with behind-the-scenes work in the café. Ditto on the back room area in produce where we will be doing our cut produce program. The end is in sight!

And next time you're shopping, give our center store crew a big shout out for navigating ALL of the products in order to grind a polish the floors. The final product sets are happening now. Hooray!

Shoppers Heads Up

As we put grocery items in their final places (at last) in center store, look around and see some of the new decor installation at the service desk and down along the hallway that leads to our offices and staff break room. Since most of the work currently happening is behind the plastic barriers, shopping should not be impacted. And if you can't find anything, please ask!

Week of August 15 - 19

We are 31 weeks into the remodel and work keeps chugging along! Produce will be getting a whole new rack this week. Weee doggies! It will be put into place and operational soon, signaling that work in that area will be wrapping up soon. And in the aisles adjacent to produce, we are focused on getting our beer and wine department settled into its new home. Finally, we are clearing out our café seating area of general merchandise so we can begin the final stretch of the remodel. 

Shoppers Heads Up

Beer and wine are moving to their new permanent home. General merchandise is temporarily relocated to the dairy/frozen area. Towards the end of this week, some movement may happen in preparation for the café remodel.

BV Café Remodel begins around August 22

The remodel of our café will begin around August 22. We will continue to pre-make many of your favorites, however, some services will be unavailable during this time as we will be dismantling ovens and other food prep areas in the café kitchen.


  • Baked goodies like scones, muffins, turnovers, croissants, bagels
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Cold Sandwiches
  • Pre-sliced deli meats
  • Sushi
  • Hot Whole Chickens
  • Pre-made Smoothies and Juices
  • Drip coffee 

Temporarily not available;

  • Coffee bar (espresso drinks)
  • Made to order items from our café kitchen
  • Made to order sandwiches
  • Hot sandwiches and soups

Week of July 29 - August 5

How do you like the new polished floors in the center store? Pretty swanky - and we're making great progress. You might also notice that the main aisles seem wider. No illusion. This is in preparation to do behind the scene upgrades like widening the café kitchen, making a larger walk-in cooler and adding space to produce prep - all which will soon be on the docket. But, yeah, there will be more space in the center store for more products, too!

Shoppers Heads Up

Changes in the produce department will begin by relocating those tall cases. This is so we can begin to remove flooring and get ready for new cases. Not to worry we'll have signs in place to show you around to all these temporary homes!

Week of July 11 - 15

Are you having fun in the new dairy and freezer section? We sure are! Most of these items are now nestled in their fancy new home with the balance of frozen foods coming with the final reset. Guess what else has new digs? Fresh and frozen meats.

Shoppers Heads Up

With dairy, frozen and meats getting settled, we're on the move AGAIN to tackle the next areas. Look for a lot of products to be temporarily shifted. Don't worry - we'll have plenty of signs to help you navigate. And if you can't find something, please be sure to ask. Remember, these are only temporary moves.

The following areas will be moved to temporary spots at or near the back of the store:

  • Deli Grab 'n' Go
  • Cheese
  • Some deli meats
  • Aisles 4 and 7 are going onto temporary shelving

Week of July 4 - 8

The holiday will slow things down a bit this week, but some work will still be taking place. Much of what is taking place won't impact your shopping so carry on!

Week of June 26 - July 1

We are officially 5 months into our remodel! Congrats are in order for managing those temporary moments of disheveled and for being true sports overall. Your patience is appreciated (and truth be told, it is kindofa fun shopping adventure). 

Behind the scenes, this week we'll be focused on moving products into the new meat and cheese coolers. This is the precursor to the final stretch before opening up the new meat and cheese areas. Those cases still need to be connected to refrigeration, and there's still painting on the walls that has to happen. But, progress! Meat, meat, hooray!

Shoppers heads up

It's kind of business as usual this week, which means it's A GREAT opportunity to thank all our staff for their continued efforts to make sure the remodel is as seamless as possible for our owners and shoppers. 

