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Contact Your Board

Outpost’s Bylaws describe two types of meetings that occur at the co-op. The first is meetings of owners (Article 3.1). This meeting occurs annually where the board of directors provides our owners with an account of the co-op’s financial and operating status. At times the board may also bring proposals to the owners to change the co-op’s Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation. This meeting is an opportunity for owners to participate by asking questions, debating issues, or bringing any ideas or interests to the board and other owner’s attention.
The second meeting described by our Bylaws is the meetings of the board of directors (Article 5.1). These meetings occur once every month and are established for the purpose of the board carrying out their elected duties and doing their work. Owners are welcome to attend these meeting and observe the board’s work, and are welcome to ask questions about the topics on that night’s agenda. 
If an owner wishes to present a specific topic to the board at a board meeting, that request needs to be put into writing 10 days in advance of the board meeting, and sent to the board president. The submittal should include the owner’s name, owner number, the topic to present, and that amount of time requested on the agenda. The president will review your topic and let you know in advance if it’s a topic that’s board related or operational. If board related, time will be scheduled at the next available meeting with open time on the agenda. If operational, the board will direct you to discuss your topic with management.

Your request can be submitted electronically   (board@outpost.coop) or in writing and sent to:

Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative
Attn: Board of Directors
205 West Highland Avenue, Suite 501
Milwaukee, WI 53203

All board meetings are held in the community room at Outpost’s Bay View store location unless otherwise noted. While meetings of the Board are open to owners (Article 5.8), some sessions of a meeting may be closed to issues of a particularly sensitive nature. Such closed session shall be for purposes of discussion only and no decisions shall be made in closed session. Thanks for your continued interest in the success of our cooperative.

Thanks for your interest in the health of our cooperative!


ALL Board meetings will be held at our Bay View location.

Outpost Board of Directors 2016 Meeting Schedule

February 22
March 28
April 25
May 23
June 27
July 25
August 29
September 26
October 31

Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.

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