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Be an informed consumer!

At Outpost, we believe that informed choices made by consumers have a far-reaching impact on the local and global community. That's why we've made it one of our values in our Mission Statement. When you shop at Outpost, you know you can trust that our expert staff takes is committed to making sure our owners and shoppers understand why we offer the products that we do. We belive in being transparent about food issues and choices so you can decide what's best for you! We really are looking out for your best interests as a consumer and as responsible global neighbors.


A Shopper's Guide to Food & Pesticides

There's nothing like taste of delicious, wholesome fruits and vegetables. However, biting into that apple may be exposing you or your family to something that may bite back in years to come.


Food Label Facts

Understanding the nutrition labels on food packaging is key in taking charge of your dietary choices and health.


Fair Trade

Fair Trade, organized under Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), is an international movement that works to bring the benefits of international trade to the least empowered people in the world that produce goods, by organizing them to combine their efforts and trade directly with Western markets.


Food Safety at Home

It's important to properly handle the delicious foods you buy and create to keep the risk of food-borne illnesses at bay. Follow these simple guidelines for safe and delicious feasts!


Food Allergies

A true food allergy can be a life threatening situation, so it's important to make sure you have a true food allergy by consulting your doctor first. Once diagnosed, there are ways to navigate the food world to avoid consuming food allergens.


A Few Words About Organic

Consumers can reduce their pesticide exposure by almost 90 percent if they buy organic, avoid eating the most contaminated foods and choose the least contaminated foods instead!


Meat and Seafood

Not all 'natural' meats are equal. Many area grocers seem to be calling their meats "all natural." Since the USDA has not officially defined this term, all it means is that flavorings and preservatives have not been added post processing.


Sourcing our Rice

Rice is a pretty important staple for many people and it occupies a large place in our diets – as well as in our bulk food department.  It’s no surprise that we get frequent questions from customers about where our rice comes from. Here is the latest rundown. We’ll update this if vendors change.

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Sustainability Report
We belong to the Sustainable Food Trade Association. Read our annual report here.
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Looking for some dinner ideas? We have hundreds of great recipes for you and we're adding more every week.
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