Week of June 20- 25

The Great Dairy Unveiling is only a few weeks away from reality. By now, you've seen the big "Dairy has Moooved" signs showing the way to the new location of our dairy department, featuring gorgeous new coolers (yes, dairy coolers can be gorgeous) already stocked with product. Large aisle spaces and LED lighting makes everything flow wonderfully. 

Work continues along the back of the store, which will be the new home for meat and cheese. And, yup, this area will also be getting 'gorgeous' new coolers!'

Shoppers heads up

It will be much of the same. By now you know where to find the temporary area for bulk - the lights on are motion sensors, so walk right in! Soon the plastic curtain at the back of the store will come down as demo work winds up and fixtures begin to be installed.

Hey, have you tried our new snappy self-checkout lanes?

Week June 6 - 10

Buckle up, dairy lovers, cuz the dairy department is on the moooove! We'll be setting up our new dairy shelves beginning Monday, June 6, and should be available to shoppers on Tuesday, June 7. 

Also, look for floor polishing to be progressing through the main aisle and into the café/produce area. 

Shopper heads up

Dairy should be accessible during this time, however, there may be some gaps here and there until completely set in place. We'll have directional signs to guide you along. 

Week May 20 - June 3

If you've never shopped at an Outpost during a remodel project, you might wonder as work moves into a new area, "Why isn't that remodeled area completely finished yet?" A lot has to do with coordinating final work with contractors as well as making sure the space is ready for the finishing touches. For instance, before we paint and wallpaper, we may discover we still need to add extra s like wall protections from things like rampant shopping carts. Sometimes those issues appear as a project progresses. 

While we sort out those small punch list items, work continues on the next phase that includes our meat and dairy departments.

Shoppers heads up

Floor grinding and polishing continues after hours, so you might see some changes happening here and there. Soon you will be able to use our new dairy cooler! Look for the signs directing you to this new spot! And, well, you can't miss the BIG sign for our temporary Bulk Department which is currently housed in our new community room space.

2 Weeks May 11 - 20

It's a smorgasbord of endings and beginnings! Those final finishes in the customer service area and checkout lanes - It sure looks purty. Is the finish line in sight? We still need to get those self-serve checkout lanes operational. And work is moving along behind the scenes as we reconfigure the areas for the meat department. New equipment likely to be placed. Yahoo!

Dairy begins its transformation!

Shoppers heads up

All our wonderful general merchandise (gifty things) will have a new temporary home in the café seating are. (Wut?) So, you guessed it. Indoor café seating is still not an option. However, we went from winter to spring to summer in about a week, so enjoy the outdoor patio seating!

Week May 4 - 10

The new register lane placement is in the final approach. Can we get a WOO-WOOT? This includes the three new self-checkout lanes, which we hope to have operational by the end of May. And it's home-sweet-home for our curbside services. 

As the new dish room in the central processing kitchen comes back online, the temporary dish room we had in place will shut down. This is a critical new move as now as work progresses along the west wall of the store. 

Shoppers heads up

We have set up a new temporary location for our bulk department. Look for it in the new community room space that has recently been completed near the register lanes. We will have a large overhead sign to help you locate it easily. Lastly, that lonely temporary register location for Lane 1 goes away as it will move back with the pack on the other side of the store.

Week of April 27 - May 3

The week that many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived - we are wrapping up several projects and are preparing to move onto a new phase in our remodel.

First, the behind-the-scenes work at our central processing kitchen is complete, pending final inspection. Hooray for more elbow room. 

Second, at the front of the store we are moving register lanes to prepare the floors for grinding and polishing. All this in preparation for the new self-checkout lanes. And our fabulous new customer service desk will get their new countertops. 

Shoppers heads up

Floors up front will become bright and shiny. All the work happens after store hours so no need to avoid shopping. We will have plenty of folks helping people find open lanes if need be. And HEY - did you happen to notice we have 414 Flowers in the parking lot offering fantastic blooms and gardening supplies?

Week of April 20 - 26

By now, you have gotten used to the new traffic flow into and out of the store. Progress! And even better, final finishes will begin to appear in the lobby and other front end service areas. There is still 2 - 3 weeks of work slated for up front, but we think you're going to like what's in store. 

