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Environmental Responsibility

At Outpost, we understand the need to care for the Earth and to fulfill our responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations. It’s more than any single program or initiative, it’s part of our vision, and it’s demonstrated in numerous ways large and small.

Outpost make EPA's Top 30 Retail list

The Top 30 Retail list represents the largest green power users among retail partners within theGreen Power Partnership. The combined green power usage of these organizations amounts to nearly 5.4 billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of nearly 512,000 average American homes each year. Read the complete list here.


Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

Outpost participated for the second year at the annual Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council conference, this year held at the fabulous Harley-Davidson Museum. To learn more about the council and/or to see the presentations, visit the conference webpage. Outpost's Sustainability Manager, Jessy Servi, presented on Communicating Sustainability, along with Russ Klisch of Lakefront Brewery and Lee Gordon from Mercury Marine. You can view their presentation here.

Clean Energy

Outpost offsets our energy with clean energy credits sourced in Wisconsin by RePowerNOW.

We now offset our energy with RePowerNow, a Wisconsin Green Energy program which sources energy credits from Wisconsin independently-owned generators of clean energy.

In 2011, our customers filled their own containers with 78,097 gallons of fresh filtered water. How much is that? The equivalent of 624,776 sixteen-ounce bottles of water.

Conserve Resources

Water is a necessity for life, but plastic bottles are a scourge of modern life. Using our in-store water machines has saved a lot of plastic bottles.

Go Organic

Always have. Clean, unadulterated whole foods. But you may be surprised by just how much of it we offer.

Our commitment to organics means providing shoppers with an ever-growing variety of organically-grown products. In 2011, that meant 92% of our produce, 83% of our bulk offerings, more than half of our dairy and more than a quarter of our cheese selections were organic.

Even though there is no municipal requirementto recycle cardboard, we take what we get and compact it and then haul it to a recycling facility. In 2011, we recycled 204 TONS of paper and cardboard!

Reduce Waste

Unfortunately, we get a LOT of cardboard. Fortunately, we RECYCLE it, saving a lot of landfill space.

Green Design

We are committed to using "green" or environmentally safe materials in our stores whenever possible.

Our State Street store is a green building designed form the ground up to be sustainable and perform as efficiently as possible. It takes advantage of natural daylight and utilizes compact fluorescent and LED lighting to reduce energy usage.

We're on a first name basis with a lot of farmers. Outpost carries hundreds of items - from apples to zucchini - from local and regional suppliers and always looks for local suppliers first.

Buy Local

We believe foods tastes better when it's grown close to home!

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