How about those polished concrete floors, eh? Looking mighty spiffy!

Shoppers heads up

The Big Plastic Wall is up and work continues to move forward on the new community room and curbside service area. Any disruptions - if any - should be rather minimum.

Week of April 13 - 19

Check it out - our new service desk is in. We're still waiting on a new granite counter top, but, hey...let's celebrate the wins. Oh, and, our cashier lanes are being permanently set in place. Curbside pickup gets their new home, too. 

And hooray for our central processing kitchen which is nearing final completion stages for the new dish room. Things are looking up.

Shoppers heads up

Kind of the same from the week prior. Big sheets of plastic will be going up to shield construction dust along the west wall as it comes down to make way for a new community room.

And what light in yonder garden center breaks? 414 Flowers is back at our Bay View store parking lot for another spring gardening season. Because it IS getting warmer outside, right? Remember to pick up your garden annuals and patio flower bowls!

Week of April 6 - 12

Lo and behold! A new customer service desk will be delivered and installed this week. We think you're gonna love it. What this means going forward is that work can now begin on a new community room and curbside service area, which means - you guessed it - walls are coming down. The good thing is all of this will happen overnight, so no big disruptions during the day. 

Progress continues to happen behind the scenes with updates in our central processing kitchen. A lot goes into commercial kitchen infrastructure. Overhead exhaust hoods are kind of a big thing, literally and figuratively.

Shoppers heads up

Look for customer service to move to its new spot. Also, we are temporarily relocating the bread racks to be next to the service desk in front of the new lobby because - you guessed it - walls are coming down. 

Be sure to stock up on Passover and Easter holiday specials - see the current sales flyer for all the latest and greatest.

Week of March 23 - April 5

Well, gosh. Is it starting to look a bit like a front end again? We think so, though, many of you might be thinking, "huh?" So much is happening behind the scenes that you might not notice some of the progress - ALTHOUGH - there has been progress up front. Paint is beginning to be applied as walls are sanded down around the new entry and exit doors. And speaking of doors, new sliding doors will be installed at the exit. Woo hoo! NEW DOORS!

There will be some saw cutting into concrete on March 29, but much of this happens prior to the store opening, so there shouldn't be any loud noises during retail hours.

Shoppers heads up

Sorry if it has been a little bit dusty lately. Drywall sanding isn't the most pristine construction process. But what we get are beautiful walls. Yes, we said that. And HEY - Owners remember to vote for your Board of Directors. Cooperative democracy in action. Be a part of co-op peace train and vote. The last day to vote is April 4 at 9 p.m.

Week of March 16 - 22

We are ten weeks into our remodel (already?) and work is moving along! The front half of the store is really taking shape - literally. New walls and a defined front end are changing that familiar landscape. And good news for our managers as they have moved into their new offices. Hooray! 

Behind the scenes work continues on expanding our central production kitchen. We have temporarily relocated "the dish room" - where all cooking items are washed - to a different part of the building. And later this week a new larger overhead exhaust hood is being installed for additional cooking equipment. We like that - more great Outpost food.

Shoppers heads up

There may be some noises emanating from behind the walls near the kitchen as workers saw cut into concrete. And drywall taping and patching is happening up front, which is an under appreciated skill that can be mesmerizing to watch when done really well. Different trade workers will be moving around the store, so heads up. Outside of that, you are free to move about as you normally would.

Week of March 9 - 15

Look over yonder! Drywall! Yep, the drywall will begin to go into place to enclose spaces created up front for a new entrance and new front office. Better yet, colors will be applied before the end of the week. Let's give all of our front end staff a hearty hip-hip-hooray for their patience during this part of Phase 1 construction. 

There are also so major back-of-the-house changes happening as we ready to increase areas of our central production kitchen. However, production of all the delicious food items you love from your co-op will continue as planned.

Shoppers heads up

The entrance to the co-op remains a work in progress. Everything else in the store is full steam ahead. 

Week of March 2 - 8

The front of the store transformation will continue over the course of the next week as the new walls for the front door and lobby begin to take shape. The 'third room' at the front of the store may start to appear. This will become the new office for the front end department. Look for new doors and door frames to go in as well as new lobby walls being framed out. If the weather wants to play nice, there will be some new concrete being poured outside.

Shoppers heads up

Welp! Things just got real! There's a new temporary entry way configuration and a big huge space where the lobby and most of the front end used to be. Remember, the service counter is moved to the far wall where the credit union used to be. Image shows the new cafe seating area door. 

Week of February 23 - March 1

MSI General and the Outpost planning team held a ceremonial ground-breaking ceremony as we move forward with changing out exterior windows and walls in preparation for a new entrance. Ground wasn’t really broken, but we did put some large hammers into a piece of drywall, and we all cheered. If you can dream it…

Work continues with clearing out the front-end space in preparation for the new entrance. New back offices should be ready for occupancy!

Shoppers heads up

Demo for the new community room begins so you might not yet see anything, but you might hear some noise coming from that area! And, hey – there’s a big opening where the customer service desk used to be. Lots of changes to see. Carts may appear in different interior spots. There remain 6 active cashier lanes, including the café, so c'mon through!

Week of February 16 - 22

Get ready for musical doors as work begins on the exterior façade to feature a new entrance to the store. This means there will be removal of the lobby walls and current entrance as well as part of the exterior brick wall for our new entrance. This is all a part of Phase 2 construction work which focuses on the front of the store. 

Shopper's Head's Up: "Pardon Our Dust." This could get a bit noisy at times, and a little dusty. Shopping carts will be kept outside during this phase. All construction stops at 4 p.m., so if you want to avoid any any of the hubbub, the store will quiet down after that. And hey, did you notice that customer service is now over to the other side of the register lanes? 

Week of February 9 - 15

Let's get ready to rumble! The behind the scenes work is about to come to a close as our back rooms are "this close" to being finished with paint, flooring, ceiling tiles and then furniture. Soon it will be move in day. We now turn our focus to the retail side of life. FUN FACT: our new loading dock may be ready to use by the end of the week! 

Shopper's Head's Up: We're on the move into the retail space which, in this first phase, includes building a new store entrance and exit in order to expand the café seating area, and to accommodate our door-to-door curbside service! Woo hoo! Look for some things to be moved around. We will have plenty of signage to help you navigate your way during this phase.

  • Curbside program will temporarily relocate to the current café seating area
  • No dining in - sorry party people
  • Look for the spice display to move over to BULK
  • The customer service desk will be relocated over to where the credit union used to be 

Week of February 2 - 8

Hooray for drywall and a new hydraulic loading dock plate. These are the things we get excited about! A lot goes on to get us to that point, including drywall ready walls and new loading dock doors. All of which require permitting which can sometimes slow our progress. But when it's all done, there will be new offices and workroom spaces and a device that safely lifts up or carries off heavy loads from delivery vehicles. No manually lifting needed. Yasss.

Shoppers Head's Up: Not much to report here. But HEY - we have a LOT of great food on sale. See wassup!

Week of January 28 - February 1

Work continues behind the scenes. Walls and drywall for the new office spaces are going up. Once they pass inspection, painting is on the horizon. All paints used are low VOC to minimize any paint odors. The colors will be from the same pallet that will be featured throughout the store.

Shopper Head's Up: You might hear the "pop-pop" of the nail guns, but other than that, it's smooth sailing in the store

Week of January 23 - 27

Hooray! We’ve begun the remodel of our Bay View store. Much of the early work for the first few weeks or so will be done behind the scenes, starting with the areas that will eventually house new staff offices, our new dairy storage cooler as well as an extra staff coffee room. This involves cutting into the concrete floors, installing electric panels and starting on some new electric conduit. Not very exciting, unless you’re the one navigating the concrete saw!

Shopper Head’s Up: With construction work not occurring on the retail floor this week, shopping in the store won’t be impacted.


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